Casual weekend capsule wardrobe in a winter palette

A casual capsule wardrobe in a Winter palette.

Whether you have an upcoming weekend getaway, or just an active social schedule, a capsule wardrobe can help take some of the guesswork out of casual outfit planning.

Casual capsule wardrobe idea in Winter colors

Here’s a warm weather mini-capsule for you Winters.

hat | tee | earrings | shirt | pants | cardigan | bracelet | bag | espadrilles | sandals

For this capsule, I chose white and pinks (shocking pink, magenta, ice pink) with silver accents. For Winters, an ice pink tee can be a fun alternative to white, and still work as a neutral.

Weekend capsule wardrobe in Spring palette

Weekend capsule wardrobe in Summer palette

Winter colors are cool, clear, bright, and highly contrasted. Not every color in your palette will be available every season, so grab your favorites when they are available. The Winter palette colors I’m mostly currently seeing available are shocking pink and magenta, royal and electric blue, and some emerald and holly green.

If you are a Winter, you’ll want to avoid softer, greyed out colors, even if they are cool. They will make you look washed out. If you’re color-averse, try a monochromatic (black and white) look. You can always add a pop of color with a bag, shoes, or scarf.

Here are more current seasons pieces in the Winter palette. (Colors may look different online than in person; I’ve selected pieces based on how the colors appear on my monitor.)

Winter color palette picks

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  1. I know you just did color analysis training, but I have never seen these most of these pinks and greens as winter colors. They seem much too middle of the road and the greens are mostly too yellow. I am a winter. Both of my daughters are winters (although with very different coloring), and none of these colors would work for any of us. Perhaps it is the way the color shows on my monitor, but on the other hand, I think there are few pinks and fewer greens that work for winters.

    1. Hi MaryinMaryland, in the system I was trained in, there are several pinks and a few greens in the Winter palette, and these line up with the drapes and swatches in that system. As I mentioned in the post, these are the colors from that palette I’m finding available at the moment. As more become available, I’ll have more suggestions.

  2. Susan, I love these posts on seasons other than yours. You do a great job pulling together some fantastic clothes, but so often they aren’t in my color way. Thank you for featuring some others. Fingers crossed for a soft summer or summer look? I love reading your postings, thanks~

  3. Hi Susan. Thank you for this Winter inspiration! It’s so fun and you’ve got some nice picks — especially the greens, which can be hard to find in the summertime. Enjoy the weekend!

  4. What a beautiful and refreshing capsule wardrobe! I’m a Winter and am inspired by your choices. Thank you!

  5. I love every piece you picture today, Susan. They would look perfect on me, a winter with very fair skin & now turning salt and pepper hair.
    Sometimes I wonder if I’m a “blue spring” because burgundy shades look so aging on me, so I avoid them. Will you address winter vs blue spring colours and who should wear which palette? Thanks!

    1. Yes, please, from a “spring”!

      I was really looking forward to spring greens this year, but I’ve tried some on and they are not working for me. I’ve shifted within my palette from high-contrast to low-contrast. Now what?

  6. Susan, I really enjoy reading about color. Thank you for all the examples. It sure makes it easier to know what colors to look for when shopping and putting together outfits.

  7. Wow! Love it! As a winter I very rarely see many posts for my colour palette. I love bright jewel tones and always get compliments when I wear them, especially now that my hair has gone white. The trouble is I always have a hard time finding them on line or in store. Thank you Susan for covering other seasons. Really appreciated!!

  8. Hi Susan, I believe I may be somewhere in the Autumn spectrum, maybe a Bright or Clear Autumn? I’m sure I’m not using the correct terminology! I would love to see a weekend palette in my color story. Forgive me if you’ve already posted one!

  9. Regarding the bright pinks and blues: I’m a “deep winter” who was both a London and San Francisco commuter prior to my recent retirement. I do look good in those colors but I think regional and global tastes also come into play regarding color choices.

    The brights and icy pastels are great in the sunbelt (SoCal, Texas, Florida) but not really a thing in places like the Bay Area or London commuter belt (regional taste). Another example is differences between the Ile de France (Paris region) and the south of France-different color preferences.

    I prefer as (as Susan suggests) to restrict color to accessories like shoes and bags.

    Maybe a series on City looks for Seasons? You go Susan!

      1. Hi Susan, I just re-read the piece on regional style differences and it really clarified why posts from other bloggers can muddy the waters if you don’t connect with that area/country. In New Zealand our lifestyle is similar to yours BUT, as a nation, we are still fixated on black; so as a person who loves colour, and is not afraid to wear it, it is always such a mission to locally purchase my best Winter colours and so I don’t hesitate when luck prevails.

        1. Kia Ora Angela. I volunteer in a charity thrift store, where there can often be an avalanche of donated clothing in black, while shoppers seem to be seeking colorful garments, perhaps a legacy of lockdown life. Maybe the tide is turning. I’m a light spring who has migrated to the bluer end of the spectrum as my skin tone softens with age, but still a colourful girl in so many ways. A pop of orange was my “signature” during my working life and love experimenting with colour combos and giving new life to statement items.

  10. Hello Susan,
    I’m a Winter and I would wear almost every piece you’ve shown. The bright clear dark pinks and intense blues dominate the colours in my closet. Paler shades make me look washed out. Adding a pop of colour to a mostly black and white wardrobe is perfect for the summertime. Thank you!

  11. Susan, I love seeing the winter palette resources! It takes a lot of time to find them.

    I am always looking for a super pale pink, here it was. (I noticed J Crew even had a pale blossom colored pant. And I love the rich greens too. I usually balk at the bright pinks, but that Boden print shirt is genius.

  12. Thank you so much for this post and the one a few days ago showing the greens of the different seasons.
    So helpful to me (winter)!!
    I am trying to add some more color into my wardrobe and these are great options.
    Thank you for what you do in educating us.
    Love your travel articles as well.

  13. That J. Crew t-shirt is just the ticket! And in so many colours – something for everyone. Love the pink.