Thursday miscellany: in the garden & other calming distractions

A variety of succulents in an outdoor container. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

A little moment of Zen…I find this container of succulents is so soothing to look at. Sort of like a mandala in plant form. (I can’t take credit; our landscape designer put this arrangement together.)

Liquidambar leaves turning color in autumn. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

I’ll never not get excited when my Liquidambar trees begin to turn color in the Fall. They usually hit their peak around Thanksgiving. I like to gather up several bright leaves to incorporate into my Thanksgiving table decor.

As a Californian, I never take rain for granted. We have a chance of rain this weekend (first of the season), and I have fingers and toes crossed that it’s not just a tease on my weather app.

Chess, anyone?

Character Beth Harmon is a chess prodigy in The Queen's Gambit on Netflix. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Have you seen The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix? If not, I’d suggest moving it to the top of your list. We’re about halfway through and finding it very compelling. The storytelling is excellent, and so far seems to avoid the formulaic. The characters are interesting, and well-played. It’s beautifully shot. And the sets and costumes really enhance the storytelling.

And it makes chess play seem exciting! I never really learned to play, but find the competition scenes fascinating.

A cozy (not bulky) sweatshirt

Everlane French terry hoodie sweatshirt. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

I’ve been on the hunt for another hoodie sweatshirt to throw on for cool mornings and evenings. It’s not easy to find styles that aren’t black or gray! Most of the ones I tried were just too warm and/or bulky. I ordered this French terry hoodie on a whim because of the color. Just received it this week, and it’s a keeper! It’s lightweight, soft, and comfortable. The XS was a good fit. Also available in Black.

What’s keeping you sane this week?

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  1. I agree 100% about The Queen’s Gambit. We finished it last night and you won’t be disappointed. The fashions are awesome as is everything else. I said to my husband last night, “I bet chess sets will be the next thing to sell out.” Good thing I’ve already ordered one!!

  2. Let me add my thumbs up for The Queen’s Gambit. I do know a lick about playing chess, but did grow up during the Cold War. So the soundtrack, costume design, sets and the whole vibe of the looming Soviet Union chess – powerhouse really was so enjoyable. And the acting was excellent too!

  3. I’m adding my thumbs up to The Queen’s Gambit. I watched Helen Reddy last night and can recommend that one too. It’s a movie not a series, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. We can all probably sing “I am Woman” by heart!

  4. We found The Queen’s Gambit compelling to the very end. Novel subject matter with little sex, no violence. What a treat.

  5. A really soft, lightweight hoody sweatshirt can be found at Free Fly. All their shirts are made of bamboo and are heavenly soft.

  6. I read The Queens Gambit years ago and it is on my list of one of the best books I’ve read and at the top of my “recommend to other’s” list. I started the mini series but have not finished it but am loving it as well!

  7. Susan- I love succulents and wonder if you know the name of the bright green grassy looking plant (on the left) in your display. I’d love to order it.