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Leopard/ocelot/cheetah print never really goes out of style, but this fall it’s HOT once again.

Une femme’s
recommendations for leopard print for les femmes d’un certain age.

Leopard a Go Go:

J.Crew ocelot cardigan, $88

Brian Bradley Leopard Print Dress, $398

Manolo Blahnik leopard d’orsay, $715.

Diane Von Furstenberg velvet asymmetric dress, $300. (Though at our age, would wear this as a top over slim pants.)

Tory Burch “reva” flats, $225.

Leopard a No No:
Stella McCartney sweater “dress,” $1,145!! You’ve got to be kidding me. This looks like something from K-mart.
Two of my favorite bloggers who really rock the spots:


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  1. Purrrrr!

    Image of entire cat is kitschy, and not appealing on anyone over maybe 8. (Age, not size.) Know you are particular about the size and placement of your animal prints- so not sure you’d be happy with the quality of the printing on that J Crew sweater (saw it). Leopard shoes are so much fun, now hope to always have a pair. And the Hermes scarf “Jungle Love”- fabulous.

  2. metscan – it’s so interesting the associations we develop with certain styles or prints. I love leopard prints because when I was growing up in the 60’s, leopard was considered glamorous.

    Duchesse – I haven’t seen the Crew sweater in person, but thought the black-and-white leopard might be good for someone who wants a more subtle version. Too bad the quality sounds a bit dodgy. “jungle love” is one of the designs on my want list.

    Sher – I don’t actually own any of the items I’ve listed here, but do have that Jones NY leopard cardi I posted a while back (bought on sale during the Nordstrom pre-season sale), a Velvet leopard boyfriend cashmere cardigan (from last year), and some Stuart Weitzman pointy-toe leopard flats. And a couple of scarves.

  3. Well, I like leopard– even when I was a young sprout, I found a “tight” (no bigger than is found in nature)leopard print, being so busy, made my skin look clear and brightened my complexion, so I always have had a leopard scarf around. I have never had a leopard pair of shoes or short boots though, and have always wanted some.
    (Ebay had a Ferragamo scarf with two leopards lounging on a bed of red roses with a black border that was the ultimate La Dolce Vita experience, and I think about it to this day, and curse the person who outbid me. I’m such a bad loser.)

  4. Woot! My Patrick Kelly dress makes another appearance. That dress gets out more than I do! I actually want the vintage outfit in your first photo. That hat!

  5. I don’t know why I have a hard time with most animal prints – I’m just about the same age as pseu, so also grew up in the 1960s – did someone tell me they were of doubtful taste when I was small? I do like the ballerinas, and the bloggers depicted certainly wear their catprints well.

    I find animal prints on velvet or velveteen can look nice.

    That Stella McCarthy horror looks like something a well-meaning but taste-challenge relative gave me several years ago, but it was a cotton nightshirt. Just found it this summer when cleaning out closets and drawers.

    As for me I certainly don’t want the original outfit, as I fear it is the skin of a real cat. I’d no more wear that than flayed human, but i am lagatta.

  6. Umm, love the ocelot cardigan and the DVF dress! I’ve had my eye on a pair of hair calf and leather animal print heels at Zappos for a while. Maybe I need to buy them.

    And I agree Stella’s pullover is tacky. I guess money can’t buy taste.

  7. I just had an email from Garnet Hill re: kitty-prints for the fall. I’m now drooling over a pair of French Sole ballet flats in Leopard.

    And for those of you who can’t quite bring yourselves to wear your spots on the outside, what about some Cosabella leopard undies? Whee!

  8. I have noticed that the animal prints are popular again. This is one craze I can pass without regrets. I so associate these with Russian women, who want to look sexy. Your choices though, are on the safe side.

  9. I’m comparing what I own to you list and we are right on track with each other 🙂

    1)leopard Louboutins…check

    2)Jcrew snow leopard cardi…check

    3)Leopard jacket….check (but low cost speigel)

    4)last a leopard lined Fredericks tote

    But I would love to add that DVF you have here!

  10. Miss Pseu continues to be a gal after Miss J’s leopard-lovin’ heart…Miss J picked up some kitten heel leopard print shoes a couple weeks back at Ann Taylor but hasn’t yet worn them (Crazy talk, right??? She has pondered taking them back as “not practical”- even CRAZIER!)… She also tried the b&w leopard print cardie, but it didn’t work.

  11. I so wanted to like the JCrew cardi. I found the colour a little flat for me. It was a real disappointment. I am still in the market for a kitty cardi. If you see another one please let me know.

  12. I just came home with a new coat I don’t need — but it’s leopard, by Louben, in a 3/4 length, a-line/slight swing — so flattering. Saw it. Tried it. Bought it. I tried to resist but it was the only one they brought in at the little boutique I go to, and it was in my size, and, well, you know . . . I’m in good company, right? You, Karen, Wendy . . .

  13. LPC – I still haven’t seen it in person. Will report once I do.

    Katriona – oh, I think I know that scarf. Decadent gorgeousness! Is there a Ferragamo store near you? They often put their scarves on sale, and you may be able to snag that one yet.

    WendyB – you’d have to arm wrestle me for the hat. But it would go beautifully with your dress….

  14. lagatta – my mother *abhorred* leopard prints, thought they were the tackiest thing ever, which only made me love them more. I wouldn’t wear the real thing either, honestly. I’d love a pet leopard, though, if it were really tame and well-trained!

    Sal – yes, I really think it is the most classic.

    LBR – quel dommage! Ann Taylor has one on their website, but haven’t seen it in person yet.

  15. Nancy – yes, you need to buy them! (Love my Cole Haan haircalf leopard ankle boots!)

    Katriona – oh yes, love Edith! She does a mean version of “Put Down The Duckie” on one of my son’s Sesame Street videos.

    Rubiatonta – those are nice ballet flats! They also have a great faux fur leopard jacket….

  16. Belle – love your kitty cat jewelry! Readers, if you haven’t seen yet, hasten over to Belle’s blog to see.

    Miss Janey – oh those are some fab shoes! They will serve Miss Janey well.

    Tishjett – looking forward to meeting you and Monoprix!