Shopping my closet: adding interest to a simple outfit

While I like to experiment with new combinations, my favorite outfits always seem to come together when I don’t overthink it. This one relies on one of my tried-and-true outfit formulas: jeans and a blazer.

A casual jeans and blazer outfit

Susan B. wears a simple, polished casual outfit with a navy blazer, crochet vest, layered necklaces, kick crop jeans and metallic mules.
My sizes: blazer – 6, top – small, jeans – 28

I’m actually playing a bit of catch-up here; this outfit is from a few weeks ago when our weather was still cool enough for a lightweight jacket. All of the clothing items are pieces I’ve had for a while. The necklaces (gifted) are from one of French Kande’s most recent collections, “Pont Marie.” (If you prefer silver toned jewelry, you’ll love this collection!)

Here I’ve incorporated a few of my favorite ways to add interest to simple outfits:

  • texture (crochet vest and metallic footwear)
  • design details (the ruched sleeves on the jacket)
  • accessories (jewelry, sunglasses)
  • lipstick (I’m wearing Chantecaille Lip Chic in “Sunrise”)

I usually wear gold-toned jewelry, but many of you have mentioned that you’d like to see some styles in silver, so I thought I’d show these. Here’s a closeup of the necklaces:

Detail: layered French Kande necklaces.

I wanted to keep this outfit neutral, but adding color or pattern is another way to create visual interest. (And once the weather cools, scarves are a great option!)

More navy blazers…

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  1. Another great post, Susan. I was just thinking this past week that I need to take a new look at what I l ready have in my closet. And I just happen to be one of those who wear a lot of silver jewelry, due mostly to my collection of Jay King Mine Finds

    1. Thanks, Rhoda. I always like to “review” what I have in my closet before a few season begins. It can help prevent duplicating wardrobe pieces.

  2. Susan, this is a great look. “Put together” but not too fussy. The kind of uniform I gravitate toward. Thank you for a reminder that this look is Style 101 at its best.

  3. Hi Susan, thank you for this post. As an autumn, my blue is a warmer marine navy vs. a true navy. I would love to know if you have seen any blazers that might be appropriate. Thank you!

    1. Nancy, I’m collecting some color trends for fall, and yes, have found some marine navy. Look for a post next week…

  4. What a beautiful outfit! I’m on Team Silver and really like the necklaces, esp with the jeans/blazer/textured vest combo — very chic. Also, I love your hair tucked as you did. So flattering.

  5. Last spring you inspired me to buy that blazer in black. It was pretty expensive by my standards, but worth every dollar. I feel great everytime I wear it and I wear it a lot! Some things are worth the splurge.

    Keeping you in my prayers.

    1. Thanks so much, Lianne! This blazer is such an easy to style piece, and definitely worth the splurge.

  6. Navy blazer is always good. Love that crochet vest. So delicate. Like you, I am into gold jewellery but Kande makes wonderful pieces.

  7. Good morning, Susan. This type of post is right up my alley! Would this navy blazer be friendly to autumns? Is it close enough to Marine, or should I keep looking?

    1. Hi Karen, thanks! This particular navy isn’t really an autumn navy, but I’m putting together a post for next week that will include some marine navy pieces.

  8. You look great in this outfit – subtle and very richly detailed at the same time – it looks very Francais to me! I would wear this in a heartbeat!

  9. Excellent post today, Susan. I will be watching to see your upcoming post regarding marine blue for those of us that are an Autumn colouring.
    This past year, I have been editing my closet and making nearly $2000CAD
    choosing pieces that will sell quickly in a local consignment boutique.
    This leaves me with an excellent assortment of clothing in my closet that are my best colours which fit well ( losing 12 lbs with Pilates makes a difference!) The cash goes to well selected filler items or to increase my travel fund. I certainly shop my closet ,like you , for looks that make me feel great and that I already own.

    1. Thanks, Cath! Isn’t it amazing how everything goes together when you stick to your seasonal palette?

  10. You look cute and I hope you are doing well. Well…I took a look at the FK Pont Marie collection as that is my favorite bridge and Il St. Louis is where my adopted apartment is in Paris so I was intrigued. Unless I am missing something, what is the connection between the collection and Pont Marie? I have quite a number of pieces from FK thanks to you, but I’m observing they have gotten perhaps more expensive these days.

    1. Hi Jan, thanks! Each FK collection is named after a metro stop in Paris. I don’t think the collections themselves reference a particular area.

  11. Lovely look Susan thank you for the post. Navy always works for me.I really like the crochet vest underneath and the price ! Sending love xo

  12. This is pretty for late summer. In August I’m ready for a darkening color palette instead of the colors typically associated with summer. Simple, fresh, with the right amount of detail.

  13. Good post and great look.

    Thanks to you, I still have those metallic mules (also in muted red leather) and they have been a go to for many years now. They elevate every outfit.

    1. Thanks, and yes, I can’t believe how long I’ve had these shoes, and how they always seem to work!

  14. I started weeding the closet this weekend and trying to be more disciplined about organizing. I have to get through some overflowing drawers and make some space! The sweaters are still mostly packed away. I am loving the end of summer and, at the same time, looking forward to fall. I don’t think I really need any clothes, but getting rid of the unflattering stuff will be a good effort. I am not much of a dress person but I have no fall dresses. That might be fun to explore. I have mostly eliminated the black from my closet, except for some shoes I love and can’t part with and still, a pair of black trousers.