Shopping my closet: an easy casual date night outfit

Susan B wears a casual date night outfit with a star print blazer.

We’ll be celebrating our two-week “Vacciversary” tomorrow by going out to dinner for the first time in almost 15 months! While our destination isn’t particularly fancy, I did want to put together something fun to wear.

jacket (similar style) | tank | necklace | bracelet | jeans (similar) | shoes (similar style)
fragrance | lipstick

The “star” of a casual date night outfit

We’ll be dining outdoors and the weather’s still cool here in the evenings, so I opted for a jacket. This star print Scotch & Soda jacket was purchased a few weeks BC (Before Covid) when we were still planning a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in late March of 2020. 😵‍💫 (Canceled at the last minute, of course.) I’ve debated several times whether to keep it, and am glad I did!

Here’s a little video I put together. You should be able to watch below even if you don’t have an Instagram account. Just click the arrow to play.

While there’s always a place in my wardrobe for a more classic blazer, I love how a “novelty” jacket adds personality to an outfit. And we’ve rescheduled our 25th anniversary road trip for later this month; I’ll definitely be taking this jacket!

More novelty jackets…

A makeover in the works…

I’ve been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work on the blog in recent weeks to update and provide you with a better experience. As part of this project, I’ve been working with a design team to freshen up my Home page. I’m really excited and can’t wait to unveil it to you! The new design should be ready to go in the next few weeks; once it’s “live,” I’ll give you a tour.

And if you haven’t already, do check out my updated SHOP page…✨

More fun with my blogger pals…

We had SUCH fun on last week’s Instagram Live, that we’ve decided to make it a weekly thing. If you are on Instagram, you can watch this Friday at 2pm ET/11am PT. I think we’re going to be talking HAIR this week… 💁‍♀️ And if you aren’t on Instagram, I’ll post a recording of our session here next week.

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  1. Love that look. We will have so many occasions to celebrate when we are able that I may get tired of going out…..NOT. Thanks for offeriing the instagram for those of us who do not have it. I enjoyed last week, so this should be fun.

  2. Yes, the Instagram chat was lovely, made me laugh and found it interesting hearing how different folk view things
    Love the music on this video showing your jacket, thank you Susan for cheering up my day here in the UK

  3. I love ‘novelty’ jackets. They add a pop of freshness to a basic outfit. They’re visually interesting and often include fun details, trims, buttons, etc.

  4. While you show many lovely jackets, especially the blue floral one, I think your red one is the best. I adore it. To think you hesitated to keep it. Woman!
    I am rather envious of your blog updates and new endeavours. Let’s Facetime soon to bring me up to date.

  5. I read that jacket as more than a jacket, especially with your shoe choice. It feels like (in my admittedly hyberbolic mind) a perfect mix of corporate Susan, long-over-lean Susan, vivid Spring Susan, and Gamine Susan. An amalgam of authority and play that embodies my friend!

  6. Susan, you look lovely, yet, although I understand that casual is usual even for festive occasions, I yearn to see and to wear beautiful outfits. It is worth it to me when we travel to pack a lovely dress and pretty shoes to wear, e.g., at the opera or to a fancy lunch in Paris. Even there casual appears, as in an orange backpack and puffer jacket at the Paris opera and sweatpants and shirt at a grand restaurant – of course the music and the food are most important, not the costumes of others, but I miss fancier times all the same.

    1. Hi Nancy, I’m afraid if you’re hoping to see me wearing a fancy dress in a future outfit post, you will be disappointed. 😉 For the most part, pretty dresses just aren’t my style…for more dressed up occasions I’ll opt for a nice pair of trousers, a silk top, and probably a jacket. But personal style is *personal* and I’m an advocate of wearing whatever makes you feel spectacular and your best self.

      If you’re looking for dresses, I’ve added a Dressed Up section to my SHOP, HERE.

  7. Love the jacket on you. Congrats on going out to dinner in a restaurant! Since you’re working on the site, I’m looking for the b/w striped bow tie top in the first window that pops up on your site that says Style Tips. When I click on it that page doesn’t show up anywhere in the feed. Is there any way you can tell me where that top is from? Thanks.

  8. We did a vacciversary dinner out too! Any chance to feel quasi normal again. And I probably spent an hour in my closet deciding exactly what outfit to put together! I love that red jacket on you!

  9. Girls get out and have a nice lunch or dinner at a fancy place that has out door dining. Here in Newport Beach Ca., we have loads of nice places to dine.
    Enjoy life, dress up and have fun!

  10. It’s kind of surreal eating inside a restaurant now after all these months! I love that little jacket!

  11. You look super fresh in that look Susan! I hope that you have a fun time going out to dinner! Hubbo and I finally went out last night with another vaccinated couple and we had such a great time! We were all giddy and excited when the dessert tray came around, it has been soooo long!

  12. You’ve defintely been upping your media game in the past months.

    I’m coming up on my two week date for shot #2. I think it’s going to take those of us who took the stay at home order seriously to readjust.
    I got a memo at work that they’re going to continue with telework and found myself being just a bit dissapointed. While I don’t want to go for a 5 day a week commute, it would be fun to go someplace a couple of times a week!

  13. I love this look. As someone who wore business (I.e. structured) jackets for over 35 professional years, I am so over them. However, an interesting novelty jacket, especially one with a more relaxed fit, appeals to me.

    On the topic of jackets, do you have any ideas about how to wear business attire jackets in a more relaxed way? While I’ve donated many, I still hang onto a few really nice ones from Lafayette and Hugo Boss thinking that I’ll find a way to wear them more casually. I chalk up this fail so far to Covid R
    restrictions and not going anywhere; now I want to figure out how to wear or donate. I realize people
    would stand in line for this “problem,” but would still love ideas.

    Happy 25th Anniversary! My husband and I also plan a trip to celebrate our Silver 26th this year.

  14. That jacket is SO FABULOUS (those snakeskin lapels!!!), I can’t believe you EVER considered getting rid of it, especially before you had a chance to wear it. I would keep that baby forever. Thanks for the inspiration on how to style a “novelty jacket” – I fell in love with the pattern on one and bought it when it went on sale, but I’ve been having a hard time styling it. Your post gives me some additional ideas. Happy Anniversary!

  15. Just watched your Instagram post with other bloggers. What fun. Please do it again and post it since I don’t do Instagram. I have enjoyed your blog for years and this is my first comment. I too lovvvvvvvve stripes.