Shopping my closet: I love how this outfit came together

Susan Blakey wears a Vince striped tee, colorful cardigan, boyfriend jeans and slide sandals.

A striped tee (or sweater) is one of my wardrobe staples. (You may have noticed quite a few still on the rack after my wardrobe detox. 😉 ) I love how well this striped tee and colorful cardigan work together!

necklace | tee | cardigan | jeans (similar) | bracelet | bracelet (similar) | sandals

I’m wearing: XS in the tee, XS Petite in the cardigan, 27 in the jeans.

Now that I’ve cleared out and organized my closet, I’ve been trying some new combos. We’ve had a bit of “sweatah weathah” in the mornings and evenings the last couple of days. I’ll jump on any opportunity to wear a sweater or cardigan!

This featherweight slub silk knit tee is such a great layering piece, and will definitely be included in future travel wardrobes. (It’s on sale now, and still available in most sizes!) The cardigan is also marked down, as are the sandals!

Susan B. wears raw hem jeans with Frame le Beachwood sandals.

I just LOVE these sandals. They make everything look cooler. 😎 (My mirror could use a good dusting though….😆 ) Here’s a similar style of comfortable (and budget-friendly) sandals with a fun round heel.

Here’s a little video to show you the details:

The beauty of a cohesive wardrobe

It’s never been my goal to have a huge wardrobe. I get easily overwhelmed by too much choice. But I do like to be able to create some variety, which means being able to wear each piece in multiple combinations. Of course, when my wardrobe was mostly black, that was easy. I was afraid that shifting toward a more colorful wardrobe would make remixing much more difficult. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that’s not the case. By (mostly) sticking to colors in my Spring palette, my overall wardrobe feels more harmonious, and “plays well” together.

Next month we’ll be taking a road trip up the coast, so I’m already thinking about my travel wardrobe. I’ll still build around a core of neutral basics, but am looking forward to including more color and pattern. Stay tuned…

More striped tees & colorful cardigans to consider…

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  1. Hello Susan, I just wanted to comment on your Saturday newsletter. I too have had thinning brows from the middle out. I ruled out a thyroid problem, as I read that can cause thinning brows. I saw an advertisement for Revitabrow, the before and after photos of reviews convinced me to try it. It has been amazing! My brows look great and now I use it only every other day. I’m glad to hear you’re having success too!

  2. Never commented before but I love this outfit on you . I too live in jeans unless it’s very hot which isn’t that often here in the UK and I love a stripy top .
    I’m a soft autumn so it’s lovely to see you embracing the warm Spring colours as there aren’t many blog writers out there that follow their ‘ colours ‘ .
    Completely agree with you that it so much easier to make ‘ new ‘ outfits when all your clothes are in the same colour season .

  3. Susan, I love those Frame sandals – but I have narrow feet and most non-adjustable sandals are too wide (for reference, the Sofft sandals in pumpkin that you featured recently were far too wide for me). How do the Frame sandals compare in terms of width?

  4. I absolutely love this look. I too have a lot of striped shirts, unfortunately, this is sold out in a medium. You must be very tiny to wear an X-small! Thank you for all the tips to weed out our wardrobes!

  5. I know about wardrobe togetherness because I have once again bought too many things that were cute but didn’t actually work with much. I need discipline badly. Now I have to purge again but my SIL loves it. She gets the ones I purge. I think these colors just meldvtogether nicely.

  6. Totally agree with colours playing nice together and having fun trying new combinations. I too have purged black even though I’m a Deep/Burnished Winter, reason being I’ve just completed my transition to silver hair and closing in on turning 70 this year. I’ve tinkered with lighter colours but since pastels are still unflattering, it’s a mission finding enough colour, depth and brightness combined.
    I’ve just watched your talk with Annie and concur with the blah range on offer in stores. And like you I can scan from just inside the door! Your blog is inspirational and keeps me sane in this vanilla world.
    Thank you.

  7. Susan, you look terrific in this outfit! Love the colour combination.
    If I may, I have a question about the sandals – what is the function of the screws on the insoles between your toes? I don’t see this on the pair illustrated on the website.

  8. Your closet detox project has inspired me! I am not as far along as you, but already receive benefits. I’ve decided to put myself on a “shopping fast” for a little while to see how many outfits I can put together from my existing options. Surely I will shop again, but with confidence about filling my needs.
    Thank you, Susan.

  9. You’ve inspired me to detox. Bought way too much during the last year mostly out of boredom but I honored my color palette. Which brings me to desperately ask about navy. Help! How dark of a navy do you go? Chico’s has traveler clothing in indigo. It’s dark. I’m apprehensive. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jan, regarding navy, I’ll go a little darker on pants, but try to stick with my spring “bright navy” closer to my face.