Sneakers are here to stay…a fresh pair for fall

Susan B. wears Sole Bliss Hero sneakers in Bordeau, jeans and striped tee. More fall sneakers for women at une femme d'un certain age.

A polished pair of sneakers for fall…

It’s good news for those of us who don’t want to sacrifice comfort for style: sneakers 👟 aren’t going anywhere. Like jeans, they’ve become a style perennial, and can be worn with just about anything.

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These sneakers from Sole Bliss (gifted) in Bordeau snake print are polished enough to go from day to dinner. They’re specially designed to be comfortable for bunions and wide feet. (But my medium-width feet love them too.) The side zip opening and cushioned but supportive insoles make them a great choice for travel. Use code FEMME15 for 15% off!

I’m usually a size 7 to 7.5 in sneakers and am wearing the 37. (I have a medium-width foot with high arch and instep.)

Sole Bliss Hero sneakers in Bordeau snake print.

This is just one of the cool sneaker styles offered by Sole Bliss. They also have a selection of loafers, boots, heels (Helen Mirren is a fan!) and more. All of their footwear has special comfort design to accommodate bunions and wide feet.

Don’t forget: save 15% with code FEMME15 !

👉 What I shopped this week: fall wardrobe basics & more

Platforms, color-blocking, and animal print accents are fall’s big sneaker trends. Here are a few more options to spice up your sneaker wardrobe:

👉 Shop more of my favorites here

Do you have a favorite sneaker style?

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  1. I want to find sneakers without that white band at the sole! It will inevitably get dirty before the shoe wears out. It’s planned obsolescence. A dark shoe will look good much longer and let me navigate puddles or dust and dirt. But I think manufacturers have figured that out.

  2. Those sneakers are great! But I can’t bring myself to pay that much—even w 15% off. However you have inspired me to look for some fun patterned sneakers this fall. Thanks for showing some more affordable options.

  3. Allbirds is my go to, but I picked up a pair of never-worn Sperga’s at a second-hand store. Very heavy compared to Allbirds, but classic, old school.

    Thank you so much for posting the pic of Gigi in her new harness. My little rescue dog (also an August adoptee) loves to walk, but struggles and growls whenever I put on her harness. This new one is so much easier and far less stress for her.

  4. So cute! I tried one pair of Sole Bliss (at your recommendation). I really liked them but they were too wide for my medium foot with a bunion. Someone else recommended Calla shoes for people with bunions. I may try a pair of those.

  5. Teva is well known for their sandals but they also make sneakers and I find them incredibility comfortable. They are cute and come in a variety styles and fun color combos.

  6. I don’t mean to sound negative about this style but I just don’t get it. Why the big (usually white) platform? They look clunky and bulky to me. You mention a great choice for travel but wouldn’t they just take up more room in a suitcase and weigh more? Since I haven’t shopped them, I don’t know their weight but they look heavy. I know you like this look, Susan, so I want to insult you. They just aren’t a trend for me.

    1. I like the look, but I get that some prefer a sleeker sneaker. If you have sensitive feet, a thicker sole can provide more cushioning from rough or uneven surfaces. If I were to travel with these, I’d wear for travel days (the zipper is a great easy-on-easy-off feature!) and pack lighter, more compact shoes.

      1. Oh my gosh! Thank you for your response, Susan. In re-reading my comment, I see I left out a very critical word: DON’T (want to insult you). I hope you understood my omission. Aargh…!

    2. What is important is having a sole that flexes a bit along with a nice cushion.
      Those thick flat soles are not the best for your feet and indeed can be quite hard, clunky and heavy to lug around on your feet or in a suitcase!
      Thickness of a sole does not always translate to comfort.
      I also prefer a shoe that does not enter the room before I do.
      Proportion is very important to me and some of the latest fads are just not right even for tall people.

      1. Some people with certain foot conditions DO require a sturdier sole, and what’s comfortable (and optimal) for one person may not be for another. And of course we all have different style preferences.

        1. Am I the only person who seems to stumble while walking if I’m wearing such a thick sole?!!! Something that doesn’t usually happen to me!

          1. For me, it really depends on the shape of the sole, regardless of the thickness. I find that if there’s a slight turn-up at the front, I’m much less likely to trip than with a completely flat sole.

    3. Had to laugh at your missing word (think we all understood it was a typo). Do agree with you about the thick soles, very clunky looking. Apparently lots of people like them! Not me, but that’s what gives us variety in the world!

  7. Great color. You have away with shoes. I hesitate about buying shoes I haven’t tried on and I’m bad about returning. Think I’ll visit my retail outlet mall when things settle down. We have a large one here in Gpt. MS. They might carry this brand.

  8. I need some packing ideas for leaving from a cool location and going to a tropical location for a week before returning to cool weather.

  9. Those sneakers look ideal for fall, and seem to be a great complement to your color palette. I have several pairs of Ecco Soft 7 sneakers—silver metallic leather, gold metallic leather, and black leather. The metallics have a dark “sidewall,” which I like with those colors. For me, they offer good arch support, and the soles are thick enough to cushion uneven pavements. I live in jeans, so they work for most occasions for me.