Staple Linen Items for the Warmer Season

Linen: the quintessential fabric of summer. Its timeless elegance and lightweight nature makes it the perfectly practical choice for warmer temperatures.

Let’s address the elephant in the room: yes, linen wrinkles. But rather than viewing it as a flaw, why not embrace it as part of linen’s inherent charm? After all, those soft creases tell a story too.

Linen staples for your warm weather wardrobe

I wanted to curate a selection of staple pieces for spring and summer. From relaxed shirts to fitted dresses, some crinkled, some silky and softer. These are warm weather wardrobe essentials!

Linen tops

The Breezy Linen Shirt is a must-have for every summer wardrobe. Whether worn buttoned up, or left loose, its versatility knows no bounds. Look for classic styles like these Eileen Fisher linen shirts.

Eileen Fisher puckered linen classic collar shirt in slate blue stripe

EILEEN FISHER Classic Collar Shirt

I always have a few easy linen shirts at the ready for warmer days. This one’s perfect marriage of relaxed and structured. The puckered linen fabric is SO light!

EILEEN FISHER Band Collar Shirt

I love a band collar! This shirt is available in several colors, sizes XXS-3X.

(This bronze color is great for Autumns. Winters, there’s Black or White for you. Springs, check out Flame. Summers, there are two light blues that should work for you.)

EILEEN FISHER sleeveless shirt in white

EILEEN FISHER Sleeveless shirt

For those hotter-than-hot days, or as a layering piece underneath a sweater or light jacket. This one’s also available in three colors.

Quince European Linen Classic Shirt

A budget-friendly option, this style is available in several colors and gets rave reviews!

Quince long sleeve European Linen Shirt

Linen bottoms

Eileen Fisher absolutely nails the Linen bottoms for those days when comfort is key, reaching for a pair of linen bottoms that marry style with ease. I love that these options all provide stretch around the waistline for comfort and excellent tailoring.

Eileen Fisher organic linen trouser pant black.


I’ve shown these before in the undyed linen, but for those of you Winters, or those who prefer a darker bottom, the black is a nice option. Sizes XXS-3X, and in Petites too!


For those of you who wear shorts in summer, these linen shorts are a nice length, and the relaxed fit helps keep you comfortable. Other colors available, sizes XXS-3X.

Eileen Fisher relaxed shorts in undyed linen
Eileen Fisher puckered linen wrap skirt.


A puckered linen wrap skirt may be one of your most comfortable options on hot and humid days. And this one’s on sale!

Linen jackets

This is the perfect time to whip out a Lightweight Linen Jacket for a polished daytime look or just to cover your shoulders from the sun (it’s easy to forget sunblock in the early days of summer). 

Banana Republic Relaxed Linen Blazer

A classic blazer adds polish to just about any outfit. This relaxed linen blazer is available in several colors, in Regular, Tall and Petite sizes.

Banana Republic relaxed linen blazer in natural.
Quince unlined relaxed linen blazer in blue/white stripe.

Quince European Linen Blazer

This one’s unlined, for a softer look and comfort. It’s available in several colors, is budget-friendly and very well-rated.

Quince Utility Jacket

If a blazer isn’t your style, you might like this Sporty Chic linen jacket. (Travelers, take note: this could also be worn buttoned as a shirt to expand your travel outfit options.) Several colors available.

Quince casual short linen jacket in Navy.

Linen dresses

While scoping out The Linen Shop at Banana Republic, it occurred to me that linen can be so useful for a stylish summer evening dress.

Banana Republic Mari midi dress clay brown

Banana Republic Draped Midi Dress

I love the interest the draped bodice adds to this linen dress, so elegant! It’s also available in black or white, in Misses and Petite sizes.

(If you prefer more coverage at the neckline, but still with some elegant shaping, this one is also very good looking.)


Here’s a wafty shirt dress in a cool pink. You could also wear this open as a lightweight duster. Sizes XXS-3X.

