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It’s been an (unexpectedly) busy week offline, which is why I’m a bit behind posting here. But it’s been productive, so I can’t complain.

My new project: redecorating

Last year, before le Monsieur became very ill, we’d begun talking about (finally) updating some of the decor in the front rooms of the house (living room, den, and jeune homme‘s bedroom). But once his symptoms began to progress, we set those plans aside.

After LM passed away, I spent several weeks decluttering and cleaning. Now I’m ready to tackle a more comprehensive redecorating project. The first step was to clear out some of the old furniture, much of which was inherited, and never really a good fit for our space.

I spent the better part of two full days this week arranging for, and overseeing the removal. I was able to donate the living room furniture and it was relatively easy to remove. But the massive sofa bed in the den had to be disassembled to get it through the narrow doorways of our 80+ year-old house. (We’d had it for over 20 years and for the life of me I couldn’t remember how the delivery crew was able to get it in there.) I’m just so relieved to have it gone!

And then…

The next step will be to repaint the interior, and I’m going to do the entire house. Some rooms haven’t been painted since we moved in almost 27 years ago, so it’s TIME. I’ve arranged for the painting to start after the holidays. I’m keeping it simple though; I’ll have all rooms painted a creamy white to start, to give myself a blank canvas. Then once I’ve chosen some furniture, I can add some color with accent walls.

Crate & Barrel Infiniti curved sofa
(No, this isn’t my living room, but I love the idea of a curved sofa, to echo our curved wall.)

And next week, I’ll begin looking at furniture, to get a sense of what I like and what will work in the space. (You KNOW I’ll be measuring everything to be sure any pieces will fit through our doorways easily!) It will probably take several months (if not longer) to get to where it feels anywhere near finished. But I’m looking forward to the process!

The overall vibe I’m going for is modern but relaxed, with some pops of color and personal touches.

(This chair may be a bit OTT, but it reminds me that I want to have some fun too.)

So if you’re interested, I’ll update you periodically on how it’s going….

Nordstrom has a “limited time” sale going on. It includes a little of everything: clothing, accessories, beauty, and shoes.

There’s a huge selection of Nike shoes and clothing included in the sale.

These classic and comfortable penny loafers ring in at well under $100.

These plush wool slippers would make a great gift, and are an extra 25% off the sale price. (Other colors available too.)

Also an extra 25% off, these waterproof booties are very well-reviewed, and available in 5 colors (all under $100 in the sale)


The perfect finisher for your holiday party looks, these gold ballet flats are also well reviewed! (And available in several other colors/finishes.)

There’s also a boatload of markdowns on beauty products, including this double serum which I’ve been using again for the last few months.

It’s a busy weekend ahead, including the Young Cousins’ wedding! I think I know what I’m going to wear, will show you next week.

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  1. While looking for furniture visit a Room + Board showroom. Most of their furniture is USA made and there are many options are for both large scaled and for a smaller home situation. Arms can be removed for moving sofas in tight situations. I find their furnishings are great in quality and design.

  2. Love your style and your ideas! I’m sure your rooms will be lovely once complete. And yes to measuring! I hear you on that point.

  3. We rid ourselves of the sofa bed years ago and I would never get another. There are better options out there now should you need a guest bed, and we learned when we needed to be rid of it that most agencies that ask for donated furniture do not want to take sofa beds because they are so heavy and hard to move. This sounds like a fun winter project.

  4. Redecorating is a spiritual high and work! I hope you enjoy the process as well as the result. Can’t wait for you to share when all is complete!

  5. Looking forward to following the updates to your home. Love both the curved sofa and the ott leopard chair. Serene environment punctuated by little surprises are delightful.

  6. So fun! I look forward to following along. And in my opinion, that green chair is incredible! I see it also comes in fuchsia — swoon!

  7. Bless you for showing your strength and helping us move forward after loss.
    Believe starting with the blank white canvas is brilliant. Would like to do that in my home.
    We once had an old bureau in a home that had to be removed out of the second floor window….

  8. What a wonderful gift to yourself to repaint and redecorate your house! I know you’ll have fun. And a wedding to look forward to as well! Are your young cousins in the same area? It’s wonderful to have some family support. I do wonder about your travels–you traveled alone to London, did that feel comfortable for you? I’m looking forward to your wedding outfit!

  9. Best wishes on updating your home. I know that working on the house is a big project, but the end result will make you happy and comfortable. and I would like to agree with the recommendation to look at a Room & Board showroom – I think their quality and style might appeal to you.

  10. A redecorating project is such a good way to begin a new year. I am a big fan of white walls (we recently repainted our whole house in Benjamin Moore White Dove. It’s beautiful and warm in our West Coast light. I love reading decorators’ views of the “perfect white”). And so easy to spice it up with pillows, art, throws, and a few fun pieces.. Can’t wait to see what you decide.

