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Versed mineral broad spectrum sunscreen. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Let’s get SPF’d up!

If there’s one beauty product I use daily and without fail, it’s sunscreen. 🧴 Skin cancer runs in my family, but I’ll admit to vanity being a big motivator too. Sun damage can increase fine lines and reduce elasticity, as well as making skin look uneven and duller.

My dermatologist has always recommended mineral over chemical sunscreens, and I think my skin agrees. In the past, I’ve found some chemical sunscreens mildly irritating. (And we now know that many popular ingredients in chemical sunscreens can be very harmful to the environment and marine life.)

After Supergoop! discontinued my favorite mineral formula a couple of years ago, I’ve been on the hunt for something comparable. I’ve been using the Elta MD and have been OK with it, though I’ve found that if my skin or the air is dry, it can get a little flaky and pill.

My New “SPF HG,” Versed Mineral Sunscreen

I’ve been seeing rave reviews about this new sunscreen from Versed, “Guards Up,” and decided to give it a try. It’s a broad-spectrum, non-nano mineral formula with anti-oxidants, and a non-ashy finish.

Shipping took a while due to COVID-19, but I received it earlier this week and have been using since. Two thumbs up!! It’s moisturizing, non-flaky, and makeup goes on over it like a dream! (Just wait a few minutes after application.) It has NO parabens, sulfates, or silicones, and is vegan and cruelty-free. And it’s made in the USA.

(For the rest of the body, I like Badger mineral sunscreen. I used this one the last time we visited Mexico, and found it very effective.)

This post isn’t sponsored, just something I really love and wanted to share!

Have you tried Versed Mineral Sunscreen? Or do you have a favorite you’re happy with?

Bon weekend!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m on the hunt for a mineral sunscreen that doesn’t dry me out. I’ve ordered one tube to give it a try. In the meantime, I’m still using chemical sunscreens as they’re less drying on my normal to dry skin.

    1. I know! Versed was used as “truth serum” along time ago….I think!! I will try this as well, always searching for a non-aggravating sunscreen!

  2. I, too, have heard good things about this product. But, since I live in an apartment in NYC, and have not been outside since March 20, I have no need for sunscreen right now. In fact, each day that I can, I pull my chair up to my open window and sit directly in the ray of sun coming in to try to get some Vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for the immune system and natural Vitamin D is far superior to a supplement. Can’t wait to be able to worry about things like sunscreen again.

  3. I’ve been using MyChelle for a few years now and really like it. My dermatologist thought it is a good brand as well.

  4. Another good product, suggested by my dermatologist, is ISDIN, Eryfotona Actinica, ultralight emulsion. Apparently not only helps prevent future damage but also helps reverse former damage. A little bit goes a long way. In fact there is a video online that shows how much to use. Once applied, as above, wait a few minutes to apply foundation. I find my BB Cream goes on very smoothly & I use less of it. Pre-covid I purchased from dermatologist office but found it on Amazon recently when I needed to replace.

  5. I use City Sunscreen Serum by Supergoop and like it very much. It provides the right amount of moisturizing with good protection, and goes on relatively shear.

    1. I recently bought a tube of Supergoop’s Unscreen and even on my dry to normal skin it’s not bad! I’m going to dig more deeply into their product line and see if there isn’t something more suited to my skin type that I’m missing.

  6. I like a spf of at least 45, so this wouldn’t be strong enough for me. I use it faithfully 365 days a year. I use an Elta md that is a mix of chemical and mineral sunscreen. I find for me that the all mineral sunscreens sit on top of my skin and start to look thick and accentuate my wrinkles too much.

  7. I’ve been using Beautycounter for several years. Has a very high rating from EWG as it is mineral and has no chemicals, parabens, or sulphates. Have you tried it?

  8. OK, Susan, you are pretty persuasive, I ordered it despite a bad memory of Versed the drug…..
    So poignant the New Yorker at the window. Thanks for the blog.

  9. I love Epionce tinted mineral sunscreen SPF 50. The tint actually looks good on my skin tone, most are too orange. I don’t have to wear foundation which is one less thing to worry about. It does however, blend well with foundation if you want to. It’s also very moisturizing. All of their skin products are wonderful and all were recommended by my dermatologist.

    1. Hi Sandy, I’d heard good things about that one too, but it’s only SPF 15 which isn’t enough protection for me, so I’d have to wear something else on top of it. My dermatologist says anything over 30 is good.

  10. I would love for you address the problem with wearing makeup & wearing a mask since COVID. What is the point of wearing makeup? I live my cosmetics but I would be so grossed out with a makeup nasty mask. Let us know your thoughts! Thanks, Eva

    1. I agree about makeup-soiled masks. I’m attempting to emulate many Moslem women who often have perfectly made-up eyes and groomed eyebrows as they wear their facial coverings. Otherwise, to avoid mask lines, I think a good sunscreen is all that’s needed .

      1. No, not a good way to go here in America the land of the free. I am striving for mask free and full face make up! NO OPPRESSION OF WOMEN AND makeup for all who desire to wear and show it. AND NO OPPRESSION OF MEN OF ANY PRESUESION!! PERIOD!!!! Men shouldn’t have to wear a mask either!

        1. I don’t see wearing a mask as oppression. I see it as a common sense (and temporary) measure to help reduce the spread of a seriously destructive and highly communicable virus. Non-symptomatic people can also spread the virus, and wearing a mask reduces the risk of infecting other people.

