Polished casual with a striped sweater

Dressing up a beachy striped sweater…

Hope you had a nice Mother’s Day, if you celebrate. We had jeune homme with us for the weekend, and I’m still in catch-up mode. This outfit was part an ongoing Instagram collaboration with Chico’s, but some of you aren’t on Instagram, so thought I’d share it here as well. All items except the shoes and bag were gifted.

sweater | necklace | tank | bracelet | jeans | bag (similar) | sandals

I describe this sweater as “beachy” because it reminds me of the kind of lightweight, open-weave sweater you’d throw on for an evening beach bonfire. I’m wearing size 0 in the sweater. It’s a little long on me (I’m 5’1″). I’m wearing size 00 in the pants. The fit on these is relaxed, and if I were to order them again would consider going down a size.

You could wear this comfortable striped sweater outfit to a casual brunch, baby shower, graduation, birthday…

As we were taking these outfit photos, our neighbor was leading a Zoom workout and blasting “Boogie Fever” so I had to boogie down. 😆 💃 🎵

My first Instagram Live…

Last Friday I joined blogger friends Deborah, Jennifer, and Tania on Instagram to talk about the wardrobe items we’re keeping or tossing this season. It took a little while to figure out how to get everyone in the “room,” but once we did, we had a great time! I think we’re going to make this a weekly thing (and try to keep it to 30 minutes). You can watch it below or on Tania’s feed HERE.

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  1. Your outfit looks very fresh for spring!
    I watched the Instagram video and it was great! You should consider doing this once a month.

    1. Thanks so much, Sue! I think we’re going to try doing the group Instagram chats weekly for a while.

  2. I noticed straight away that the sweater was longer than you normally wear. But I quite like it with this one. It is like a short tunic.
    Nice to have had jeune homme over for Mother’s Day.

    1. Thanks, Greetje. I think keeping the pants close to the same color as the sweater helps blend the proportions.

  3. Susan, what a gorgeous look – so fresh & feminine. There’s a world of difference between how you looked during your last Paris trip with the dark colours weighing you down vs. your liberating & youthful new colour scheme.
    I would love to view this talk with you & the 3 other bloggers, but I’m not on Facebook nor Instagram. Can I view it another way?

    1. Hi Elizabeth, thanks! I love my new colors too. Are you not able to watch the video embedded in the blog post? This week when I host the group, I’ll try to upload to my Youtube channel afterward.

      1. Sorry, Susan. Yes, I can access this video embedded in your blog. Maybe my gray matter isn’t working because it doesn’t like it’s colour scheme!

  4. This isn’t really a comment but I don’t know how else to post a question.

    As California slowly emerges from the long pandemic closures, moving from purple to red to orange now and hopefully soon to yellow, I find I don’t know what to wear. I’m still home most of the time but post vaccine (yay!) I’ve eaten out — outside still—at restaurants, and seen a few vaccinated friends. I’ve finally gotten a hair cut.
    I find though that I’m absolutely sick of my pandemic clothes, even my beloved Athletica pants! And skinny pants, which I questioned in early 2020, feel completely wrong.

    I don’t know what to wear! I have jeans (regular hued and white—cropped, boyfriend and very slightly flared) but that’s sort of it except for 3 little shift dresses that I recently bought. I live near the beach, I’m recently sort of retired and my style is casual but I’m hoping for some bit of style. Like everyone else I’ve lived in yoga clothes, sweats and the above mentioned Athletics pants (I have 4! pairs).

    Getting dressed is difficult. I need help creating a post pandemic, post retirement but still very much in the world wardrobe. Can you please please advise me?

    PS I’m tall —5’ 10”+—and wear a size 12. While I’m relatively athletic my waistline irritates me. And I’m still not comfortable going to malls or stores so I’m shopping online.

    Thanks for listening and for any help or advice.

    1. Hi Deborah, I think a lot of us are in the same place with our wardrobes. I’ll be focusing on “casual re-entry” a lot in the next few weeks, so hope you’ll find some ideas that are helpful!

  5. Hi Susan, many thanks for your wonderful website, you’ve been my constant companion through this difficult last year, many thanks for cheering me up!
    And thank you for the great ‘what clothes you move on’ video with your pals. it was informative and fun fun fun! Can’t wait for the next one…again, many many thanks to you for all you do to help us be our best selves

  6. Based only on the Chico’s site, I probably would not have considered this sweater, but it looks great on you! And I like the longer length on you.

    Happy that you were able to spend time with your son for MD!

  7. I didn’t think I would take the time to watch your video with the other 3 but I did and it was very interesting. I think you and Jennifer, especially, seem to have a handle on fashion…..where it’s been and where it’s going and what works for you. Too bad clothing designers and manufactures over-look our age and spending power, when it comes to styles, i.e. the little house on the prairie look just now. Every time my BF sees a store window, he says the clothes look like old lady styles (and I am an old lady but wouldn’t be caught dead in those!).

  8. Hi Susan, I watched the Instagram video and loved it! I’m glad to hear you ladies plan to do more.


  9. I watched your video and found it fun and informative. It was great getting to know this awesome group of ladies, each with her own style and perspective.

  10. Loved the video! (Didn’t want it to end, but I appreciate your helping draw it to a close after an hour!) And I really like that Chico’s outfit on you. Seems slightly out of your current wheelhouse but VERY flattering and a tad dressier for those special occasions that are finally starting to happen in person again. Hope you had a wonderful visit with your son!

    1. Hi Lee, thanks! Yes, this is a little different than my usual style, but as I often get requests for dressier outfit ideas, this seemed like a good opportunity to feature a more dressed-up look.

  11. Even though we are still in lockdown and probably until early June it’s nice to think about the future:) Having gone directly from scrubs to retirement yoga pants and a mish mash of fleece tops I am trying pull my summer gear together. My lifestyle is different too. As a very hands on grandparents to two little boys whose mamma is experiencing a challenging pregnancy we are ‘on call’ more than when I was working! I find the very wide pants so popular are not conducive to playing in the park, wrangling a two year old nor even driving. Lovely for drinks on the patio though. My feeling is that fashion has to work for the individual and what works for my neighbour/ friend/sister my not be in my ‘wheelhouse’. Your ‘look’ today would work for me for most dress up occasions. Simple, pretty and elegant…but I am curious, how does one ‘size down’ from a size 00?

    1. Thanks! I should have specified that Chico’s has their own sizing system. Chico’s size 00 is supposed to correspond to size 2-4. But I find their styles often run a little large even within their own sizing system.

  12. I love the video of you girls just having fun! I follow each one of you and all of you are fantastic. You four have great chemistry together and I hope you’ll continue videos like this one regularly. Truly enjoyed visiting with you all.

  13. Love your American sizing. Wearing a 00 and there are smaller available ! That must be invisible or in the negatives. We certainly don’t get that range here in New Zealand.
    Seriously I love your blog and your style – you have given me lots of inspiration as I’m your height and build and although we can’t get the clothes here easily and the seasons are reversed just getting an idea of what works is so helpful.
    Look forward to ever post.

    1. Hi Alison, thanks so much! The brand I’m wearing here (Chico’s) has their own sizing system, 00-4. 00 corresponds to a US size 2-4. (And some of their styles run a little large, like these pants.)