What I’m packing for a road trip to Las Vegas

We’ll be hitting the road for a few days in Las Vegas to celebrate le Monsieur’s birthday! Here’s what I’m packing…

What to pack for Las Vegas in October: fall travel wardrobe with lightweight layers.

LM loves Vegas like I love Paris, so when we started talking about a possible getaway for his birthday, it was his first choice. It would have been a short flight, but we decided to skip the airport hassle and road trip it. Door-to-door it doesn’t take much longer to drive there, and we can set our own schedule.

While he still enjoys a little bit of gambling, these days restaurants and relaxing are a bigger draw for us. And we enjoy just walking around looking at the crazy spectacle of it all.

What I packed for a Las Vegas road trip

While it’s easier to pack for driving than flying, I still don’t want to shlep a lot more than I need. I could probably get by with less than I’ve included here, but all of this easily fits into a small suitcase so I’m giving myself some variety and options.

Days are forecast to be quite warm and evenings mild, but I find I’m always cold in the air-conditioned interiors, where we’ll probably spend the majority of time. So I’m packing lightweight layers that can be mixed for casual or “smart casual” outfits.


At one point I considered bringing a pair of dressier strappy, low-heeled sandals, but remembered that in Las Vegas, the walking distance just from parking lot to restaurant can come close to 1/2 mile. I didn’t think they’d be comfortable enough for that so left them behind. My days of teetering around in cute but painful shoes have long since passed. 😉

For the clothing, I went with a mostly neutral palette of browns and ivory/off-white. I usually pack a ratio of 2-3 tops for each bottom, depending on weather and circumstances. I always lay out different possible outfit combinations, then try everything on.


I decided to go with tried-and-true pieces that will be easy to style, and can be dressed up or down.


Some of these pieces are several seasons old and no longer available, so I’ve linked to similar styles when possible.

I don’t anticipate I’ll wear all of these, but I’ll have options depending on weather and venue, and they take up almost no space in my bag.

Combining pieces from my Las Vegas travel wardrobe: jeans, patterned tops, off-white jacket.


  • two lightweight ruched-sleeve long blazers, one in camel, one in ivory. (Budget-friendlier options, here, here, and here.) Yes, I am taking two of the same style, as it gives me some variety while taking the guesswork out of styling.

Accessories & jewelry

I usually either pack too much or too little jewelry. This time, I decided to go with a small “no-brainer” jewelry capsule (mostly my favorite French Kande pieces) that can be worn in just about any combination. Also (not shown) this pearl bypass ring.

I’m not going to mess with changing bags between day & evening, so am just bringing my trusty puzzle bag, which can be worn cross-body or carried. When considering what to pack for Las Vegas, remember that you’ll probably be spending a lot of time on your feet. I suggest sticking with a lighter weight bag that closes securely and can be worn hands-free. (This bag is also a great option for travel.)

Wild Cards

I always give myself a “wild card” option or two at the last minute, depending on weather forecasts and whim.

The last time we were in Las Vegas, we were surprised by an unexpected cold front, and I was freezing for a good part of the trip. So I’m throwing in one cashmere pullover, and a tan denim jacket (similar) for daytime as just-in-case options.

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  1. I love your travel wardrobe, it is great that you can add more choices since traveling by car. I am finishing up a month in Turkey. I only brought navy lightweight pants, navy capris, 2 sleeveless tops, 2 mid sleeve tops, 2 dresses, a sweater, a coat, sneakers, and sandals. The choices I had worked out but my suitcase is packed full with all the stuff I bought..a few scarves, linen fabric to make a top, almonds, olives, pistachio butter, etc, etc!

  2. I hope you two will have a lovely time.
    You had the corduroy trousers for several years? You are a trend setter as they are all the rage now.
    That pleated tank top is divine. I cannot remember seeing it before.

    1. Thanks Greetje! Both of the corduroy pants were purchased last year. But corduroy is usually pretty widely available in the fall here.

  3. I have one pleated top like yours, and it is very figure-flattering. It’s perfect for travel, too, because it’s no-iron and never shows wrinkles. The pleats take care of everything.

    Please be careful out there.

  4. Fabulous choices! Do you mostly shop on line? We don’t have most of these stores anywhere near us. I notice many of the tops are polyester material. Do you find them comfortable? I live in a warm climate. Thanks.

    1. Hi Gloria, thanks! I shop online probably 70% of the time. While polyester isn’t my first fabric choice, I find that it’s much better and more breathable than in the past.

      1. But you said it gets cold indoors. Like Florida, where the indoor temperature and the outdoor temperature are completely different. The warmer it gets outside, the cooler it gets inside. Scarves bridge the gap. Bring one you can throw in your handbag.

        I’m looking forward to your recap post. I enjoy it even more than the original because you see how the choices turned out.

        By the way, I just bought a navy and white chevron sweater because it reminded me of the Missoni jacket you bought years ago in Italy. I loved that jacket and was unhappy to learn you later sold it! Your blog has influence in ways you can’t predict.

  5. I love your travel wardrobe posts, I always find inspiration in your outfits. I have a couple pair of AG jeans because they fit me so well but I tend to have to size down for stretch, do you find the same with their pants and especially the cords your taking to Vegas? Thanks, Susan

    1. Hi Katie, and thanks! For AG, it depends on the style. These are the Prima, which tends to fit true-to-size, and I don’t find they stretch out much. For the “ex-boyfriend” style, I usually size down.

    1. Hi Carlene, I don’t wear dresses or skirts at home, so don’t travel with them. Vegas (like everywhere else we’ve visited lately) has become much more casual over the last few years.

  6. I live in Arizona, USA. You’ll look good in Las Vegas. I would suggest wearing one pair of dark wash jeans and one pair of heels!! Go to the shows!! You’ll enjoy them!!!

  7. I hate that drive from LA to Vegas, so I think you are very brave to do it! This is good advice about the shoes. Vegas is a daily hike.