Resilience Is A Muscle

Susan B of une femme d'un certain age wears an aqua sweater, vintage Chanel scarf, and holds a barbell.

As are kindness, compassion, caring, patience, flexibility, grace under pressure. They’re all emotional muscles that get stronger with practice and use. We can’t yet know what the next few weeks and months will look like, but we have an opportunity now to develop and strengthen these muscles (both as individuals and societies) that will help shape our future.

This has always been true, but at this moment we can see it with greater clarity, like an image that’s had the contrast bumped up. Every day, we have it within us to be the change we want to see in the world.

Earrings (similar)| Lipstick | Sweater | Scarf (similar)

(Lip color is “Mandarin.” with Brian + MW lip liner in “Melon.”)

Just wondering…

Would anyone be interested in a weekly Facebook live with yours truly? I could maybe do some scarf ties or accessorizing ideas, or ? (No tours of our house yet, though…it’s still mostly a mess 😆)

Interesting reads…

Li Edelkoort is a trend prognosticator who has the ear of some of Fashion’s top players. This article from January about the future of fashion seems even more relevant now:

Are you a Star Trek fan? You might enjoy Tom & Lorenzo’s analysis of the costuming choices on the new Picard series:

We’re big fans of British TV series. Here’s a fun list of all of the series available for streaming in the US:

Insight and inspiration can come from unexpected places, for example the Steak-Umms twitter account…. 🤔

And Happy Passover to those who are celebrating! Here’s my recipe for Passover Apple Kugel.

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  1. Susan, i look forward to your blog daily, especially during this time of social isolation. This picture of you is beautiful. Not everyone has the skin to be perfect even in a close-up. Your regime works…probably some good genes, too! The color you are wearing is my favorite.

  2. I would truly enjoy facebook live tutorials on scarf-tying, how to add pops of my ideal colors (and how to find out what they are) to my very neutral wardrobe), and making the mo st of the clothes I already own. By the way, your hair looks terrific at its current length.
    Thank you for writing posts that feel right for the times.

    Lianne MacGregot

  3. I’m actually interested in color analysis. I see how it has impacted your color clothing choices. I’m probably the opposite color of you. Is it possible to do that type of workshop?

  4. Thanks for the list of British TV shows. We are watching The Great British Baking Show on Netflix (nothing can provide more escapism in this environment) and the British detective show Scott and Bailey on Amazon. Also enjoyed the Steak-Umm tweet. My husband loved Steak-Umms as a kid!

  5. You look fantastic in that picture. Wearing the right colors is working for you. Thanks for the British shows reviews. patval

  6. Love reading your posts. Positive and refreshing! Would definitely like to see Facebook live or videos on YouTube. Your skin looks amazing, would like a skincare/makeup tutorial!

  7. Yes to tutorials, & thank you for the article re Brit TV shows. We watch quite a lot of Acorn TV here, so there were some familiar titles, but new ones as well.

  8. This is resilience: this year we are having a Zoom Seder. It will be on Saturday to accomodate three time zones because this year, for the first time in a long time, we will be able to include family members on both coasts as well as the midwest, thanks to the miracle of electronics and a younger generation who has figured this out. We had a zoom planning session on Saturday last, and everyone is pretty excited that we can virtually be altogether.

  9. Yes Yes Yes, as Sally said to Harry, in Sleepless in Seattle. Yes to Facebook posts on info, scarves, makeup, nails, etc. etc. Love the idea. You have my vote of yes, actually, I guess I voted 3 times.

  10. Susan, you look absolutely terrific in this photo!
    Yes, would love to see some “how to” videos made by you, but I’m not on Facebook.
    My husband and I tend to watch only British productions on tv. Here are our favourites…

    For viewers who miss travelling in the UK, “Escape to the Country”
    For viewers who miss travelling in Europe, “Escape to the Continent”
    For viewers who love art demos, “Landscape Artist of the Year” & “Portrait Artist of the Year”

    Keep well, Susan.

  11. Love your previous scarf tying tutorials and would be happy to see more. Your lovely posts and photos bring a lot of nice light into our lives. Thank you for continuing.
    Stay safe and keep well.

  12. Susan, would love to participate in tutorials with you! You are one of the most authentic fashion bloggers out there and I appreciate that you are so relatable! You skin is glowing!

