This blog has a "Great Personality" *

*Remember when those words were the kiss of death? 😉
Materfamilias tagged me last week for a most intriguing meme, (The Premium Meme Award, for blogs with Personality) which has turned out to be more challenging than I’d anticipated. The assignment is to list 7 personality traits which are evidenced on one’s blog. First, I had trouble coming up with any distinct personality traits at all, and then conversely had trouble editing down to seven.
Donc, les voilà!

1. Enthusiastic. I tend to gush as much in real life as here, where I tend to over-use exclamation points!

2. Polite. Well, mostly. Let’s just say my intentions are good.

3. Superficial. But hopefully not shallow.

4. Sociable. Une femme loves company, and one of the greatest pleasures of blogging is being part of an online community (and one that has often crossed over into the real world as I’ve had the opportunity and utter delight to meet other bloggers and readers over the last couple of years).

5. Obsessive. I tend to mentally fixate on certain things (*cough*Paris*cough*) and I’ve seen this tendency with what I choose to blog about at times.

6. Polished. I try not to send my blog posts out in public still in a housecoat and curlers.

7. Committed. (Or maybe I ought to be!) This is my 645th post!

I’m tagging seven blogs with Great Personalities (and I mean that in the best possible way)… Doll Cannot Fly, Miss Janey’s Place, Fashion After Forty, Bonjour Madame, La Belette Rouge, and A Femme d’un Certain Age. Participation is totally voluntary; after all I am a great believer in Blogging Without Obligation.


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  1. I would add “classy” although I suppose that might be implied by the politeness and the polish. I would also add “warm” which your sociability hints at — I’m not sure I’m not being influenced by meeting you in person, but I was sure you would be warm based on my impressions from your blog. (as Sher says, you always make us feel welcome) I think that you, like your blog, have a lovely personality!

  2. How fun! You are definitely polished, your blog posts are always great. I’ll have to think of mine and post soon. Is this the photo that goes with it or does it have an image along with the tag at all?

  3. Je suis d’accord avec tous ces beaux propos à votre égard ma chère Pseu, et permettez moi
    d’ajouter que votre blogue
    reflète abondamment ‘les belles manières’ de son auteur.


  4. Hurrah for enthusiasm! I’m the same way – both in over use of exclamation points and in gushy-ness in person.

    And I so agree that your blog is quite polished. Love that about you/it. 😉

  5. Aww thank you for thinking of me! You blog is one of first I check when I get online. Why? because you have always made me feel welcomed 🙂

  6. I felt surprised when you mentioned superficial. The word has a negative clang. But after thinking about it, I understand, that the word can have a positive side as well. Sticking and digging around one simple subject can be a bit boring. You swing from one thing to another and keep your blog alive.

  7. Your list is great with one exception. I do not agree that your blog is superficial. I find many of your posts insightful and interesting, but never superficial.

  8. What attracted me to your blog from the start and what keeps me coming back is your apparent authenticity. Of course, I don’t really know you, but I sense there’s a person on the end of this dialogue, who is very much like this blog, fun, down to earth and genuine.

  9. Just found your blog this morning…great!

    I will be in Paris for 2 weeks in Sept, and I think I read you are going in Oct. I’m about to die all over again. We’ve been in October before, and my absolute favorite thing, is walking along the streets, and crunching those huge leaves underfoot. I guess my fascination comes from the fact that in Florida, the leaves never fall, and we don’t really have a Fall!

    🙂 Teri

  10. Gosh, I am so flattered and touched.

    Along with your other friends above I think one could add “generous” to your list.

    Now, entre nous — since I am technologically-challenged and a blogging twit — could you tell me what Meme means? (I apologize par avance, but this lack of knowledge in no way dampens my enthusiasm because I noted the word “award” is connected with the it.)

    I’m soooo excited. Can’t wait to post.

    Merci mille fois for putting me on your list.

  11. Ah, vous etes toutes trop gentiles!

    Bonjour Madame – I see you have already done your meme, but no, there is no image for this award. Our personalities must carry the day. 🙂

    Teri – living in So. CA, I also miss having a true autumn. But alas, I think our visit will be just a few weeks too early for autumn in Paris. Early October last year, the leaves were just beginning to turn.

  12. tishjett – a “meme” is really just what you see here: following a topic and format and passing along to other bloggers whom you think fit the meme. It’s a way of getting to know our bloggy compatriots a little better.

  13. You have great personality, good looks and plenty of ooh-la-la!!! You are also a warm, supportive and generous friend. Congratulations on 645 posts. I hope for 6450 more!!!

    Thank you for getting past my weasely exterior and seeing my personality.;-) I am honoured to be tagged with this meme.

    Merci, mon amie!!:-)