Visibly Frocked Up

This is my second Karina Dress, also Megan style. I really love these dresses; they are flattering and so comfortable I’m in no hurry to take them off at the end of the day. I’ve layered this one over a camisole and leggings for warmth as our weather has turned cool.

The boots are from Arche, purchased in Paris in 2009. The leather is Like Buttah™and the heel is low enough that I can walk for hours in comfort. The day after I purchased these I decided to wear for our scheduled visit to the Salon du Chocolat. We strolled around the huge exposition hall sampling chocolate for a few hours until we couldn’t look at another morsel, then hopped the Metro back to the 6th and did more on-foot sightseeing. My feet felt as good at the end of the day as when we set out.

Closeup of the fabric print…je l’adore!

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  1. These dresses remind me of the DVF jersey wrap, so elegant and flattering on various figures! That’s how I found Arche, many years ago- hobbling in heels in London, saw the shop and was rescued. They are sublime.

  2. I couldn’t tell at first that there was a dash of olive green in the print – a favorite color of mine.

    Those boots are so chic! What a great Paris purchase.

  3. You are so chic cherie. I agree with Duchesse, they are similar to the DVFs. The style works on just about every figure. It definitely works on yours and I think the boots make it just perfect.


  4. What a great dress! You’re a perfect ambassador for Karina — definitely got me itching for one of these. They do remind me of the DVFs, but the V seems to fall to a more work-appropriate spot and from what I can tell, this dress has no mind-boggling wrap to achieve (I develop extra thumbs. . . ). This length is so versatile as well — the DVFs have been a bit short the last several years.

  5. The dresses suit you well. I am still eyeing them. The local boutique that I hoped would have one only carries them in the summer, boo hoo. But when something on their website catches my eye I will give it a go.

    I found Arche the same way, tired of foot after walking around all day. They saved that trip.

  6. There’s an Arche store next door to where I spin (exercise bike.) Their shoes are so comfy. The dress does look great on you, fits you so well.

  7. You look just beautiful in this outfit. The dress is just perfection on you.
    I have a couple of pair of Arche booties and you are right, the leather is so soft. I got mine off eBay and they are a trifle small. I wish there was a store here that sold them.

  8. Pseu, I love the megan design on your figure, very flattering. The print colors remind me of your soft autumn palette and the black boots and black in the dress make the overall outfit look very elegant. The boots look so comfortable.

  9. The dress does appear to be a fabulous fit and if you add comfort to that…then it becomes a got to have it! You look great and I love the boots!

  10. i love this dress and, after seeing it on you today and in previous posts, ordered the S/M Megan print in a brown paisley! i hope to wear it with my cognac riding boots. Thanks!

  11. @Susan Tiner Thanks so much! These boots are incredibly comfortable, and I knew they would be from the moment I picked them up and felt that divinely soft leather. I hope with some re-heeling and re-soling as needed I’ll wear for many years.

  12. @materfamilias You’re right, the V is a bit more modest, and the cut is super flattering. I will definitely take this dress on our next Paris trip. They don’t wrinkle, can be washed in the sink and hung to dry overnight. I was worried they’d be too long on me, but find this length very graceful, especially with boots.

  13. @Mardel Thank you. I hope you can find some to try. They sometimes have other fabrics than are shown on the website; if you email their customer service they can fill you in. It was Duchesse who first turned me on to Arche shoes, and I have not been disappointed.

  14. Just a word of caution about Arche (though I do love your boots!). I got my second pair of sandals last spring. But in summer 2010 I was wearing the pair I got for Paris in 2003. They gave me blisters in 2003 so I retired them for several years, then started wearing them again maybe 2008, and they were comfortable! Anyway, July of 2010 I was going down some rainy plaza stairs in NYC, slipped, fell, and landed on my butt big-time. I still have a huge dent there after more than $1200 of physical therapy. Shortly after the accident, thinking I might salvage the Arches, I emailed them about getting new soles, because I saw that the soles were completely smooth at this point. They cautioned me: time to get a new pair! And that they MIGHT be very dangerous to wear!
    So Arches might be fine for a while, but don’t let them lose their tread!