  13. I’d love a FB live – color analysis would be great. I’m interested in that.

    Right now, I want to figure out how to tie scarves around my head, as my roots grow out and my curly hair goes from pixie chic to Larry Fine (with a stop at Kramer along the way). Right now, my collection of hats is working (and amusing my students in our online lessons) but eventually, that won’t be enough.

  14. A whole new challenge…how to dress for Zoom gatherings. Yesterday I wore a bright green plaid blouse…I was certainly visible! Tonight a seder. Blue maybe?

  15. Hi Susan,
    I love your blog! What a terrific picture of you! Whose makeup are you wearing? Is it Charlotte tilbury? Love that color on you!

    1. You are glowing and your hair is so pretty! I had never thought about emotional muscles, but this struck a chord with me. I was reading a book set in ww11 and the author used the word fortitude in reference to a character. We all need to be as cheerful as we can during trying times. Also, please remember those blue collar workers whose jobs won’t allow them to use technology. Our family business is a plumbing/electrical supplier. We are providing needed products as safely as we can. Stay safe everyone!

  16. Yes, I would love if you would do a FB live. I look forward to it. You look great-your colors make you glow!

  17. Yes, I would love Facebook tutorials! I have enjoyed your scarf-tying tutorials very much! You look fantastic in your photo above. I have your coloring and absolutely love your color choices these days. Aqua and lavender are my faves! Please keep on doing what you’re doing! “You fill up my senses!” Thank you!

  18. Thanks so much for the link to British tv. I was channel surfing several years ago and came to a screeching stop when I stumbled on a detective with a Beatles haircut. I was instantly hooked on the George Gently series, but missed several seasons. Can’t wait to start from the beginning.
    You have no idea how much your readers look forward to your blog posts, especially during this time of confinement. It’s part of my morning routine. Thank you.

  19. Just wondering if your facebook would be available to access if I am not a facebook subscriber? Would love to enjoy the turorials. As all the others remarked, you look beautiful in your photo.

    1. Just wondering if your facebook would be available to access if I am not a facebook subscriber? Would love to enjoy the turorials. As all the others remarked, you look beautiful in your photo. Actually just answered my own question when I went to check. Can’t believe I have not done that before

  20. I think no one has yet mentioned the wonderful British detective series entitled Vera, starring the fabulous Brenda Blethyn.

  21. Your writing is thought provoking today. Beautiful thoughts. Grace under pressure is always a good goal. I enjoyed the article about Li Edelkoort and found it quite interesting. I have loved watching the tutorials you have made. I am not on Facebook (by choice) however. Your photo today is just lovely. Very pretty.

  22. Susan, you are such a gem! I so look forward to reading your blog posts every time. And I can’t wait to try making your Easy Passover Apple Kugel for the seder tonight! Thank you for sharing not only that delicious-looking recipe, but for everything that you share on your inspiring blog. You have a beautiful heart and soul, and I feel blessed to be sharing the earth with you, especially at this challenging time. And I have been LOVING all of your spring palette colors – you look so fresh and pretty!
    A healthy, Happy Pesach to you and your family.
    Stay safe and well. xoxox

  23. That’s interesting about the Star Trek costumes.
    I think I’ve watched everything Nicola Walker has been in, I wish she’d get busy and do more shows!

  24. Thank you for your message about strengthening our emotional muscle of resilience and all the others. It is so true, and appropriate to our current situation. I would love to see some FB live demos of scarf tying or other topics! I look so forward to your postings. (Also, I agree, your skin is gorgeous!).

  25. I love the idea of a “live” connect, but I avoid Facebook on principle. It sounds like there are others who are also Facebook-avoidant. Is there another option? Probably not Zoom—a friend had her COVID-19 motivated meditation class bombed by hardcore porn today, definitely undermining the desired effect. My office (which has some confidential communications) has banned the use of Zoom and we were all told to delete it from out devices. Just another way we need to be careful out there. I wish I were more high tech so I would know of options. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay connected.

      1. So cool! Susan, I think you and the Governor are both cool. <3

        And anything you think of to do here on the blog or want to do I'll find interesting. So please follow your good instincts.

