Souvenirs: The Jacket

It was our second day in London. We were in Harvey Nichols, where I’d been perusing the shoe department, and le monsieur had gone on ahead to the Food Hall. I was on my way to catch up to him, when I spotted this jacket on a mannequin by the escalator.

It was, as they say, un coup de foudre.

I’ve actually been searching for a lightweight utility/field style jacket for some time now. But all the styles I tried either had pockets on the chest or were a bit too casual or bulky. This Sandro jacket fit beautifully, and even le monsieur really liked it when I tried it on to show him. I told the Sales Associate that I’d think it over and started to walk away, but turned on my heels and bought it on the spot.

I wore it almost every day after that. It was perfect for the cool, breezy and intermittently rainy weather we had for the duration of our days in London when layered over a sweater. But this is also an ideal jacket for our climate here in LA, so I have no fear that it will languish in the closet.

Love this shoulder detail!

The hardware is a gorgeous and unusual copper color. It’s beautifully made and fits like a dream. There’s a zip out hood in the collar, which came in handy a couple of times in London.

Have you picked up wearable souvenirs while on vacation?

Jacket: Sandro, here.
Earrings: kate spade, no longer available. Similar.
Tee: Eileen Fisher, here.
Bracelets: Hermès, not available online. Stella and Dot, here.
Watch: Michael Kors, here.
Jeans: NYDJ, same style, different color here.
Sandals: Eileen Fisher, here.

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  1. This is the a great jacket you found! And, I am really really liking your hair color on you!

    I don’t think I’ve ever bought an article on clothing while on vacation.

  2. So funny–I clicked through to comment not on the jacket but your lovely new hair color, and found I was not alone! It is really flattering on you–the red makes you look almost harsh in contrast (which you are not) but I really love the flattering softness of the blonde! I’m kinda surprised because often when someone goes blonde, I find it looks insincere. It suits you quite well.
    And, I also love those shoes. Really love. Surprised no one else commented on the foot ware. Though perhaps everyone is completely distracted by your beautiful head. 🙂

  3. That is a great colour on you, and a great jacket overall. Love the details and the fit/cut. I am also enjoying a recently-purchased field jacket, brought it along on this trip although honestly would prefer not to need it!

  4. Yes, 4 dresses …;-)

    This is a real quality jacket and it looks great.
    I have to mention (again) that your blonde hair looks so much stylisher and also younger, I love it! Very good decision.

    Lady of Style

  5. I really like the details of your jacket. Your blonde hair gives you a fresh, young appearance. I picked up linen tees for layering at Monoprix and a Gerry Weber jacket in Munich.

  6. Wow! Your blonde younger sister looks really great in that jacket!

    I bought a couple of tees at J. Riu when I was in Paris, plus a navy & white marinière from Monoprix.

  7. Never mind the (albeit beautiful) jacket. It’s your new hair color that strikes me. 🙂 You made a very good decision.

  8. Thank you so much for your constructive comments on my blog!
    This jacket is something I’d buy as well, very useful for travelling and of course safaris at bush lodges in Africa! Nice ensemble, like the way you teamed it with White!

  9. I like so many things about this I don’t know where to start! The jacket is sublime……so so sublime. The details are amazing and it looks like such a great find that you will get lots of use out of. Sounds like it was one of those gut instinct purchases that you knew the minute you saw it, it was right for you. All purchases should feel so right 🙂 That happened to me this weekend with a scarf I’ve been stalking and I saw it in person, it exceeded my expectations and it was on sale and it all felt so right. It’s making me pay attention to things I try on to see if it gives me that certain feeling….otherwise, I’m not sure it’s worth it. I digress. But it’s such a great coat!

    Your hair color looks great and it’s making your complexion look extremely bright and smooth, almost lit from within. It absolutely suits you.

  10. Extremely cool Ms Susan!! And I know it looks fabulous in real life too having seen it on you… Looks amazing with the new blondie look too – think you could be chanelling Ms Emmanuelle Alt in these photos – go you!!!X

  11. Morning! I’m a regular reader, but I think this is my first comment. Your hair color is gorgeous! But more than your hair, I’ve always admired your blog for 2 reasons. First, you post useful information for which I’m grateful. I tire quickly of the “look at what I wore today” blogs. Content is key! Also, you have a clear sense of your own style and it’s fun to see how that plays out. I may not make all of your same choices; it’s inspiring nonetheless.

