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Your Honor, the Defense agrees to stipulate that the shoes and pants do not go together. We further stipulate that the pants should be lighter or the shoes darker. Supporting exhibits will be entered into evidence at a later date.

silk shirt, skinny black pants, leopard print top

I picked up this Equipment leopard print shirt right after the Eiffel Tower one. It’s the same style and cut. I figured these would get a lot of wear during warmer months as they can be worn as a blouse or a lightweight “jacket” over a tee or tank.

And here’s your Lars photobomb:

kittehs 1

The Stuff:

Shirt: Equipment /  Pants: Eileen Fisher / Shoes: Stuart Weitzman / Earrings: Alexis Bittar, similar / Watch: Michael Kors / Bracelet: unknown make, several years old.


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  1. Bon Jour La Femme de Beaute, how come you say the shoes aren’t right for the pants? The nude heels are lovely, please don’t upset my fashion ‘eye’ by saying they’re not right….what outlandish and ridiculous rule is it that says the shoes must be darker than the pants? Not one that we here Downunder have heard of…but then we are a continent that emanated from convict stock….please enlighten because I thought they looked ‘parfait’. Bisous xxx

  2. Great shirt – as you know, Equipment shirts are my favorite, by far. I would have preferred dark shoes with the whole outfit though, as you’ve already stated. I think black booties so that there was an unbroken line, would have been perfect.

  3. I remember my mom had silk Equipment shirts in their earlier incarnation–just beautiful. I’ve sworn off dry clean only as a rule. Do these need frequent cleaning? Have you found a way to handwash?

  4. Those are trumped up charges – the shoes look fine with the pants! And I love the classic leopard top. I read that leopard is going to be around through the next season, so you’re all set!

  5. I think everything looks wonderful together; apparently so do the rest of your readers. Perhaps you’re feeling too matchy matchy? Hell, I wish I liked my “look” that much in the mornings.

  6. I also took a while to get on board with nude shoes, having been told that dark haired women can wear a light colored shoe only on her wedding day or on the tennis court. 🙂 But now I do love them, as a matter of fact I am wearing nude heels with a grey pencil today. The animal print is lovely on you. Why do I look (and feel) whenever I try it on I will never know.

  7. I understand what you mean about darker shoes–and I generally agree–but I think the nude shoes (with your outfit) are very flattering. I find that black shoes can sometimes make the legs look stumpy–at least on me.

  8. I think the shoes and the pants are great together – just that the shade of the shoes is off from the shade of the shirt!

    You have accused the wrong party:).

  9. I just love pet photobombs. Lovely shirt – a nice casual cut. I like the shoes, but I would probably go with a more vibrant shade, like a bright red or green.

  10. Actually I kind of dig the nude shoes with the black pants. It looks great. I already wanted an Equipment shirt, now after seeing yours I want one even more!

  11. I’ve never heard of the rule…dark pants, dark shoe. Isn’t your look what they now call colour blocking? The nude shoe picks up the nude background in the animal print. Personally, I think the look is very smart and a black shoe would be dull and boring.

    I totally agree with the Duchess, your hair colour is very flattering. Or as the Duchess said “stupendously gorgeous”.


  12. The shoe looks great! I like the contrast, black might look predictable. Lovely casual outfit and pretty use of animal print. Fun to see the “mystery cat” in the corner.

    blue hue wonderland

    1. eleanorjanebirdy, he’s the neighbor’s cat actually, but he’s super-social and always wants to be part of whatever is going on. He’s a hoot.

  13. I agree, you need a shoe that better “grounds” your outfit. Either with color, visual weight or a dark color. Lars just kills me.