soft summer jacket

This post (like my attention) is all over the place. It’s been a busy weekend chez nous. We’re doing our last bits of travel prep (check back Tuesday for my final travel wardrobe) getting haircuts (I’ll show you mine in a couple of days once it’s “settled”….le Monsieur just said I look like “The Fifth Beatle”), getting everything squared away at home, and dealing with accusatory stares from the dogs. Compounding (and confounding) weekend plans, we’d scheduled a caregiver for jeune homme for a few hours today and he was called out of town, putting us back on tag team duty and unable to get out of the house for any substantial amount of time. If plans hold he’ll be here tomorrow, freeing us up to take care of errands in the outside world. I’m SO grateful for this additional day before we go back to work Tuesday.

Of course, as soon as I stop searching for lightweight spring/summer jackets, they suddenly appear, at least online. The J.Crew deconstructed jacket (above) looks promising; sadly none of our local stores have received it yet. I’ve been disappointed with the spring/summer versions of the Regent blazer so far, which in my opinion have been very heavy and stiff. With any luck, this one will be lighter and softer.

seersucker blazer
Ann Taylor

If you prefer something a little more tailored, this seersucker blazer from Ann Taylor might be worth a look. As of now, it’s 40% off with code SHOP40.

Now that my feet have thrown down a NO HEELS mandate*, I’ve been on the lookout for Flats With Attitude™.

tapered toe loafers

These loafers from Everlane look sharp and punch well above their weight. They run a little narrow, so I went up half a size, and wore around the house with socks to stretch out. Mission accomplished! The leather on these is superb, and the construction top-notch.

Memorial Day

Finally and most importantly, even though I am a pacifist, I hold in the utmost respect those who have served and sacrificed for their country. On this and every Memorial Day, those who paid the ultimate price deserve our thanks and remembrance. And let’s hold out hope that we can find our way to a world without war.

What’s on your mind as we turn the corner toward Summer?

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*I can still cajole them to accept a low-ish heel on occasion.
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  1. Happy memorial day to you. Summer comes, I think of nothing but escape plans – where to go to escape the scorching heat, what to do indoor while hibernating and which online shop would I attack 😉 Hope you are enjoying your Spring!

    1. Susan, darn. It was available in more sizes when I posted yesterday. I’ve noticed that they sell out of certain pieces or sizes quickly and then re-stock, so you might want to keep checking it periodically.

  2. Out of desperation I bought three of J Crew’s Regent blazers and your comments are very true – very stiff and difficult to wear. The priest collar is so uncomfortable – back to the Boyfriends. If it isn’t too personal, I’m curious about your son and his disability. I have a 14 year old grandson who is deaf, autistic and non-verbal (and only eats five food items). Traveling with him requires a great deal of careful planning to avoid melt-downs. Have you ever traveled with your child?
    Thank you for your column – enjoy it so much and you look amazing with the lighter hair.

    1. Hi Lynn, our son suffered some sustained oxygen deprivation in utero which went undetected until an emergency c-section. As a result, he has mild cerebral palsy, moderate hearing loss, severe developmental and cognitive disabilities. He mostly functions on about a 3-year-old level. We used to be able to travel with him on a limited basis when he was younger, but as he’s become bigger and more intransigent (he will be 18 in August), we’ve had to put that aside for now. We went through that food pickiness too, but as he’s gotten older he’ll eat a broader range of foods, especially if you just put in front of him without comment. 😉

  3. I’m happy the loafers fit you. I ordered them in different sizes but found them too stiff and narrow. They really are beautiful though.

  4. You have normal width feet, but I am a wide and finding pretty, stylish shoes flats that are also comfortable(foot issues) is difficult, so when I saw Shoes of Prey appear on the Nordstrom site I was amazed. You can design your own shoes and they are made to order available in multiple sizes and widths. If you dont have a design center near you, you can go to the Shoes of Prey site and design them there. I’ve got wedge heeled animal print booties designed to order for fall.

  5. Great loafers! And I suspect they will age well,
    I’m glad you’re able to slip out to do running around. I look forward to when you’re safely buckled on board and can breathe a huuuge sigh of relief and anticipation.
    Oooh, I want to see your hair…!

  6. I love your Everlane loafers and I love Everlane clothes too. They are such great basic pieces, so versatile. So glad you linked up with SHOE AND TELL on Style Nudge!

    Style Nudge

  7. Love the shoes too but feet have refused to wear anything but Paul Green any longer….:(