Eileen Fisher washed organic linen delave shirt dress in pink.
Eileen Fisher linen delave sleeveless sheath dress.

EILEEN FISHER Sleeveless Collared Shift Dress

It doesn’t get any lighter or easier than a sleeveless shift dress. Autumns, check out this Aegean color…Summers, the Nile may be good for you. Sizes XXS-3X and Petites available.

Everlane Linen Shirtdress

I have to imagine this breezy dress must feel close to wearing nothing at all. I love that swingy shape. 2 solids, and 2 stripe colors, sizes XXS-XXL.

The simple joys of dressing in linen! Natural breathability, timeless appeal and universally stylish. What are your summer linen essentials?

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  1. I do wear linen in summer, but I do not think it is especially cool to wear here in Florida. It is just too humid!

  2. NIX the Quince tank top. I ordered & armholes HUGE plus it tapers in and does not fall nicely!!!

    1. I just returned the Quince tank top-it looked nothing like the photos, and did taper in quite a bit. Did not fit at all. Everything else I have from Quince I love, but the tank top was a fail!

  3. Good Morning Susan,
    Is the Driftwood color in the Quince utility jacket “autumn friendly” or is it too cool ?

    1. I haven’t seen that color in person, but on my monitor it looks warm enough for Autumns and Springs.

  4. Here’s what’s always fascinated me about the garment industry’s marketing of linen clothing to women. The ad copy assures us that linen’s wrinkles are part of its charm and that everybody loves them, but the industry NEVER shows models proudly displaying those charming attributes (a.k.a. wrinkles) in the pictures used to entice us to buy! The pieces are always pristinely pressed with nary a charming wrinkle to be found. I realize that to wear wrinkled linen or not to wear wrinkled linen is a matter of personal taste but I would love to see some photos featuring the reality of what the linen pieces REALLY look like after it’s been worn for a while.

  5. I love linen, so thank you for all of the options! I am wondering about the Eileen Fisher Aegean color and if you have seen it in person. To me it looks like the Sea Green in the House of Colour Summer palate. Your thoughts?

    BTW I read your blog every day and enjoy it immensely. And you’ve saved me a ton of time shopping!

    1. Hi Bevie, thank you, and yes some of the EF Aegean pieces land close to Summer’s Sea Green, and close to Autumn’s Kingfisher.

  6. A couple of weeks ago, you wrote a great “open letter” to online retailers about returns being far less if more online info was given. We’ve all spent many $$ returning items that do not fit. Could you possibly pull together a list of the sites you are aware of that offer free shipping AND free returns? Many offer free shipping on occasion or with a minimum purchase, but it’s the free returns that are so critical. Some merely require joining their free “club” and I think we’d all love a list of those too. You will be a hero to all if you can do this.

    1. Wow, good idea, Ann! I seem to buy mostly from Talbots, J Jill and Lands End, and frequently send stuff back. Probably higher end stores offer free returns???

      1. I love linen. I have several blouses. I am looking for petite/plus size linen dresses. Is XXL a size 2X?

  7. Your posts are lots of fun, Susan! Especially the packing ones, so helpful…as was today’s. Thank you so much for your clothes reviews as well. Sounds strange, perhaps, but I am a fairly recent discoverer of how fun clothes, and putting things together, can be!

  8. Do you think the Sea Star color in the sleeveless tank would be a good Spring color?

    1. It could probably work for a Blue Spring. It’s a cooler green, actually close to Summer’s “Jade.”

  9. Hi Susan

    I left you a message on instagram with a link to a video that you appear in! Not sure if you saw it – The Style Insider features you at about 6 min 15 seconds into the video.

    I like linen despite any wrinkling and recently have added several pieces from Banana Republic, Madewell and new brand (to me), Alex & MIll. Tops and a cute shirt dress from the A & M line. For some reason, I don’t mind much wrinkling but generally find pants to look worse for wear unless they are the more casual styles. Also, some brands seem to have a “stiffer” linen that resists wrinkles.