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A few fresh picks 💐 for Spring

Seasonal shopping for Spring: lightweight sweaters, pearl jewelry, fragrance & more.

A change of season…

We’re less than a couple weeks out from the official first day of Spring. Though it’s turned cool and dreary again, for a few days last week we were graced with some gorgeous blue skies and mild weather. Blooms and new green shoots are everywhere, and a neighbor’s pond is host to a nightly chorus of frogs.

I can’t help but feel optimistic about this new season, and (hopefully) beginning to ease back into the “normal” that we took for granted just a year ago. “Lighter and brighter” is how I want to dress now.

Spring sweaters

Linen and cotton sweaters are a mainstay of my Spring and early summer wardrobe. They’re comfortable in a range of temperatures, and usually washable.

Madewell Broadway cotton cardigan sweater in rose color.

This 100% cotton cardigan has a fun swing shape and looks good worn open or buttoned up. It’s available in 3 colors, in both Misses and Plus sizes. I purchased in the Muted Alabaster color, and was glad I’d sized down. The length is Petite-friendly; taller women might find it too short. It’s great little wear-at-home or throw-on-and-go sweater!

Nic + Zoe linen blend long cardigan in pink.

As I mentioned in this week’s newsletter, pink is a huge color trend this season. Pink is a happy, optimistic color, and there are options for everyone from the palest salmon to deep fuchsia.

Here’s a longer linen blend cardigan in a pretty light raspberry shade. (I think this is a perfect pink for you Summers!) In Misses and Plus.

Eileen Fisher organic cotton and linen sweater in Powder.

This pale salmon pink is one of my best colors, and I find it’s almost a neutral for me. This organic cotton and linen sweater is available in Misses, Plus and Petite sizes. Also in White. The fit is relaxed, but it’s lightweight enough to layer under a jacket. (I’ve also ordered this elbow-sleeve top in the same color.)

J.Crew Margot merino sweater in Guava.

If you can tolerate wool, this crewneck sweater in lightweight Merino is an excellent choice. Several colors available in sizes XX-Small to 3X. (This is the sweater I was wearing during the live Zoom on Saturday.)

Amour Vert Olema organic cotton sweater in white/black polka dot.

But if you prefer neutrals, black and white always feels fresh too. This 100% organic cotton sweater is offered in sizes XS-Large.

Casual but polished…

J.Crew slim boyfriend chinos tan.

I’ve been on the hunt for some time for a pair of Polished Casual trousers in a light, warm tan color. I have these on order, and fingers crossed. They’re offered in several other colors too. Classic sizes 23-37, Petite and Tall sizes to 32.

Mignonne Freshwater pearl gold hoop earrings.

I’ve been seeing a lot of variations on pearl hoop earrings. I like the irregular placement and shapes of these real freshwater pearls.

Atelier Cologne Rose Anonyme fragrance.

Finally, I like to switch out my fragrance with a change of season. This one is my favorite right now.

More like these…

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  1. Kathie
    March 8, 2021 / 4:40 am

    Love the cardigan. I’m considering the Marled Rose. Salmon pink is also one of my best colors. J Crew has a more affordable crew neck in Pale Nectar (exact match to Kettlewell’s Salmon)). I received it yesterday and its gorgeous. It is merino but very light weight. Good for layering and on its own in warmer weather. It was on sale when I purchased it. Looking forward for your review of the J Crew pants. Finding pants that go with my warm palette has been a challenge.

    • March 8, 2021 / 6:20 am

      I also love that JCrew sweater, lightweight merino, style is called Margot. I bought Cloud, which is an icy blue. Very comfortable, easy to layer.

  2. pat
    March 8, 2021 / 6:20 am

    I enjoy your shopping posts–it’s a vicarious pleasure for me as I haven’t bought anything except pajamas and jogger type pants for the last year! I really don’t need any other new clothes as my “nicer” wardrobe is just sitting in the closet waiting for me but my casual indoor items have taken a beating. I’ve actually found decent covid lounging/at home items at Costco of all places. Great prices, some decent brand names but the best things go fast and they also have a lot of dreck to wade through.

