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With our upcoming trip to the British Isles now less than four weeks away, I’ve begun mentally compiling a travel wardrobe and test driving some items and outfits on weekends.

I’ve reviewed my notes from the last couple of trips about what worked and didn’t, and realized that I wasn’t entirely happy with last year’s handbag choices. I really want to stick with a single bag that can go from day to evening, which means a cross-body style, but preferably with a top handle. (Last year I sold my MARC by Marc Jacobs cross-body bag that went to Italy in 2011. It was serviceable enough, but I just didn’t love it.) So a-hunting I did go. I was determined to stay away from recognizable “It” bags (otherwise might have been tempted by the Mulberry Alexa) or anything with obvious logos. I didn’t want anything too large, heavy or structured, or that I’d see coming and going. And it had to close securely.

When none of my in-person retail searches turned up what I had in mind, I began nosing around online. It wasn’t long before this bag grabbed my attention, initially because it was just so different. Made by a British company called Golden Lane, the bag comes in two sizes and multiple colors and textures. The design features dual compartments that zip closed (each with either interior zip or slip pockets) and lovely smooshy leather.


The bag is soft and moulds nicely to the body when worn cross-body. The longer strap is wide enough that it doesn’t dig into the shoulder (important when you’re traipsing around all day). And it can also be carried on the arm or in hand with the shorter handle (nice for evenings). It easily holds everything I’d normally carry during a day of sightseeing. And I love the simple look of it…no logos, no superfluous or heavy hardware. Verdict: it’s a keeper! 

I wanted to show the color of the top above, because for decades I’d believed that I “couldn’t wear” that shade of blue. It probably goes back to my first color analysis (remember Color Me Beautiful from the 80’s?) when I was in my late twenties. I was assessed as a Spring, and this color was part of the Winter palette. But a few weeks ago, a Sales Associate at Eileen Fisher talked me into trying it on. The clouds parted, the sun shone through and now Look Ma, I’m Wearin’ Cobalt Blue! It coordinates beautifully with the Nordstrom’s scarf too. After almost a lifetime of avoiding most blues, I’m discovering how flattering and versatile they can be.

Ready to travel!

To answer Hostess’ question from a few weeks ago, the vintage car you see in the background belongs to a neighbor.

Head to Toe…
Earrings: Majorica.
Scarf: Nordstrom’s Cashmere Blend Eyelash Wrap.
Layering top (underneath, for warmth): Adea.
Top: Eileen Fisher.
Cardigan: Eileen Fisher. (Now on sale in Petite sizes.)
Jeans: NYDJ Alina.
Bag: Golden Lane Duo Satchel.
Boots: Gentle Souls Barne Voyage

More Golden Lane bags:

Are there any colors or styles you believed weren’t right for you, only to discover you could wear after all?

I’ll be linking up with this week’s Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style.

Have a great Poisson d’Avril!

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  1. Keep an eye on the weather forecast for here (UK) – we have just had the coldest March on record and it is snowing on and off here in Edinburgh.Definitely woollies and winter wear just now. At least you can buy excellent cashmere at reasonable prices when you come to Scotland. 🙂

  2. That purse is lovely. My cross body bag was a great convenience during my trip to Ireland last fall and I continue to enjoy it whenever I shop (hands free) or travel. That color blue is very flattering with your coloring. I was a “fall” when young and I am sure that has changed. For the longest time, after I changed my hair color, I found it difficult to find colors that complimented my new, much lighter hair color. I never wore blue of any shade, but have found one, a grayish, muted blue that I can now wear. Wish I were going to the British Isles, too.

  3. That is a *perfect* travel bag and the leather looks completely luxe. Yes, cobalt is so great for you. I was told I was a “summer”, and not to wear black (gasp) or olive green (my favorite). But generally, I look better in “cool” colors, so there is that : >

    Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, Une Femme.

  4. That’s a good looking vintage car, does it run? One of our neighbors ( a 50-something son living with widowed Mom) has two of a similar vintage and much to our consternation they haven’t gone anywhere for 10 years.

  5. I prefer bags to have no logos on them and to have separate compartments so I really like your choice. And yes to the cobalt!

  6. I love it when us old girls learn new tricks! I love, love that shade of blue on you. I, too, have lots of requirements when it comes to bags and that one looks like it would fit most of them. You’ll have to let us know how well it holds up during your trip.

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  7. This looks like a great bag! I am also testing some travel looks as I will be going to Chicago for the first week of June! I haven’t traveled in a while, so this is a larger process for me. I think the biggest surprise for me is that I can actually wear leggings and skinny jeans and pull them off with a larger body!! I would not have thought that two years ago. Enjoyed the post!

  8. Blue really suits you!
    A cross body bag is a must for me when I travel.
    My camera or Iphone is usually in my hands… pulling my suitcase, with my passport and tickets handy and no purse to encumber me which is much easier when I do not need to hang onto a purse.
    I think your choice is a wise one and that brand is new to me. You are very adept at finding cool stuff on the net!

  9. This bag is really versatile with its different handles and obviously it needs to be black for multiple use while travelling.

    Blue suits you so well!

    Lady of Style

  10. You look wonderful in EF’s Persian Blue. I have one of EF’s long jersey dresses in this color and I’m considering one of her light weight summer cardigansn to wear over it.

  11. Interesting bag, never heard of the brand, will keep an eye on it. The blue looks good on you. That shade tends to be a fairly universal colour depending on whether it is bright or muted. I have my eye on a Zara shirt in that colour and maybe a sweater from Winser London. Must find a scarf in same blue.
    PS you will need warm clothes in the UK, our coldest Easter on record. I suggest some thermals just in case unless the weather changes in the next few week. nearly as cold here in France.

  12. Wow, that color is fabulous on you!

    I’m also a “graduate” of CMB:). Have always been grateful to them for making shopping SO much easier! I, too, have found that I can stray a little from “my” colors but, in general, they work well.

    Do you wear purple? My sister, also a redhead, pulls it off beautifully!

  13. What a great bag! I agree with your criteria – cross-body, but with a short handle, no logos, soft, spacious enough. What a great find.

    And you look wonderful in that blue! I bet you could wear all sorts of shades of blue. (I’m not crazy about the gray cardigan, though.) I remember being told that brunettes shouldn’t wear bright green, although that never stopped me.

  14. You look fantastic in that blue. Your skin looks so creamy. Also like the bag. I really love your boots so I went to the website to see how much and was disgusted to find they charge us Aussies around $70 more to purchase them. With our dollars it normally means a little cheaper. Oh well they have missed out on a sale. I’m sure they will be brilliant for walking all over the UK.

  15. I really love it when potential realizes itself, especially when it’s been under my nose for decades. Seriously, it’s like a new toy at Christmas!
    Yes, bag is bound to work for a long while. Nothing touristy about it, and not so huge as to be unworkable for evening. Leave the strap in the hotel room and tuck it under your arm … away you go, out for an evening!
    Stop by my place sometime, please!

  16. When traveling, as a tourist, comfort would come number one in everything I´d take along.
    You have traveled so much that I rely on your choices.

  17. I’ve always loved wearing blues, and love them on you, too. So pretty with your hair and complexion. Great purse – it does look like it would be buttery soft!

  18. You look gorgeous in this color! i am right there with you test driving items before they make it into my suitcase! I have found the initial investment in time delivers a much more enjoyable trip. thanks for sharing your tips!