Foulard de la semaine

The conundrum at this time of year is whether to dress for the indoors or outdoors. Outside the mercury may be topping 90F, but temperatures inside our office are closer to meat locker levels. Even with this lightweight wool sweater, I was freezing yesterday, and was grateful for the scarf keeping the cold air from blowing directly onto the back of my neck. (Still, I’m happy for any excuse to wear a scarf!)

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  1. I’m stuck with an additional challenge (although we’re only in the 70’s, not the 90’s) — some of the buildings I’m teaching in this term are air-conditioned and others are not. I swelter for 90 minutes, then shiver for the next! Thank goodness for scarves and cardigans — your combo looks great! I love the pop of that burgundy(ish?) against the green!

  2. I used to have an illegal space heater when I worked at Lehman Brothers. It was the only way to stay warm in there. But no, I wasn’t responsible for the financial meltdown. My space heater never caused any melting.

  3. LOVE those colours on you… you are right abt. air conditioners in the warmer states, when I lived in humid Houston Texas, I used to get winter itch from the cold, dry interior air in the summer. But back to those colors! You look great!

  4. Is there some work-related reason your offices are so damned cold? (for example, I’ve frequently done work in historical archives where temperature and humidity are set to conserve precious documents,not ensure human health). If not, that is a waste of energy, and very unhealthy.

    Yes, beautiful colour combination.

  5. A perfect scarf to go with the sweater! Is the air-conditioning like that all the time? How in the world can you cope with that? You have my deepest sympathies.

  6. Confession: I started my heater under my desk yesterday and the smell from the dust gave me away.

    Beautiful scarf, as always. You have the most amazing collection!

  7. Our new office location is exactly the same! We all have been wearing winter woolens all summer. It’s a very schizophrenic feeling to then go outside and feel the heat. Plus everyone looks at you like, “Why in the world are you dressed like that?”

    I keep spare leg warmers, hand warmers, a scarf a sweater,and an illegal space heater in my cubicle. I am about to add a hat or earmuffs to the mix!

  8. materfamilias – yes, layering is a lifesaver. yes, that’s a burgundy color, which is a version of purple I can wear.

    Rita – thank you!

    Duchesse – I get so much wear out of this scarf in particular during our warmer season.

  9. WendyB – LOL! Sure, you say that *now*.

    Katriona – Thanks! I don’t mind a little cooling but they can’t seem to calibrate our system to land anywhere between extremes.

    metscan – thank you. The a/c doesn’t run all the time, just in the mornings when our side of the building is shaded and cool. Then later in the afternoon when we get the sun, it shuts off!!

  10. Sue – merci beaucoup!

    Miss Janey – thank you!

    lagatta – nope, it’s just a badly calibrated system. See my note above to metscan.

    Sher – thanks! If I weren’t in management (and forced to play by the rules) I’d have a space heater too!

  11. Imogen – I don’t understand it either, but it drives me crazy. Stores, theaters, restaurants too. I always carry a sweater with me in the summers.

    Belle – thanks so much!

    Sharon – it’s aggravating, isn’t it??

  12. Rebecca – thanks! Really, the best thing is just to pull out a scarf and practice. Play with it and find out which ways to wear it work for you. After a while, it will feel like second nature.