  12. I think this jacket might be my favorite wardrobe piece of yours! I love that olive color and the details are beautiful. Good choice!
    I often bring home real losers from my vacations. I buy things that I think are spectacular when I am traveling, then I get home and wonder what the heck I was thinking! I have gotten better over the years and have scored a few winners too. It’s sort of a crap shoot with me.

  13. You hardly need my “deux sous” (my apologies to the Euro) on the subject with all the wonderful comments you receive, but I must say that the jacket is great and I do believe you were meant to be a blonde. Have you had more fun yet?

  14. Very nice coat. But I really have to say that I love your blonde hair! It really suits you, you look so much younger and the style is great.

  15. Nice jacket! In the close up it looks like a softer fabric than I thought, so I bet it’s really comfortable. And I love the copper hardware! That really sets it apart.

    And I have to agree with the majority here – your blonde hair looks great!

  16. Of course I agree with everyone else about your hair…LOVE it! The jacket is fabulous! It is so much cuter on than it looks on the Nordstrom page. I love the whole outfit and especially the shoes!

  17. Your coat looks very similar to my old ( still wearable ) Henri Lloyd jacket, which can be worn also on a rainy day.
    The waxed coats popular in England are not wearable in below 0 temperatures.
    Your´s looks like a classic and will keep it´s value.
    I like your hair color too, but I liked the red version better, as it was so edgy.
    But, if you had to ” do the roots ” twice a month, I understand your decision of changing the color.

  18. Love that jacket and although I’m late to the party on this one, love the new haircolor, too!

  19. Tres chic all the way around. Can’t decide what I like the most – the jacket, the shoes or your beautiful new hair. It’s all good.

  20. I love that jacket – it suits you. I find greens in that shade – olivey – so easy to wear for so many that I don’t understand why it goes away and is reserved for fall clothing only. As for souvenirs; I also live in LA and seem to travel at wintertime, thus no wearables as everything tends to be wool (not that useful in warm weather and I am allergic) or super dressy holiday wear. I go for the jewelry or books instead. I used to accumulate vintage leather jackets on travels, but I now have a serious glut there.

  21. I would kill for a jacket like that. All the details make it special. Good for you for turning around and going for it. Love the new hair colour too, you look great.

  22. Oh now THAT is a winner, to be sure! FANTASTIC, and just a wee bit more modern and sleek than the standard-issue Barber utilities that are so prolific over here. Well-played Madame. And the hair colour is perfect for you! You were born to be blonde!

  23. I remember seeing a photo of Jackie O strolling through Belgium in a similar style jacket – though lighter color – and I immediately ran out and got one for myself, It’s been a work horse in my wardrobe and the jacket you selected is very stylish and a good color on you. Love the hair! I went from natural auburn to golden blond (a turning-40-thing) to champagne blond eventually for the root issue. You look marvelous!

  24. I love wearable holiday treasures (though it’s sad when they wear out). On my trip to Spain at Easter I managed to get a grass green cotton cardie and an excellent black leather belt with a sleek gold clasp (for about 10 Euros, I think). I’d have got more if the shops had been open more but everything was closed for the holidays.

  25. Very smart buy, it looks fabulous on you and as you mentioned it will be perfect for the weather at your home front. Yes, I have picked up wearable souvenirs on my travels, it seems a lot easier to purchase this way. I can’t seem to leave Italy without a new pair of shoes. I’m also with the rest of the gan, still loving the new hair color.

  26. I agree with everyone–the blond hair is looking great! Your jacket has lovely detail and looks of great quality. Beautiful and long lasting choice.

    blue hue wonderland

  27. Fantastic jacket, and it makes sense that London would have styles suitable for changeable weather. My Mom is heading over there soon, and is wanting a similar jacket. I will suggest to her, that she wait until she arrives in London. Ditto on the hair colour! Really suits you well.

    Sue xo

  28. Stunning parka jacket! I love the color and the fabric, looks water resistant or is it not? It is always good to invest in a good quality parka as it is timeless, like the trench. My vacation will not be complete without some retail therapy much to my other half’s annoyance 😉

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

  29. Edgy and grown-up at the same time … so attractive on you. Great subtle appointments on jacket and little booties. You wear those gray skinnies like they are bespoke! So cool, and here she goes …. straight into fall!

  30. Wow. Great jacket! Alas it looks like Nordy’s is sold out or they are just ‘unavailable’. I have to say that I love your blonde hair–it really suits you! I have similar coloring and tried red about 2-3 years ago–it looked awful on me (at 50, it looked pretty good) and I had to race back to my stylist to have her strip out as much as she could!
    You really look wonderful–fabulous outfit. Sally