Friday Miscellany: By Request And More…

Paris trends: a blue and white striped dress in a shop window. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Because You Asked…

I’ve received several requests for more information about the specific pieces shown in a couple of my Paris shop window photos, so I’ve tracked down some links to items. Above: blue and white shirt dress. Here’s a similar look from the same brand for a bit less.

Pleated floral skirt in a Paris shop window. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

The pieces shown above are from Claudie Pierlot. The brand doesn’t seem to be carried by any US retailers, however Harrods and Selfridges both carry it and both ship here. Direct links to jacket and skirt.

More Ruffled Denim Jackets

Travel Wardrobe Questions

I’ve received a few emails in recent weeks asking me to put together individual travel wardrobes for specific destinations/activities or requesting shopping options for specific events. While I’m not able to do this on a one-on-one basis, I’ll try to incorporate some of your questions in future posts. Thank you for your understanding.

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Back On Pacific Time

It took a few days for my body to catch up with the time zone, but by Wednesday I was (mostly) sleeping through the night and feeling normal again. I was pleased that even with all of the eating and drinking we did on this trip, I didn’t gain weight. But now that we’re home I’m ready to “tune up” my regime in hopes of taking off the few pounds I didn’t manage to shed before our vacation. I’ve already made a visit to our local farmers’ market and stocked up on some fresh organic fruits and veggies. And I’ve been researching yoga studios near me, going to check one out on Monday.

Green linen jumpsuit from J.Crew. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

I’m now officially Jumpsuit-Curious. Between trying them on in Paris, and seeing so many cute styles on other bloggers, I’ve decided to give it another go. I’ve ordered this one to try because it’s offered in Petite sizing, is linen, doesn’t look too oversized or fitted, and is a solid color that’s Not Black. Stay tuned…

Do you wear jumpsuits?

Bon weekend!

Please note: my content is being re-published by other websites without my permission. If you’re not reading this post at, please click link to read where originally posted.


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  1. I have only one jumpsuit, and it’s also in linen, but grey. It has become a spring and summer favorite at home and while traveling. I also appreciate the innate single color column foundation it provides. And it discourages any faffing inclinations, as Alyson might say.

    Getting into and out of a jumpsuit easily during WC visits is important. But that’s the only complication to jumpsuits I’ve found.

  2. I don’t really care for the ruffled jacket, my preferred style runs slouchier.
    But some of the choices are cute, and they’re not particularly high-end. The Macy’s and NY&Co. versions, which are minus the little ruffles and banded waistline would suit me much better.

    1. Agree! On women of a certain age the ruffles need to be kept to a minimum if at all. The one in the Paris window was too ‘Little House on the Prairie’…and in my closet would lose its lustre quickly. Also at 5’1″ frills and ruffles even in denim look too ‘girly’…à chacun son goût.

      1. Moi aussi. I love jeans jackets, but also because the classic ones have no lapels, and at best have a flattering shape. I’m short and very busty (even after losing weight) so no ruffles. What I dearly want to see is jeans jackets in colours – for me, deep hues such as bright burgundy (not too muddy) or forest green.

        As for jumpsuits, I’m far too pisse-minute to even consider them, and strive to drink more water, so…

        And when travelling, clean loos are not ever guaranteed.

        That jumpsuit is a beautiful green.

      2. I think it’s really more dependent on someone’s personal style than age. While the ruffles aren’t my style, I think they could be “toughened up” by being paired with different pieces. Still, not every look appeals to everyone, and that’s what makes style so interesting and fun.

  3. I really enjoy your blog! I think you are in the San Fransisco area and I will be there for 4 days next week- wondering if you could share the names of some great boutiques especially in the Marina, Pacific Heights, Union Street area. Thank you!

    1. Hi Stephanie, thanks! I grew up in the Bay Area but have lived in Southern California for the last 27 years. I’m afraid I’m not familiar with the current San Francisco retail scene. Maybe some of my readers can chime in with suggestions…

      1. Mio is where I shopped when in San Francisco. If you like something different this is the shop.
        2035 Fillmore St.

        1. Depending on your budget, M.A.C. (Modern Appealing Clothing) in Hayes Valley and one other location have extraordinary Belgian designers. Fun to look, in any case.

      2. I live in the Bay Area, I love your blog. San Francisco is is heaven to shop, Union Square of course, with the designer stores, but try Hayes Valley on Hayes Street starting on Gough there are many small shops and great restaurants. My daughter has a friend who has opened three new shops called Sirens, Lisa previously ran six boutiques that were very popular. My daughter has so many pieces from Sirens that are classic with a twist that are fabulous. Sirens also has ashops in the Marina on Chestnut and West Portal, both great places to find small shops with really fabulous things. Don’t miss Dorian on Hayes, a store with artist made jewelry and home accessories, so nice. Windows on Hayes remind me of Paris, you will love it.

