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Paris carousel and packable puffer jacket

Josephine and I are dashing out again this morning for a real café créme (and to do some style spying). My travel wardrobe has been working out well so far, especially this puffer coat! It’s the first one I’ve owned and I can’t sing its praises enough. It’s warm (yet not so much that I overheat), lightweight, looks great, and packs down into a small pouch. And it fits right in as puffer jackets and coats are definitely a Thing here in Paris.

Sadly it seems to be sold out in this navy color, but other colors are still available. It’s available in Petite, Women’s and Women’s Petite sizes as well as Misses.

Busy day ahead, more photos coming soon!

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  1. FYI: The French often just order “un crème.” How is that possible? Crème is feminine (la crème de la crème)! Well, café is masculine, and you aren’t ordering cream but a coffee with cream. One of those things I said wrong for about a year…..
    Have fun!

  2. I ordered the same coat based on your packing list. It arrived yesterday, so cozy, cute and flattering as puffers go. Will put it to good use next month in London.

  3. I have an earlier version of the same coat, purchased a couple of years ago; I bought the longer length this time (just above the knee) so that I had an everyday coat that would cover a longer sweater. The extra length makes a big difference in how much warmth the coat provides ( 15F is our high today, and it will get colder all week) while the light weight keeps the extra length from feeling like just too much coat. I can roll it usp and stick it under a seat if need be, and in its little much it serves as a travel pillow on the plane. I have a much puffier, warmer, and more windproof coat, but I rarely need to pull it out with this one for every day. Lands Ends, made in WI, does coats well.

  4. I have a shorter length puffer coat by Michael Kors I bought last year. It came in a combination of medium denim blue and navy blue. I love it! It packs into a small pack and I swear it only weighs two ounces! I bet yours is lightweight also. have a wonderful time in Paris!

  5. Glad for the update on the coat – I just purchased for a trip to San Francisco. How are you handling the air quality in Paris? There have been some alarming reports recently… Cheers

  6. Oh I am excited to see more pictures! You look stunning and very “at home” there in Paris. What did you ever decide on the boots? Love the puffer. 🙂 Enjoy!!

  7. I’m loving your updates and photos! How was your trip to CityPharma? I’m headed to Paris in January (sales!!!) I’ve got my puffer coat ready and I can’t wait to visit CityPharma to pick up a few goodies. I’ve had a short puffer jacket that I brought with me to Paris last March. It was the perfect layering piece and I ended up wearing it under my trench on colder rainy days – i was toasty and dry. This fall I purchased a longer puffer coat – just above knees and I think it will be perfect for Paris in January. Thank you for all your inspiration and wonderful tidbits.

  8. Blue suits you! I ordered a Calvin Klein one from Macy’s and it arrived yesterday. Love it! They are still available last I checked. The CK one has velvet-y fabric along the color and inside the cuffs. Feels dreamy. Happy Travels! ~Nicole (p.s. I think the pronunciations with male and female ‘le’ and ‘la’ are also due to how easily it can be pronounced. The French, succinct with words and wardrobe!)

  9. Pseu, according to their warmth rating, that jacket should be warm enough for all but the coldest days here in Montréal. I find that hard to believe but will ask them. Unlike you, I’m not a navy fan (but that depends on hair and skin colour) – I’d definitely go for the slate as my hair is silver with dark streaks now. I love violet but their violet is too bright with the sheen – it isn’t very chic.

  10. Thank you for the puffer recommendation….one is on its way to me in New Zealand! I’m thoroughly enjoying your posts from Paris, thank you.

  11. I love your coat. I just received a short jacket from Lands End and I now want to get a longer coat. Is your coat the “slate” color?