It’s Almost June….

Can you believe it???  Dads & Grads month is here. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had men in my life who are downright tough to shop for. When your Dad or your Monsieur says, “there’s really nothing I need,” or even “you don’t have to get me anything,” you have to get creative.

Is Dad a golfer? There’s a gift certificate to the driving range, or…

Gold Golf Club Cuff Links

Is he the intellectual type?

Antique Ancient Coin Cufflinks in 18K

(For any purchase from Beladora or B2, don’t forget to use code PSEU for $150 off any item of $400 or more.)

Is he a Thoroughly Modern Dad?

Wendy Brandes Emoticon Heart Cufflinks

Maybe he’s not a cufflink kind of guy. But he still wants to look good, just maybe in a more casual way.

J.Crew Wallace & Barnes Bandana Shirt
(le monsieur may be getting one of these…)

Or is he a gadgety kind of guy?

Backup Battery for iPhone

That’s Not My Age recently picked up a nice ManBag™ for her Significant Other. From my own experience, it’s one of those things he doesn’t think he needs until he has one….

Abingdon Laptop Bag

Moving on to the Grads on your list, I love the idea of a conceptual gift.  First….

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Edited to add: apparently “Places” gets overdone as a graduation gift according to Frugal Scholar in comments, so if in doubt, go with a Moleskine notebook.


Pierre Hardy Passport Holder

and finally….

Victoronix Swiss Army Carry-On

Do you have some tried-and-true gifts for the Dads in your life? Any Grads on your list this year?

(Don’t forget code  PSEU at Beladora and B2!)

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  1. Love these suggestions. My man is extremely difficult to shop for, so I just buy him chocolates, and let him sleep in. : )

  2. Mr HB is a difficult fellow to buy for. He does love books and now reads on his IPAD but a great single malt Scotch is a treat too.
    Those cuff links look gorgeous so much so that I think we women might start wearing cuffs so as to accessorize them appropriately:-)

  3. I love all those cuff links you showed! For my father I usually send See’s chocolate (his favorite) or even homemade chocolate chip cookies. As for grads, my son is graduating from 5th grade this year and asked me if I was getting him a present. I don’t know when graduating from 5th grade got to be so important. My take on this is the tough times haven’t even started yet so what exactly are we celebrating? Is this a NYC thing? XO, Jill

  4. I have no grads to purchase for, but that’s a wonderful carry-on. I gave a similar one several years ago. Very sturdy and compact. My hubs is impossible to buy for, so I make his favorite dinner and call it a day!

  5. In Finland Dad´s Day is in the fall. I either buy a Marlboro Classic´s sweater or a new Eau de Toilette for my hb.
    He hates buying those himself.

  6. Warning: Several of my students remarked that they got multiple copies of “The Places You’ll Go.” One received SEVENTEEN copies. All were inscribed, so could not be exchanged.

    Most grads prefer cold, hard cash. If that is not in your gifting ethos, try a Moleskine notebook.

  7. Warning: Several of my students remarked that they got multiple copies of “The Places You’ll Go.” One received SEVENTEEN copies. All were inscribed, so could not be exchanged.

    Most grads prefer cold, hard cash. If that is not in your gifting ethos, try a Moleskine notebook.

  8. Love the Man Bag! I have given the Dr Seuss Book to many grads over the years! (Oh dear I just read Frugal Scholars remark) although I do also give cash.

    Art by Karena

  9. My 12-year-old insists that EVERYONE is getting an iPhone for graduation from 6th grade to middle school

    I’m so afraid she might be right.

  10. The carry-on would be appreciated, but the J Crew shirt is so cool! But then our husbands would have to check that they aren’t at the same party 😉 (“Dad” wears cufflinks about once every two years.)

  11. “Dads and Grads” – I rather like that phrase…
    And yes, I have one of each in the family this year – my daughter is the grad and happily my 81 year old Dad is still in good health and we can celebrate his day. I have a little something within a robin’s egg blue box for the grad in the family and probably will buy a bottle of my father’s favourite tipple for Father’s Day… Those cufflinks though look wonderful! S x

  12. I like that man bag, too – as a woman! (And the cufflinks… Why can’t we still wear cufflinks? Didn’t we, 20 years ago? Or was that stick pins… *sigh* … I liked them, too.)

  13. I bought my husband the divine expensive soap I really enjoy: there is method in this strategy.

  14. Anything golf is my man’s desire. One year my sister-in-law and I were able to get a book of passes to numerous area golf courses. Mr. K and his brother were able to have an outing at a different course each week for the entire summer.

    This year he has been admiring the sweaters worn by the hosts on the Golf Channel. I was able to find the brand and get one. He will object, of course. “Why would you spend that much for golf clothes?” But he will love it.

  15. I love this site and have had a link to it via mine for some time. I have been to France in the past, though currently due to an employment hiatus, I’m appreciating life at home in Australia. That said, it is ironic that the “French style” has come to me via the Australian government’s program for those out of work. We are fortunate to have un monsieur – as our teacher. This has added a whole new slant to my job seeking approach – particularly as une femme d’un certain age (50!). The first of my posts about my Monsieur is this one –


  16. I meant to thank you for having me on your blog roll, BTW! I have added you to mine also–my bad–I don’t keep up with it as much as I should. And I love your new profile pic on blogger–very cute and chic! xoxo