  4. Bonjour! I have enjoyed reading your blog while in Paris! I did a bit too much shopping there and found myself struggling to get everything in my suitcase! I just cannot seem to get into jumpsuits. I did see quite a few in Paris. I am curious to see how you like them.
    Bon journée,

  5. Funny you should mention jumpsuits. I generally avoid them b/c I’m tall and have a hard time getting a long enough fit. I DID try on earlier this week: EFs jumpsuit in Russet (Ha!). My size was sold out in the store and trying the larger size with so much fabric was not very flattering. I wasn’t sure if I’d get enough wear to have the store order it–still pondering that one.

  6. Wondering if you could give some thoughts on animal print jackets (again)? I know you have many times before, but I didn’t “bite”then. Now I am regretting that I didn’t purchase one of the (Velvet I think) pieces you posted some months ago. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Amelia, I think they’re a classic, and we’ll probably see more of them as the pre-fall collections start to roll in. I’ll be sure to do a feature.

  7. I like the idea of a jumpsuit, column of a single color, but have avoided as I expect fit would be a problem (I am tall and long waisted). However, my daughter, who is 5’2″, loves them.

  8. Yes I wear jumpsuits, I actually have always loved them since my very first one in the 70’s. Right now all of mine are Eileen Fisher. Although I will agree, sometimes they are a pain when visiting the WC. But I like the straight silhouette they give, plus you can spice them up with different jackets and sandals or booties.

  9. First you got me to wear horizontal stripes and now I am thinking about jumpsuits! You are inspirational! Thanks for expanding my fashion choices and breaking down those barriers!

  10. I am really enjoying your blog! I don’t wear jumpsuits but am open to the idea.
    Have you found a yoga class yet? I highly recommend doing yoga. I go to class 3-4 times a week and am amazed by how much better I feel as well as how toned my muscles are becoming.

  11. Long torso plus triangle shape equals no jumpsuits. This is for the best, believe me. Not every style suits everyone.

    Jean jackets, once a staple for me, no longer work.

  12. Yes, I do like jumpsuits and overalls, too (love my decades-old black linen overalls). I’m 5′, petite, and short-waisted. Jumpsuits seem to give my figure a more flattering outline when in the right proportions.
    Love your travels! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Jumpsuits look great on younger models, but I don’t think they would be flattering on me. I admit I haven’t tried one yet, perhaps I should just to see if my instincts are right!

  14. I don’t own a jean jacket and avoid ruffles … so why does that jacket look so irresistible to me? But I can see its future in my closet — love, then guilt when I don’t wear it. (I can see myself in it — but that “self” is 19.)

  15. Although tall and slim, I am not a lover of jumpsuits. They never look attractive from the back and, if you care, my survey from men is definitely a “thumbs down”.

    1. I disagree with your men’s survey because it depends on the wearer’s body. If you have a sexy, tight derrière, jumpsuits are splendid because they emphasize that, otherwise, forget it!! The renaissance of jumpsuits in France is a perfect point. Many more French women take pride in their slim bodies, and can wear them. Unfortunately, less so in the US.

  16. Yes, I like jumpsuits, but make no mistake to wear one on long plane flights. Bought a fab one at Ruti’s in SF. Very “chic” and really easy to wear. It will soon travel with me to the Mediterranean. As for ruffles, it all depends on the person wearing it. Discreet ones, like on the Jean jacket on display are perfect. It can easily be juxtaposed with more masculine slacks for effect and a plain tee! Just use your imagination, there are no rules to abide by, but one needs to know how to make things work! And unfortunately, many women don’t know how, and try to live by the strict rules of “ stay away from this and that because it’s too this and that!!! I say BREAK THE RULES!!

  17. About a year ago a very stylish friend off-handedly quipped she believed jumpsuits, rompers, overalls and bodysuits were “baby clothes”. Ha! She has a point and I have yet to buy any of these trends!

    1. Have you seen some of the clothes in the baby department? So cute! Makes me wish I still had a little girl to dress. I wore my share of rompers and jumpsuits in my youth (as a young adult, I mean) but I haven’t been tempted to return to them. The washroom hassles always annoyed me. I do think the young women now look very cute in their rompers.

  18. I haven’t worn a jumpsuit since the 80s. Even then, they were not for me. Nor were body suits.

  19. Love jumpsuits so much that I’d wear one daily, if I could. Currently have a few that I wear on occasion and enjoy the way they look.
    I did purchase an EF jumpsuit a few weeks ago and after trying it on for my daughter to see, she lovingly suggested I return it asap! Therefore, I did just that, promptly!

  20. I love the look of jumpsuits and did own one once that fit me well, but I have the opposite problem to you. I’m too long in the body for most of them.

    Elaine @ Following Augustine