    • sf-dre
      March 8, 2021 / 8:42 am

      My sister gave me a long sleeved merino wool tee for Christmas. When I asked her where she got it so I could buy more, she said Costco. Sadly, they’re not on the website.

  3. Eva Popovich
    March 8, 2021 / 8:21 am

    Having your colors analyzed was a brilliant idea!
    I have loved the way the salmon side of “pink” looks on you in the spring clothes you’ve had in your posts recently. They are perfect for you, and look much more sophisticated than other pinks do, especially for you.
    Whoever did your colors would be a good person to recommend on your blog. I know you have done this previously, but it bears repeating as this new season unfolds.

  4. Brenda N
    March 8, 2021 / 8:38 am

    Hi Susan, I’m really with you on enjoying lighter and brighter clothes now. My mostly black wardrobe has been shifting recently to include more colors in shades of blue, coral pink and even some white. I just ordered a long white linen blend cardigan yesterday and I’m so excited to make these changes. When you shifted away from black a while back I’d wondered if I could do it too and the answer is yes! I’m 61 and I’d let my hair go silver after the first shutdown phase last year and it felt like black was just dragging me down. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  5. Lee
    March 8, 2021 / 10:01 am

    Thanks for posting these lovely spring things. I’ve been searching for some lightweight chinos and will be curious to see what you think of these. I have unreasonably thin thighs and the description of the pants indicates that they are fuller where I am not! Getting out to a tailoring shop has proven very difficult during these times and finding pants that fit has been a bit challenging.

  6. Kay
    March 8, 2021 / 2:34 pm

    I’m happy to see hoop earrings coming back. I love them.

  7. Rebecca Ford
    March 8, 2021 / 2:51 pm

    I love these colors for you, but what about us poor Winters? I love that Madewell sweater, but those colors would drain me. Maybe they’ll do it in white for summer.

    • Susan Blakey
      March 8, 2021 / 3:27 pm

      Hi Rebecca, Winters look smashing in fuchsia pinks. I’ve included some examples in the widget below.

  8. March 8, 2021 / 3:05 pm

    Like true Winters, true Summers actually need clear, bright colors (or hues of a color) to look our best. The above long sweater is one I would definitely want if it came in a pink I could wear. I would love to hear from those who can wear the above shade of pink, because honestly, it’s skewing Spring to me. It looks ‘warm,’ and Summers need ‘cool.’ 🙂 Not a criticism in any way, just an observation. Sometimes, though, anyone can wear a color that doesn’t vigorously fight their complexion and hair color.

    • Susan Blakey
      March 8, 2021 / 3:25 pm

      Hi Alison, I guess it depends on the system in which you’ve been analyzed. In the color system the Red Leopard team uses (based on Johannes Itten’s color theory), Summers are cool and soft. Winters are cool and bright/clear. And product colors can always look different on different monitors, which is one of the challenges of online shopping. 😉 On my monitor, the cardigan looks like a light raspberry pink.

  9. Anon
    March 8, 2021 / 4:06 pm

    Spring is filled with hope. Did you see the reports about the 200-year-old oaks being felled to rebuild the spire of Notre-Dame? They’ll have to dry for a more than a year, but this is progress. It will take almost 1000 of them, with the trees to be felled by the end of March. The first ones are three feet across. Wouldn’t it be something to watch it rebuilt? Travel is getting closer and closer to being a possibility.

  10. Jill Ann
    March 9, 2021 / 7:34 am

    Some cute picks here (love the earrings!), but as I scrolled through I kept thinking “too short, too short”. Obviously great for the petites among you, but not so much for us taller ladies. Do appreciate the couple of longer sweaters. My main beef (not with you, but with clothing manufacturers) is those short pants! It’s so rare to find actual full length pants anymore.

  11. Lisa
    March 9, 2021 / 4:39 pm

    Hi Susan, I’ve been following you for many year from Australia, love your blog, and and bought a few of your recommendations, I’m 5.1 too and the size you wear usually fits me
    What size are you on the Jcrew Margot wool sweater

    • Susan Blakey
      March 9, 2021 / 4:39 pm

      Hi Lisa, thanks so much! I wear the Small.

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