    1. I love Brenda’s White Dove, but ended up painting our entire 2,000sqft new build Sherwin Williams Pure White. Very happy with the results! Looks great in all lighting situations. We are southern coastal, so lots of sun. That chair is a must have. xoxox

  11. Sounds like a wonderful project! Could you share what white paint you selected? I tested many before selecting so am curious about your choice! After living with many large test squares on my walls in different times of day etc, I went with Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee. I had a number of accents from Farrow and Ball.

  12. Hello Sue – I would be very interested to follow along your redecorating! I’d especially love to know which white you choose for your walls. We would also like to re-paint our main floor in a white, but it’s hard to know what to choose – it’s a long main room with windows at either end, but not flooded with light. In any event, I love your fashion style, so I’m sure your home decor will be equally stylish!

  13. We just had our whole house living areas carpet removed and replaced with hard flooring (around 900sq ft) Everything had to be moved out to grind level the concrete floor prior to laying. Such an upheaval but ultimately very cathartic as many of the “fripperies” didn’t make it back in place. Lovely new area rugs finally brought the simplified scheme together and we now feel revived. Enjoy your refresh.

  14. I would love for you to post your decorating updates. The picture you posted for living room inspiration looks very stylish and doable to me. Can’t wait to to see your wedding outfit. Another commenter asked how it felt to travel “alone” in London. I wonder about that too. You’re so brave. Good luck and have fun with the redecorating. I’m sure with your exquisite taste, it will be lovely.

  15. I love the process and would be interested to follow along with yours. I have several pieces that need to be re-upholstered and am agonizing about whether to purchase two new (more modern) chairs or recover the ones I have (curved club chairs). The latter would end up costing more, I think, and I’d have to choose fabric, but the chairs are so well made and fit the space. Indecision! Love the chair – Anthropologie has the greatest furniture if you like something a little out of the norm.

  16. Dear Susan: Would very much love to tag along as you redecorate. Thank you for allowing us all to have a view of what you will do. Love your style and your spirit. I also bought several of your clothing care ideas! Thanks!

  17. I had read earlier that LM was ill, but I’m so sorry to hear of his death. I look forward to your redecorating and know it will be impeccable and match your personality.

  18. Being a member of the “widow club” for almost seven years now, I can understand. Look forward to your posts and always enjoy them. I’ll be real interested in your progress on your home. Yes please post as it goes along.

  19. You certainly have me intrigued with your plans to update your home of many years. Our retirement plans meant moving to different part of Canada, close to the water on eastern Vancouver Island , 7+ years ago into a well designed 1997 bungalow. Being in the interiors biz, I have had so much pleasure from completely repainting the interior and exterior, adding california shutters ( adds such curb appeal as well as defining the light), and finding some furniture that suites the new spaces, as well as editing and extending the garden to reflect how we live. You will have a real sense of achievement too , Susan, as you begin this new challenge on your own. I so look forward to seeing your progress.

  20. What a fun (and probably exhausting) project! I look forward to seeing your choices. Do you follow Maria Killam? She’s an interior designer who’s very focused on the undertones in neutral colors. I think you might enjoy her posts. I find most of them pretty educational.

  21. My stepson just bought his first house & I told him to just take his time in making decisions about furniture & such. It takes time to really know what you want & there’s no rush. Have fun with it!

  22. Yes, please share your progress of updating and redecorating. We are remodeling our new home (in Greenville, SC!), so I will look forward to see what you do and how it moves along. I LOVE the curved sofa and wish I could talk my hubby into one for our new living room… I also really like the accent chair – DO have fun!
    Regarding the sale: my feet are always cold and I love the look of those slippers, but alas, I am allergic to wool. If only they would make the same in microfiber!
    May not comment again this year due to my upcoming move, so wishing you all the best in 2024!

  23. It is said that when you do nice things for your home, it will come back to reward you many times over. Good luck with your lovely plans! Also, if a chair could have a style personally, I would definitely call that fabulous green chair gamine!

  24. Enjoy your updating, Susan! I love that curved sofa. As with clothing, you have shown your updated classic style holds well with time, so I encourage you to apply the same thinking toward new furnishings — stylish, but clean lines with some classicism. We’ve had the same sage green cotton velvet sofa for 30 years in 3 homes: it was featured twice in Modern Home mag. (sadly defunct) in the early 90’s and I fell in love with it and the lines and comfort are still terrific! When we built our new home 5 years ago, our consulting architectural designer recommended swivel chairs given our seating arrangement and I purchased 4 teal blue velvet tailored bucket chairs from Room & Board to go with the green velvet sofa: all of this seating is so comfortable — the most important part of it all.

  25. My condolences on your sad loss of Le Monsieur. I spent two months in our hometown last summer and thought of you.

  26. Love your decorating ideas! Yes to white walls and an accent wall here and there. White is so much better for artwork. Love the chair! I hope you find one that is that fun! Oh, and the curvy sofa to mirror the wall is also great. Take your time and you’ll be thrilled with the outcome. Happy holidays to you.