        2. I wear a mask because I value my health and the health of others that I live with.
          I personally know someone who has died from Covid-19. When I see
          people choosing to not wear masks even though their governor says to do so
          or the CDC has said it, I feel sad that they are not making their own health a priority which
          then affects everyone’s health that they are around in public.

          1. I’m with you Mimi, and Susan! Wearing a mask is because I care about others with whom I come in contact, and I would hope they too would wear a mask to protect me.

  11. Echoing Eva and Nancy’s thought on the question of makeup and masks. Also, Susan, I wonder if you could address a question I’ve always had. When we put on foundation over sunscreen, doesn’t that “dissolve” or break up the sunscreen, and in essence rub it away? I wonder if you’ve ever talked about it with your dermatologist. Thank you for your always interesting, helpful, and thoroughly delightful posts! Since you had your color analysis, not much of the wardrobing is relevant for me any longer, but I’ve been with you forever, and I’m not going anywhere.

  12. I have had 3 MOS surgeries on my face. I feel I have some amount of expertise in this area now, have a medical background and a top notch dermatologist. Both my MOS surgeon and derm say the keys are the zinc oxide which leads to the SPF level and they both recommended 45. The layering of sunscreen is important but I have found advice can differ. Some physicians say wash and apply sunscreen and wait a minute or two and then proceed with moisturizer etc and some say wash, serum/moisturize the sunscreen then make up. I wash, use serum, moisturize, use spot concealer, and then tinted SPF Intellishade by Revision or Elta MD for day time. I like Revision because it is made in the USA and is not animal tested. I have some heavy duty SPF 50 for sports activities and it is by Skinceuticals which is excellent. When I need sunscreen that will go on fast and be relatively clear (such as at an outdoor social event), I use Elta MD Clear.
    Hope this helps add some information and ideas….I know I don’t want another surgery so I’m adamant about all this! I come from an era where baking in the sun was considered good for you.

    1. My mother was a sunbathing worshipper while I was growing up. You have no idea how much I envied her. She has an Olive complexion and I got my father’s very fair complexion. I can recount every summer we would vacation at some wonderful lake or high country spring where she would later on suntan oil. OIL! and be a beautiful golden bronzed Goddess when we headed back to our house and real life. Me. I was burned and a red hot blistering mess. Sigh. Only my brothers got her lovely Olive complexion.

      Fast forward to the mid 2000s. My beautiful mother with the most adorable nose got skin cancer on that very cute nose. She’s had two surgeries on it and there’s a big dent on top of it now. She regrets her sunbathing days now, but way back then they didn’t have sunblock!

      I have used sunblock since I was 35 and worn a hat when in the bright sun, but still, I’ve been burned when I thought light sunblock was okay. I like Elta MD, and I’m trying out more and more as they become available. I hope my mom gets to keep her nose and live through her sunbathing era. I hope we all do!

  13. I guess I came to Supergoop after they discontinued the product you loved. But I currently use both their daily moisturizer and CC Cream. I like both products very much for their moisture, protection, and the nice glow they yield.

  14. For face mineral sunscreen, Paula’s Choice Super Light Daily wrinkle defense is my go-to and it has a slight tint though not a lot of coverage. I’m always on the lookout for lower priced options. For the neck down, Cerave’s mineral sunscreen or Australian Gold Botanics.

    1. For a less expensive and easily obtained option for neck and body, I like Neutrogena’s sheer touch sunscreens or MyChelle. MyChelle is mineral-based, and Neutrogena is chemical. Australian Gold is really good for the body in their untinted formula and priced well too. I love their Tinted Australian Gold but it’s too drying on my skin type. I wish that wasn’t the case because I love it and do use it on my body despite the tint.

  15. I have tried dozens of sunscreens to find one that suited me and just recently switched to one of the highly touted Korean sunscreens. I cannot believe they are not the standard here in the USA! The texture is incredible, more like a light lotion or milk than the greasy, globby formula we are used to. It leaves no white cast or film of any type and unlike US made sunscreens, it protects against both UVA and UVB light.

    1. Thanks, Birgit. I was unable to determine what the active ingredients are. Are they listed on the packaging you have?

      1. They are but I had done some research prior to purchasing from a Korean beauty site and found this detailed info on active and inactive ingredients for the Missha Aqua sunscreen here:
        I’ve only been using it for a month or so and just can’t believe that my eyes are not stinging or that my face isn’t greasy looking. I use prescription tretinoin (aka Retin-A) so my skin is dry and this sunscreen leaves it velvety soft.

  16. I used the MyChelle mineral sunscreen for 3 years, which was good, but just a bit ashy. I then found Paula’s Choice skin care/treatment products, and switched to Paula’s Choice Super Light Daily wrinkle defense (30 spf and a moisturizer, as well). I like the tinted formulation, but have light skin w/ yellow undertone, and feel that the tint works well for me. When I just want a little coverage, I use the tinted moisturizer with light powder to even my skin, and add lipgloss, and go.

    BTW, I would like to recommend Paula’s Choice as a skin treatment line. While I think they have too many products to make it easy to choose what to start with, if you stick with their 4+ starred products, it is much easier to whittle down. The products are high quality, lower hype and more affordable. They do not have gorgeous packaging nor fragrance (which can turn people off bc of the lack of glam), are full disclosure and not tested on critters. The founder spent most of her career on cosmetic truth advocacy, which there is very little of, even today!

    I think I will try the Epionce 50 spf, mentioned a couple of times above, as well, as I am always interested in increasing my spf protection.