  26. I’d love tutorials on any topic of your choice — but I don’t (& won’t) go near Facebook. I don’t participate in social media of any kind, but FB is especially toxic in that its driving motive of profit-at-any-cost results in terrible abuses that its owner, Mark Zuckerberg, has long refused to either take seriously or put a stop to. He’s also a nasty misogynistic little toad. So it’s non-negotiable with me, sorry. Different topic: thank you for the “interesting reads” list — such good things! I’m a long-term Trekker, I admit. I have 7 eps of the new Picard series piled up on PVR but am now going to read that article on the series’ costuming before I watch them. And I’m interested in your free-weights routine (seeing as you’re holding a 5-pounder, by the look of it, in the photo). Do you follow your own routine or something on YouTube or the like? And that is a lovely photo! I never bother with make-up & nice clothes when I’m doing my own weights routine, but there’s no reason why not — I’m not working up a massive sweat as I’m just focusing on overall bone strength through repetition, not body sculpting where I’m lifting heavy stuff! Funny the ruts we get into without even realizing it. As always, thank you for the gift of your time in this blog. I can tell from the comments that I’m not the only one who appreciates it.

  27. You are such an exceptional writer with the ability to present your messages in such a positive non-confrontational way — even the touchy subjects. I look forward to reading your blog everyday.

    I would welcome any sort of live presentation! Something else to look forward to in otherwise “Ground-hoggish Days”. Having read some of the comments, could Zoom work as well for you as Facebook? I’m to understand that is is free right now. Last night, my health clinic offered up a clinic/COVID-19 webinar which went off exceptionally well. They simply sent out an invitation through EventBrite which I clicked on and was taken to YouTube where I could easily watch and comment at will.

    Take care and stay well.

  28. I only skimmed the British TV list, but I didn’t see several my favorites from the past several years. Here are my Top 10 (in no particular order, with their Wikipedia summaries):

    1. “The A Word” – a BBC drama television series based on Israeli series Yellow Peppers (פלפלים צהובים) by Keren Margalit. The series follows a five-year-old boy and how his family cope with the revelation that he has autism.

    2. “The Split” – a British television legal drama series follows the lives of the Defoe family, who all work in divorce law for the family firm, aside from eldest sister Hannah (Nicola Walker), who works for rival family law firm Noble & Hale and youngest daughter who is a child minder.

    3. “State of the Union” – follows Louise and Tom who meet in the pub immediately before their weekly marital therapy session. Each episode pieces together how their lives were, what drew them together and what has started to pull them apart.

    4. The Honourable Woman – is a 2014 British political spy thriller television miniseries in eight parts, ; featuring Maggie Gyllenhaal in the title role.

    5. “The Durrells” – (or The Durrells in Corfu in North America) is a British comedy-drama series based on Gerald Durrell’s three autobiographical books about his family’s four years (1935–1939) on the Greek Island of Corfu.

    6. “Indian Summers” – a British/American drama series that details the events of summers spent at Simla, in the foothills of the Himalayas, by a group of the British governing and trading community at the time of the British Raj.

    7. “Broadchurch” – a serial crime drama television series is set in Broadchurch, a fictional English town in Dorset, and focuses on police detectives DI Alec Hardy (David Tennant) and DS Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman). (Season/Series 1 is the best.)

    8. “Torchwood: Children of Earth” – The plot deals with aliens demanding the Earth’s children, and a related earlier conspiracy; as such, Torchwood is pitted against the British government when it attempts to conceal its past actions and concede to the present-day aliens’ demands. (I’ve never seen a single episode of “Dr. Who” or any other “Torchwood” series, but this stands on its own. Just brilliant.)

    9. “Tennison” – the prequel to “Prime Suspect” (which I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve never seen!)

    10. “Victoria” – Jenna Coleman as a young Queen Victoria.

    1. Thanks! I don’t know which streaming services are offering these currently, but it’s a great list.

  29. Yes, I have little barbells the same colour. I bought them at a yard sale! They are great just for dancing around and helping upper arms (strength even more than beauty).

    As for style icons, Queen Elizabeth’s covid-19 address was a masterclass. Thank someone up there (though I’m not religious) that Edward abdicated and his younger brother became king. Edward toured Nazi Germany in the late 1930s…

    On a lighter note, I SO want a good haircut. I have cut split ends a bit, but find it hard to do more on my own head. I can do decent cuts on other people, but I have a visual arts degree, including sculpture. Hairdressing is sculpture, and not always with the easiest of “materials”!

  30. The Li Edelkoort article was a fun read. I did send you a link to her Corona article, didn’t I?
    When I see you in that first photo I think: “My my what a perfect skin she has got.”

    1. Thanks, Greetje! It helps to get the Good Light. 😉 Yes you did, and I also was able to listen to her podcast on Business of Fashion which was along the same lines. She’s fascinating, and thank you for introducing me to her articles.