The best fall fashion color trends for every seasonal palette

Fall has always been my favorite fashion season, and I’ve been keeping an eye on the early fall styles that are landing now. Here are some of my favorite fall fashion color trends, with recommendations by seasonal color palette.

Fall fashion color trends for 2023

Fall is the best time to stock up on neutral basics, IMO. But if you’re looking for color, I’m seeing a lot of gorgeous hues, and a there’s little something for everyone.

While there are certain colors that always seem to come back around every fall (rust, olive, mustard, charcoal, aubergine), I’m mostly leaving those aside for this post. Instead I’m featuring colors that I’m actually seeing a lot of on the racks and online that either aren’t “typical” fall colors OR that aren’t always widely available.

Chocolate and dark brown

Yes, brown is often regarded as a “typical” fall color. But for the last few years, what have mostly been available are the more bronze or rusty shades, or cooler slightly purplish browns. Finally this season, the warm chocolate and dark browns that are such great neutrals for Springs and Autumns are more plentiful. And I’ve been snapping them up while they’re here!

Medium-to-dark brown is one of my best neutrals, and I was so happy to find these slim straight leg “cigarette” pants during the Anniversary Sale. They’re at the tailor being hemmed, but I’ll be sharing an outfit post with them soon. I’m usually a 6 in pants, but found the 4 was a better fit in this style.

This jacket is spendy, yes, but is really gorgeous in person, and classic enough to be a wardrobe perennial if it’s in your palette. (Best for Autumns, I think, but some warmer Springs could wear it too.)

I purchased this cashmere cardigan in navy last year and wore it often, so jumped on this “Heather Hazelnut” color. Sizes XX-Small to 3X. It runs true-to-size (Small for me) for a relazed-but-not-oversized fit. If you want a roomier look, size up.

J.Crew has a bunch of sweater styles in this “hazelnut” color. It ranges between the Tan and Chocolate shades in my Spring palette, but should work for many of you Autumns as well.

And there’s also this pleated skirt in Deep Chocolate too!

Here’s a wool-free zip cardigan, available in Misses, Petite, Plus and Plus Petite sizes.

I’ve been eyeing this gorgeous tote (with optional crossbody strap) for a few seasons now, but this new “Mocha” color (also in suede) may just push me off the fence.

Blues & greens

Cobalt, and various shades of Electric Blue were everywhere during the summer, and that seems to be carrying over into fall. (Good news for you Winters!)

This “Juliette” sweater blazer has been a favorite of mine for several seasons now. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for new colors, and was delighted to see this Cobalt blue for you Winters. (Available in XX-Small to 3X, and currently 40% off with code SHOPNOW)

Summers, I’m still seeing a lot of your lighter and softer blues everywhere. I was happy to see muted silver buttons on this classic tweed jacket. Available in Misses & Petite sizes.

Ok, Autumns…I know you’ve been asking for your Marine Navy. 😉 I’ve been scouring the new arrivals for options for you.

If you weren’t ready to shop for a peacoat when I first featured this one in July, here’s another bite at that apple. 😉 This is one of the closest pieces I’ve seen to your Marine Navy, and is a classic style. Available in sizes 0-16.

While this classic blazer isn’t your Navy, it does look very close to your Kingfisher, which is one of those colors that almost all Autumns look fantastic in.

On my monitor, this blouse looks to be in between Marine Navy and the Spruce in your palette. (Probably best for you Blue Autumns. Some Winters may be able to wear this one too.)

Eileen Fisher just introduced a color called Alpine, which (depending on the garment) seems to range from dark Kingfisher to Marine Navy to Spruce. Here’s a cotton cardigan (good for transitional season wear) in sizes XX-Small to 3X.

Here are a few more pieces in the Alpine color…

Eileen Fisher clothing pieces in "Alpine."

Green is still making a strong showing in fall collections I’ve seen so far, from a very bright and yellow-based Spring green to a dark spruce.

Here’s another classic peacoat option, this one in Emerald green for you Winters. In Misses, Petite, Plus and Plus Petite sizes.

More emerald for you Winters…here’s a classic cashmere v-neck. Sizes XS-XL, and lots more colors too!

I’m going to go out on a limb with this one…J.Crew calls it “Emerald Forest,” but to me it looks closer to Summer’s Jade Green. That said, it might be too bright for some softer Summers, AND I think some Springs might be able to wear it too. Sizes X-Small to X-Large.

The pants are definitely in the Spring quadrant, in Classic, Petite & Tall sizes.

I rarely see winter coats in Spring palette colors, and this one is fabulous. 🍏 Imagine how this color will lift your mood on a dreary winter day! All sizes are still available, though it looks like inventory is running low.

Pinks, lilacs, & purples

EILEEN FISHER stand collar jacket in blue-violet

It was a tossup whether to count this one as blue or purple, but either way, it’s great for most of you Winters!

I’m also seeing a lot of Magenta and Fuchsia, both great Winter shades.

Here’s an idea for your next travel wardrobe: add a classic and versatile piece in an accent color that coordinates with your neutrals. This little merino cardigan will pack and travel well, and can be worn multiple ways (including tied over the shoulders in lieu of a scarf). Sizes XX-Small to 3X, and other colors.

If you have some events coming up this fall, here’s a simple frock in a festive color that you can dress up or down with accessories. Available in Regular and Petite sizes.

Pointelle detailing on this pretty v-neck cardigan makes it lighter and a perfect choice for transitional season wear. This soft pink is perfect for you Summers. Sizes XS-XL (other colors too).

