postcards from Phuket

Our first lunch stop. If the gorgeous scenery and fabulous food weren’t enough, we were serenaded by Gibbons at the nearby Gibbon rescue facility.

Lemongrass salad. This was amazing.

We checked into the hotel, and were delighted to be informed we’d been upgraded to a suite with our own pool!!!!

A lovely welcome tray with pomegranate elderberry juice, a cool towel and a fragrant corsage. This place is also a spa and has a wonderful selection of fresh juices at breakfast.

View from the breakfast area.


Le Monsieur’s brother had rented a car for our visit, so we set off to see Wat Chalong, the largest Buddhist temple on Phuket. It was truly stunning.

Everything inside the temple is very colorful and ornate.

On our way back to the car, a quick opportunity to goof for the camera…it was very hot and humid, was glad to have the umbrella!

After a quick lunch stop, we drove over to see the Big Buddha, recently built and still under construction.

It was quite an impressive structure, and offered views of both East and West sides of the island.

The King is revered here.

View from the Big Buddha

Phuket street food vendors

Phuket street food curries

Phuket street food vendors 2

On the way home we stopped at a few street food vendors to pick up dinner to take back to the hotel: chicken and pork sate, fish cake and vegetable steamed in banana leaves, sticky rice, papaya salad and a few of these desserts wrapped in banana leaves. It was SO delicious!

We’re off early today on a boat excursion to see some of the islands and other nearby sights. More soon!

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  1. Looks beautiful. Aren’t you glad you took sandals for the heat! Love the cat sleeping at the foot of the shrine to the King.

  2. So very beautiful, and you look so lovely right in the middle of it all! I’m delighted to see you using a parasol – such a smart thing to do. Take lots more pictures and share with us; your trip is a vicarious delight for all of your readers.
    big hug,

  3. I was so happy to see a photo of you in some of your oh-so-carefully selected travel clothes. Love the fedora! Please post more of you in your outfits. I would like to see how you wore the EF handkerchief hem skirt. I’m start to pack a suitcase for a Christmas trip to Mexico and looking for inspiration.

  4. Oh just magical! Hoping you will have a long post on the whole trip when you return. Intrigued by Asia, for sure.

  5. Wonderful travelogue with gorgeous photos. Thailand remains my favorite country I’ve visited to this day. Hope you write more about your trip!

  6. Wow – thanks so much for the fabulous photos and tantalizing details! Also, I too have found that a parasol is essential in steamy heat – mine has strategically placed holes that let the wind go through while maintaining protection from the sun. I take it everywhere.

  7. Fab photos and commentary, thank you! I hope you’ll deconstruct some of the dishes for us, they look superb. I too am very taken with the cat.

  8. Beautiful photographs of spectacular places and creatures (first and foremost among them, you and M. Pseu!). I don’t think I would ever leave your pool, unless it was to go into the sea. I have not been to southeast Asia since 1978, and I worry that I would not cope well with the humidity. Your posts however, are inspiring me to return as soon as possible. Thank you for taking the photographs and the time to write posts with them while all is fresh in mind!

  9. Beautiful!!!
    You look great!
    Food looks yummy.
    But I’ve always been told not to eat fresh veggies , fruits or food from roadside or markets in countries like Thailand. Also don’t drink the water.
    Hoping you are A-OK
    Have a great time

    1. I’m going to post more about this, but actually almost everyone in Phuket uses filtered water, so it was fine. Don’t know about the rest of Thailand.

  10. What a fabulous trip! i have never been … or even considered traveling to this part of the world … but you now have me most intrigued! Thank you so for sharing your travels my dear!


  11. I was thrilled to see you pop up on Hat Attack. Thank you for sharing yourself and your hat, which you wear with stunning confidence. Your photos are gorgeous and portray a part of the world that I would love to visit.