Summer style heroes: the shoes to wear now and into fall

During the warmer months of summer and early fall, sandals are often the best choice for keeping our feet cool and comfortable. But if you want or need more foot coverage. I find fisherman sandals are a great option for “covered but cool” footwear.

Susan B wears Tory Burch gold fisherman sandals.
These Tory Burch fisherman sandals are from last year and I still wear them often.
Similar styles HERE and HERE

They add some structure and textural interest, and can feel a bit more secure than open sandals. If you’re traveling, this style may offer a bit more support and protection. And you can add a pair of light socks when the weather starts to cool.

Today’s fresh catch: fisherman sandals…

There are so many great styles of fisherman sandals for women available now. Here are a few that I like…

These have a classic look and a not-too-chunky lug sole. I purchased a similar style last year and found them comfortable right out of the box. They’re currently marked down, with an addition 30% off with code HOTDEAL.

I love this style in gold, but they’re also available in black, if you prefer.

These have a sporty look and a shiny leather finish (several colors available). Reviewers say they are comfortable, though they start out snug but stretch out a bit with wear.

Though some may not consider these a true fisherman sandal, I love the sleek, minimalist look. Also available in a pretty straw color.

Braided leather and a pointed toe give these a more feminine vibe. (Also in black and beige.)

This classic fisherman style is offered in several colors, but I think this dark green is a fun and unexpected choice.

Here’s a budget-friendly style with memory foam and a low wedge.

Timeless, South-of-France vibes

Black suede and gold studs give these a dressier look. Also in beige and gold.

I wanted to show you these, even though they have an open toe, as they’re available in narrow and wide widths, as well as medium. Also in black and white. This sandal is very well reviewed for comfort too.

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  1. Those open-toed Munro sandals (in black) are exactly what I’ve been looking for with no luck. Thank you!

  2. Hi Susan, I just wanted to swing in and tell you how much I like your blog and I love that you have been consistently blogging for so long. Way to go.
    Also, I had a question for you — when you get dressed, do your outfits work right away, or do you try different things until you get the right mix? I am wondering if I am the only one who has to try various combinations before landing on something that works, or feels good enough to go out in.
    I don’t mean for basics like running around to the store, but for things where I will be leading people and making an impression, casual or more business-y. Just yesterday I had landed on another blog that suggested a blazer, tee, jeans and a loafer. I thought, I have all of these pieces! But dang, I could not make it work. Tried two different t-shirts. One was wrinkled, the other looked like it had stains. Am I the only one who is a messy eater? Ugh! I landed on a black sweater and I put a colorful scarf over it in good colors on me to make the statement — recalling the — always have something on your neck advice. I end up spending time — sometimes a lot of time — trying out combinations and different shoes before I land on something that feels right. Would love to hear — you do look effortless in your photos!

    1. Hi Karen, thanks so much! I’m actually working on a post that I think might address this. The short answer is that yes, I sometimes take some time to play around with new combinations, but also have some no-fail formulas and pieces that I can rely on to put outfits together quickly.

    2. Oh Karen, rest assured you are not the only one with this issue.
      Susan, I’ll look forward to reading your future post! Love your blog. I love your style and have learned so much.

    3. OMG! Karen you described me to a tee! ()
      I do have certain outfits I go to but I sooo want to change it up.
      Totally lost.

      Susan, love your style so will look forward to your post.
      It’s really time I learned to dress myself!!

  3. Thanks for showing us some covered toe sandal options for those of us with ugly toes. Not always easy to find. I also like the unexpected green color of one of them. So classic but different.

  4. Such good shoes! I love your silver ones in the top photo. And the braided shoes.
    Unfortunately I get blisters in nearly every shoe, so I am very careful. I try them with my hands first.

  5. Great suggestions Susan! I just ordered the Munro sandal from Nordstrom and thrilled to see they will send to my local Nordstrom Rack for easy pickup!