If you’re a fan of ballet flats, you probably already have a pair in black or another neutral shade. Why not step it up a bit with a pretty suede pair in Plum?

Here’s another travel-friendly lightweight merino sweater. This lilac? orchid? color is good for some Summers and Winters. Sizes XX-Small to 3X.

But what about Red??

Per just about every fashion or style website or publication, red was predicted to be THE color of fall. But so far, I’m not seeing huge quantities of it, except in accessories or higher end designer pieces.

A neutral red is the one color that can be worn by all seasons. (Though it might be a bolder color than many are comfortable with.) Most of the reds I’m seeing now lean either cool (blue based) or warm (yellow-based). Winters and Summers need to stick to the cooler reds, while Springs and Autumns do better in the warmer reds.

This poppy red is great for most Springs, and some Autumns can wear it too. Sizes XX-Small to 3x. (Winters, this also comes in a gorgeous cobalt blue for you.)

I’m quite smitten with these shoes, which are a sort of ballet flat-slingback hybrid. This red is a pretty true “lipstick” (neutral) red. Though I opted for the “Macadamia” color rather than this one, it was a tough call. Like most Vince shoes, they run just a little large, so I’d suggest going 1/2 size down from your usual shoe size.

Burgundy is one of those colors that most Winters and some Summers can wear well. (Catherine, Princess of Wales, a Summer, looks smashing in burgundy…)

Here’s a relaxed and budget-friendly blazer in a cool garnet red, a nice option for Winters. Sizes X-Small to X-Large.

This shirt would look great on its own for a “going-out” look, and will layer well under a cardigan or jacket. Sizes XX-Small to XX-Large.

I’m seeing a lot of selections in a warmer, spice red.

This wool-blend cardigan in Vermillion is really beautiful, and the color is less orange and more a brick red than it looks here. Perfect for most of you Autumns!

Perfect for those warm-in-the-afternoon fall days, this poplin cutwork shirt allows for a lot of airflow. Another great color for most Autumns! Sizes 0(4) to 4(20-22).

This faux leather bag has the look of a much more expensive piece, and definitely punches above its weight, price-wise. It’s a good size for everyday (not as oversized as it looks online) and is lightweight. This brick color is another winner for Autumns, but there are several other colors available too.

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  1. Thank you for always considering COLOR in your posts. My daughters and I have been to Red Leopard and gotten our color analysis- all because of your recommendation. We love Rachel and Manina!! What a difference it has made in our shopping excursions because we know exactly where to begin looking once we enter a shop. It has removed a lot of confusion and frustration. THANK YOU!

  2. What a wonderful collection of beautiful colors — love. And, interesting to see all those EF colors called the same thing: Alpine. Not sure how people will feel when they order Alpine items expecting to receive the same color. Hopefully the colors are complementary, if not identical.

    1. Hi Bette, yes, the versions of “Alpine” will coordinate as they’re all within the same Autumn palette. In fact, I think it makes for a more interesting look if the colors are close but don’t match exactly, especially if the textures of the pieces are different.

      1. Great point about texture — I figure the different fabrics all take dyes differently, and so the colors would never be an exact match anyway. Hoping for a scarf in the beautiful Alpine!

  3. Good morning. Great post. I received the “Claire Rose” Demellier New York Midi Bag as a Christmas gift last year and used it all winter long. That particular version was the mocha color (leather) and the tiny little strap in front was suede. I can attest to what a beautiful as well as practical bag it was. Great for stuffing my gloves inside when I would go indoors after being out in the winter cold. Received lots of compliments on it as well.

  4. I appreciate your categorizing the items by season. You have listed some beautiful items, and your comments take the guess work out of determining the nuances of the colors. This “winter” thanks you!

  5. I enjoyed your colourful post today with the appropriate season palettes. I’m sorry that the cashmere v-neck sweater from Boden can’t be shipped to Canada. It’s exactly the sweater I’ve been looking for.

  6. Thank you so much Susan for this wonderful line up! My colors (Autumn)don’t come around very often so I’m snapping some up also! Really appreciate this post! I’m wondering about that cool Anthropologie Bag in red–probably not good for a Diva/Gamine type, right? Too big and unstructured?
    I hope you’re doing well. All my best, Sally

  7. Beautiful selections! I’m smitten with the cutwork poplin shirt, which I was surprised to see is from Chicos, a brand I’ve never worn. (Your links go to the Vince cardigan, btw.)

  8. I will have to choose my colours carefully as there are a lot of colours I cannot touch. Like Alpine or camel.
    But red, burgundy, purple, orange, bright blue, and (emerald) green…bring them on. As long as they are bright.
    The Demellier bag in chocolate is indeed divine, but I still have a very good chocolate brown Longchamps bag and I refuse to say it is out of fashion.

  9. Thank you for the range of colors and variety of clothing. I really liked the little red shoes. I think wearing them would put a little bounce in your day. May you have a gentle day.

  10. This is a great post — lots of good advice and interesting clothing.
    Question: I love brown but am very much a winter and I’ve learned that I really look awful in most browns. Are there any shades of brown that a winter could wear successfully?

  11. This was so fun to read! Really helpful and this Summer bought the cobalt blue J.Crew jacket. Thank you for the inspiration!

  12. Dear Susan, thank you for this extremely helpful post!

    I’m borderline obsessed with finding my best colours and excited to read that chocolate brown and marine navy and autumn red are in your shops now – I’ll be on the lookout for them here early next year!

    Best wishes,
    Julie xx