What I Love This Week: A Sleek & Sporty Bag & More…

Happy almost weekend. Whew, the week has just flown by! I’m still catching up with myself after travel, but wanted to share a few recent finds I thought you might like.

A sleek, chic bag for travel or every day…

In my recent travel wardrobe recap, I mentioned that I’ll be looking for a slightly larger day bag for travel. There were times when I wished I’d had a little more space for either small purchases or to stash my folding umbrella. Over the next few months, I’ll be road testing some contenders, but have already found one that I really like!

This is a new bag from Lo & Sons, called the Aoyama. It’s a soft sheepskin bag with a canvas strap that can be adjusted from a hand carry length to crossbody. I’ve been using this bag for the last few days and find it’s both comfortable and practical. And I think it’s really nice looking too: sleek, minimal and sporty.

Susan B. shares side view of Lo & Sons Aoyama crossbody bag, also wearing a red sweater, brown bead necklace and blue jeans.
Love that extra zippered compartment!

It lays nicely against the body, and even when loaded up, it doesn’t look bulgy. As with all Lo & Sons bags, there’s lots of interior organization, including a key leash. And I love the extra outside zippered compartment, which is perfect for a smartphone.

What's inside my Lo & Sons Aoyama bag.
WHAT’S IN MY BAG (With room to spare!)

Here’s everything I’m carrying, and there’s plenty of room for more. The bag itself is really lightweight, and that wider strap makes it comfortable for extended wear. It’s also available in black and navy.

More Lo & Sons bags

A serum that really works!

A few weeks prior to my trip, Brian had given me some some samples of his skincare products to try. I asked him if he could only travel with one of the serums which he’d pick, and he said this one 👇

So I tried the sample a few days before I left for London, and liked the texture and feel of it, so tossed into my liquids bag and used as part of my (pared back) day & night skin care routine.

After a few days, I noticed my skin was looking really good: plumped, smooth, and clear. And considering that air travel, jet lag, and lack of sleep usually make it look dull and a little haggard, I was really impressed. I’ve been using this serum exclusively since, and have added it to my “Holy Grail” product list (along with Brian’s Lip, Eye, and Neck treatments.)

And I’ve been invited by Brian to join his Zoom event on lip and cheek color with Annie Castano and Pam Lutrell from Over 50 Feeling 40. (If you love lipstick like I do, you don’t want to miss this one!)

Lip & Cheek Color Zoom Event

You are invited to LIPS & CHEEKS COLOR ZOOM EVENT with Annie, Pamela, Susan & Brian
When: May 11, 2024 09:30 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada) 
Register in advance for this meeting:https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYkcOmrrDsiGNyCjs37vBkAN_mTDVnD_mQ_
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Hope to see you there!

Have you been watching…

A Gentleman in Moscow starring Ewan McGregor

It’s on Showtime, and new episodes are released every Friday. I read the book years ago, and loved it, so was really looking forward to seeing this adaptation. At first, I wasn’t quite sure about Ewan McGregor in the lead role. He initially came across as a larger, more flamboyant presence than how I’d pictured the Count. But he’s grown on me in the role, and I’m really enjoying the series.

What have you been watching or reading lately?

Bon weekend!

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  1. Hi Susan….just happened to check your blog, wanted to look for a pair of EF pants you’d shown. Anyway, realized I didn’t receive this latest in my email. Would you make sure I’m subscribed?

    1. Hi Linda, thanks and yes, you’re subscribed. Because this post went live later than usual, it will be included in an email tomorrow morning.

      1. Good to know, thanks. I’ll look for it tomorrow.
        FYI..link for sweater goes to the bag….

  2. Hi Susan, definitely checking out this bag and, everything about your outfit is fabulous! Really love your new glasses.

  3. Hi Susan
    I love your blog – you are an absolute inspiration on so many levels. Thank you for doing what you do! Just in terms of a ‘travelling’ handbag – I think the Hedgren range is hard to beat. Their colours are a bit basic (yep, mainly black, black & black (or beige)) but very functional (lots of pockets etc), and more importantly very light! Cheers and please keep on doing what you’re doing.

  4. Reading: (& highly recommend) Hannah Arendt, The Life of the Mind; Charlotte Bronte, Villette; Plato’s allegory of the cave (about thinking), inspired by the e-newsletter Psyche’s essay “Philosophical reflection often begins with a disruptive mood” by Steven Segal; and just finished (highly recommend) Jon Fosse, Septology (he was awarded the 2023 Nobel Prize for Literature)

  5. I’m looking forward to your Zoom Susan! You know, my husband and I didn’t really like the book, A Gentleman in Moscow, but we’re loving Ewan McGregor in the Showtime series. Apparently his wife is playing the film actress? Susan, could you tell me what size you took in the JCrew sweater? Small? It’s very cute and already I like 3 of the colors!

  6. The bag is great. I think I carry a bit more in my bag, but the bulkiest thing in my bag is the reading glasses case (with the reading glasses). I often carry a folded nylon bag with me in my bag, for purchases. You know the type.
    I clicked through to the website of the bag and I saw you can wear it with multiple strap lengths. Even click the ends together and wear it as an evening bag. Very nifty.

  7. Hi Susan, Looks like you have a new hair style. I like it, looks nice on you. Are there any special hair products you use and would recommend. Love your blog.

    1. Hi Cheri, thanks! I don’t usually use many products on my hair, but am trying something new I’ll be writing about soon.

  8. I understand your search for the perfect travel purse. The one you are trying looks rather big and could get heavy if you take advantage of all the room. I opt for a smaller “walking around” bag and, as a seasoned traveler, I find some basis in the “slash proof” strap (although sometimes not as attractive). I carry only the very minimal amount: phone, small recharger, glasses, lipstick, small small wallet for a credit card, ID, and cash, and a small round fold up brush/mirror. Currently, I am trying a vintage Louis Vuitton Amazone and I will change out the LV strap for a matching brown “slash proof” strap as location demands. The Lo Pearl did not work for me; while it is a nice size it was too “tight” and had too much room taken up with the actual inside structure material. I’m not a huge fan of the “made for travel” bags like Baggelini although they are light and have a safety strap and do work well…it is just the look of them that I don’t love. Bottom line for me is weight and strap! Happy hunting and keep us posted.

  9. Hi Susan,
    Love your haircut and glasses!
    Your Zoom sounds fun (Annie!) but it’ll be 4.30am here…
    Best wishes,
    Julie xx

  10. This may be the bag I purchase for upcoming week trip to Asia because. . . .the strap comes off and becomes a bag-with-handle purse for venues where a more polished look is desired. [I’m thinking of the art gallery and upscale restaurants I plan to visit.]
    Looking forward to your future posts on travel bags, but this one definitely is a plus.

  11. Susan, I am happy to hear about the new Lo & Sons bag, and see your other recommendations from them. You introduced me to their bags (the Pearl), and it’s the only bag I have ever liked enough to not only own for myself but give as a gift.
    I was looking for a bag for a short trip, and the ones you suggest are a better value than what I’ve found on my own. Thanks