Friday miscellany: sweater vests, the French bob & more

A few weeks ago, I decided that I need a sweater vest or two in my wardrobe. It’s a perfect layer to wear under a jacket or cardigan on those in-between days (when it’s too warm for a full sweater, but too cool for a tee).

The sweater vest quest

I’ve probably tried on close to a dozen, but only recently found one that ticks all of the boxes. I didn’t want anything cabled, bulky or patterned, or longer than high hip length. And I didn’t want my bra or bra straps visible.

This “ReCashmere” vest above from Everlane has a neat v-neck, high cut armholes, and soft, not bulky fabric. It’s not too long, either. I’m usually an XS in Everlane sweaters, but I think this style runs small, so sized up to the Small. (I went with the orangey “Kumquat” color which is almost sold out.)

If you don’t mind a crewneck style, and a slightly deeper arm hole, this one is a close second. It’s offered in 4 colors, and the fabric is wool-free. It runs true-to-size, I went with the Small in the oatmeal color.

Considering the French bob…

Now that I’ve completely grown out my gray hair, I’ve been letting it get a bit longer and am trying to decide what to do for my next cut. At the moment, the shaggy layers are feeling a bit…ragged? and I’ve been thinking about trying a version of the French bob.

My hair is very fine, so probably just-below-earlobe length is as long as I’ll want to go, and will probably need to keep a little bit of layering at the crown. I’ve had bobs in the past, but always tended to blow them straight, which ultimately felt a little too frumpy and conservative. I do have some natural wave in my hair, which is more apparent when I air dry.

The key, I think is to keep it natural and a little bit messy. I’ll still need to let some of the layers grow out a little more to achieve the look. Anyhow, I have a couple of weeks before my next cut to noodle it a bit more.

Have you changed your hairstyle in recent months?

This & that…

It’s been one of those busy weeks, nothing major, just a lot of incidental and unexpected projects that pull me off routine. Rather than stress out, I gave myself a little flexibility with scheduling blog posts this week. If you subscribe, you’ll get an email notification the next morning after any new post goes “live,” so you won’t miss a thing.

I’ve been putting together my travel wardrobe for our upcoming road trip; will be sharing soon!

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  1. I am having a hair rethink too. I let my grey grow in a couple of years ago and I love it but I have very thick hair with a bit of a natural wave like you. I would love to let it grow a bit but I end up with helmet hair.I have always had a short haircut which I like but would love to experiment a bit. I go to the hairdresser next week. Looking forward to seeing what you decide.

  2. I’ve had a bob for as long as I can remember. At least 40 years. Of course I tried different styles but always came back to this. It is the only thing I can do with my hair.

  3. Love that French bob! The picture reminds me so much of the late 80’s/early 90’s style – bob haircut, plaid jacket with lapel pin, high-waisted trousers. I think I wore this outfit to work! Haha! Look forward to seeing what you do with your hair, Susan.

  4. When I let my grey grow out we were in lock down so I went four months between haircuts – which was unheard of for me. Because it was a little longer than usual when I finally went for a haircut, I decided to try a longer style. After a few haircuts and ideas, I decided I needed to keep it shorter – the longer grey hair was just not flattering to me. It’s been about two years now and I’ve settled on a shorter style but not a pixie – which was kind of what I had before I went grey. I have a ton of hair, very thick and full which is both a blessing and a curse at times – and I have more natural wave than I ever did which is a good thing. You’ll find something that works for you but it will probably take awhile. I’ve grown to love my grey hair which I didn’t really expect. I think I look older but that doesn’t bother me. I love how yours looks!

    1. I’m with you on the pixie cut, Maggie. It’s high-maintenance, with trips to the hairstylist every five weeks for me, but it suits my thick, wavy hair best and is my signature style.

    2. I agree with you about grey hair. I’ve been full-on grey since my forties, and ,yes, I think look older as grey hair just does that, but I love it!! And, for many reasons, such as fewer trips to the salon and the freedom of being me. Definitely, not a criticism of those that color their hair :). In my seventies, I’ve learned it’s all about what makes you feel confident.

  5. Go for it! You can totally rock that Bob! I think it’s a casual and classy look. I can’t pull it off, I’ve tried! I have a long narrow face and it makes it look even longer. Can’t wait to see your new do!

  6. Bangs or no bangs, that is the question!

    In addition to changing my hair, I fired my hairdresser recently. In a nice way. In a “quiet quitting” way. I got the clear sense she saw me as old, and my haircuts were increasingly boring and old.

  7. I’m headed back to a bob, too, after wearing a shorter layered cut for some time. I also have fine, super-straight hair, and a high forehead, so a bob with bangs and a little layering around the face works well for me – I like the photo you posted, though just below the chin is the best length for me.

    You have such beautiful bone structure and face shape, and amazing skin – have you considered going back to your short do? I loved that on you and was quite jealous, as I could not wear my hair like that!

    No matter what you choose, well, it’s only hair, and can be changed and changed and changed!

  8. I have worn a bob of sorts for most of my life. My hair is dead straight and seems to lend itself best to a bob. Bobs can be updated with layering, length etc, but I think the bob with the heavy fringe favoured by Anna Wintour looks pretty dated.

