What To Wear: Summer Farmers’ Market

Summer vacation look for visiting a farmers' market with striped dress and espadrilles. Details at une femme d'un certain age.Whether you’re enjoying a summer vacation in the south of France or sticking closer to home, one of the pleasures of this time of year is a local farmers’ market. When we travel, we always try to make time to visit the marché and see what’s in season. Our hometown farmers’ market is also quite good, and I’ve been making a point to get there at least every couple of weeks.

Here’s an outfit idea that will help you stay cool while providing some sun protection. (But don’t forget the sunscreen!)

Shown above: hat | earrings | sunglasses | bracelet | dress | bag | espadrilles

The nectarines have been A.Ma.Zing this year. What’s been good at your local farmers’ market this season?

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  1. Just returned from Portugal, despite sweltering temperature of 44′ European women still remain chic. Many black or navy sundresses, silver or gold footwear from trainers to sandals. Statement earrings and straw bags or baskets. no one wearing full length trousers unless palazzos, cropped , 7/8thsor capris . Blue and white stripes everywhere, shirts,dresses and some gorgeus culottes teamed with plain white trainers.

    1. Thank you! Leaving for Porto and Galicia in 18 days (who’s counting?) and this is helpful for the non-hiking portion of the trip.

  2. I just picked up a gorgeous jewel-toned straw bag AT the Baltimore Farmer’s Market (the best one I’ve ever been to) a few weeks ago. It went with my green palazzo pants and green gauzy top that I had picked up in Key West at a little hippie store a few months ago. And since most of my clothes are jewel-toned, it’ll go with everything else as well.

    1. The Sunday morning one under the expressway? I love the mix of folks, from high end food snobs to those using WIC for fresh fruits and veggies. Also, some of the freshly prepared foods are awesome, like the falafel wrap with peaches AND hot sauce . I like the downtown Baltimore market lots, although I am also a big fan of Union Square in NYC, Boulder, Santa Barbara Saturday … ok, I love markets.

  3. Love the outfit, but it drives me nuts that I can’t look at the details of that Everlane shirtdress on their website without giving them my email address or otherwise identifying myself. Why do this? If I decide to buy, they’d get my data soon enough. Now they’ve lost a potential customer.

    1. I just clicked on the well hidden X in the upper right corner of the email sign in pop up, and got through to the product page without having to enter my email. Also comes in blue stripe and all white.

  4. I’ve been picking up a big bag of fava beans whenever I get to the Farmers Market here, but the season’s almost done. . . Heirloom tomatoes and rutabaga and mustard greens and “haricots verts” and some amazing Kefir Water came home with us this past weekend — I have a problem remembering there are only two of us to eat that basket of veggies!

      1. Some, including broad beans, can certainly be frozen. But it is difficult, as our peak season is so short. We have wondrous tomatoes now, and many other things, but they don’t last for long.

  5. Saw the striped dress in person yesterday. It’s more mustard than lemon, if that helps anyone. Not fond of Everlane’s web policy either, but the merchandise quality is good.

  6. This actually made me laugh…what to wear to a farmer’s market? Yikes! It’s SO HOT right now in the South of France where my friends (people who live there, not tourists) tell me they are wearing as little as possible, and not venturing very far from the pool! But one must go to the market, so the coolest, lightest apparel is required, and as few undergarments as one can get away with. Nobody is paying much attention to fashion, I can tell you that! But you would be the cutest one at the market, that is for sure! Have fun!

  7. We go to the farmers market every Saturday almost year round here in Sonoma county. We love the vegetables and tomatoes from a grower in Sonoma, The Patch. The heirloom tomatoes will spoil you from eating any others ever! They always put in some extra free produce when you pay! In France when visiting we find out market day in a village and plan to visit a village on market day.
    A morning at the farm market is such a good way to start the day.

  8. What isn’t good at the Farmer’s Markets in Oregon at this time of year? Cherries, peaches, salad greens, heirloom and sun-gold tomatoes, berries of all sorts (including huckleberries), haricot vert, yellow beans and cranberry shell beans. Mushrooms, seafood and peppers! So much more good stuff! Our Farmers Market is decidedly more casual than yours, obviously. But the produce is fantastic!