  9. I have a haircut similar to the picture after trying all sorts of different looks. My hair is very fine, with waves that tend to manifest more when air dried and it’s a little longer. I have a collarbone length bob, center part, with bangs that are a little fuller than wispy. I have some longer, face framing layers, and a few throughout the hair to give some lift at the crown and avoid the “Christmas tree” look. I love it, and it’s the easiest thing to care for in the world. I have a straight iron to twist a wave in if I have a bad hair day (almost never happens). My normal routine is to use an air dry cream, and then a texturizing product and just scrunch my damp hair. On days I don’t wash, I comb and scrunch again with damp hands but without any more product. I have highlights, which I think enhance the style, but if your hair has enough tones to create dimension, I think it will look great. Very So-Cal and effortlessly chic. And soooo easy! Go for it! Let Brian advise you on the bang style and part placement, and then let him do his magic. If you don’t like it, you can’t always get your pixie back.

  10. I think you will look quite stunning with a short layered bob! With fine hair it should air dry well and as you have found bobbed hair with fine texture can look severe dried straight:( unless that is the look one wants. Unfortunately I have horse hair thick, moderately frizzy hair that needs its weight to counteract the fuzz. I have had an angled lob ( long bob) for several years. Every time I go with a layered or shorter bob I hate my self for months. Bangs and my A line lob work well for me.. I can tie it back, it gets wet washed once a week and it suits my oddly graying hair pattern! Although I always have the same basic style my investment in a phenomenal stylist after I stopped colouring ensures that over time I don’t have the same old boring look!

  11. I got a new cut just yesterday! I’ve always been a short hair girl, but every few years, I think I need to grow out my hair into a bob! I have thickish white hair that is waviest around my bangs and ears. For a few months this summer, I had a bob that ended at the bottom of my ears, with a long top and stacked back. Every picture I’ve seen of myself recently showed “poofiness” around my ears. When will I learn that bobs just don’t work for me? My new cut kept the length on top and in my bangs but has a bit of an undercut around my ears and in the back. I love it, and my face looks like I’ve lost ten pounds (and hopefully a few years!) Can’t wait to see your new ‘do!

  12. I have worn a bob most of my life. I let my grey grow out recent years and I’m delighted that I have the same bob haircut but it’s silver. My hair is thick but fine textured and stick straight. I have used a mousse by Redken, Guts 10, for many years and it adds the texture and volume my hair needs. It has been difficult to get lately but Redken assures me it’s a temporary supply chain issue. If you can find it, give it a try.

  13. For some reason I could not see your picture with the bob, I presume. Tried several times. I like what someone here said about their “waves manifesting” themselves. I used to use Ouai wave spray, but now found even better is Lazartigue volumizing spray or the other good one is Maria Nila Ocean Mist which has color guard. They are just amazing in bringing out waves I didn’t know I had! After I sleep on a silk pillowcase they really manifest and last until I wash my hair again which is several days later. I am a translator/writer, so am only mentioning products that work for my thin hair. Love your blog, Susan.

  14. Yay! I love a good bob hairstyle – especially those with wavy hair! (Mine’s curly and I finally found a ‘Deva curl’ stylist who knows how to cut and style curly hair (finally, I’ve found my holy grail!). You might want to check out @atoyabass on instagram, or her website. She has tutorials on how to manage wavy (or curly) hair. You may get some ideas for some styling products that are light, and using a diffuser. Good luck! Getting a good cut is always so exhilarating! 😀

    1. Yes, Roxanne is right: I forgot about always using a diffuser on my dryer to not straighten my natural waves with the blowing! The diffuser + the Bumble & Bumble curl enhancing lotion really gave me a look like your “French bob” photo.

  15. I have worn a medium to long bob (and sometimes more emphasis on the reverse cut with the back just a wee bit shorter than the front edges) since I was in my 20s. I have always loved my hair. Brunette with copper in it, lots of hair but not too much, a little tendency to wave but not too much. My hair has been my consistent plus through out years.
    I have had layering around my face, I’ve had types of bangs, and I always return to the classic bob cut. For what it’s worth, to me a short bob can look severe and masculine even with some curl and even on really cute French gals so I would be careful. Susan you and I have the same face shape and I have always liked your soft layered short pixie “ish” cut. It will be interesting to watch it grow out if you go to a bob. Will it fit the “gamine” type?

  16. Being 5′ a little lift on top (mousse and backcombing), long at the front either side of face meeting under the chin and layered at the back to
    give shape sideways on. Fringe or what you call bangs. I do go over it quickly each morning with a large barrel hairdryer to give body.
    Compliments galore, have you just been to the hairdresser etc. The barrel hairdryer smooths and gives shine too. Takes a bit of practice of course, everything worth doing does. Good luck Susan.

  17. Your face shape is well-suited for a bob, Susan. I had one that allowed my natural wave to do its thing, and used a B&B curl-enhancing product, and it worked great: easy to have a mussy, pretty look. (Went back to my lifetime pixie bc the bob made me look older and more square-faced).

  18. The Bob sounds like a great cut! I am past due for a cut and highlight. I hav thin hair too and a volumizer is necessary along with a root lift, if not my hair has no life at all. Can’t wait to see your new cut!

  19. Who is looking at the hair? I am looking at the jacket. That is an ’80s plaid jacket that the likes of which are still hanging in my closet. I am wondering if you can verify, Susan, if that look is coming back in Paris/London and if so I will be vindicated.