Casual Vendredi

casual vendredi


I tried something new this week: a vitamin B12 shot. They were being offered along with the flu vaccine at my office this week (yes, I did one of those too). I’m hoping the B12 will help combat the low-level fatigue I’ve been experiencing the last few months. I’ll let you know. Back in my folk dancing days, we used to get over-the-counter B12 nasal gel before one of our weekend dance events, and I do think it provided an energy boost. I also found it improved my quality of sleep for a few days after a dose.

Have you tried B12 shots? Did you notice any difference in your energy levels?

Bon weekend!

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  1. I have taken B-12 shots before and I loved them!! Thanks for reminding me. I also have added B-12 packets to a bottle of water in the afternoon and that seems to help as well. Sorry you are combating the fatigue battle…something I wish men understood about women! Love the outfit and the color mix!!

  2. My husband gets B12 shots because his system doesn’t process it from food the way it’s supposed to. He would be a basket case without it – honestly. I affects his energy, his concentration, his thoughts, his mood. B12 is pretty essential.

    I’ve never had one, but I could sure use one today! Roll on, 5 o’clock!

  3. I received weekly B-12 shots from a naturopathic doctor and for a while the effects were dramatic. The day after receiving the shot I felt noticeably high. Really, I felt like a different person. It felt as if my personality changed from introvert to extrovert. In time I stopped experiencing that. My doctor said it was because I had replenished my supply of B-12 and no longer needed the shots. I felt fine without them, but I kind of missed that next day effect. It was fun! Hope that it works for you.

  4. I have heard that B12 is something that gets depleted as we age. I would suggest having your thyroid level checked as this might explain the fatigue. You may need medication for this as it is another issue that occurs in women as we age.
    I hope you figure it out so you can feel better soon.
    Take care

    Your weekend wear looks tres chic!

  5. Hope this helps — low-level fatigue is, well, exhausting. Duh, I know, but somehow that fatigue sets up a cycle, doesn’t it. . . we weary of being weary . . . .take care.

  6. I’ve been taking a B-12 vitamin for a few weeks now and really can’t tell if they are working. I used to take the shots for anemia as a kid. As the clocks change and the days grow shorter, my energy seems to flag a bit.

  7. I get monthly B-12 shots because my levels were low last time I did my blood work… Sadly, I haven’t noticed much difference in my energy levels. They’re free through my insurance, though, so I figured they can’t hurt.

  8. I don’t notice much effect from the shots, but if I take B-12 too late in the evening, I have a hard time falling asleep, so it does have some effect. I have tablets that go under my tongue. You can also get B-12 & Folic acid combo.

  9. I think I need that green jacket…

    Have yet to try B12 yet but its on my list. I may actually start using B complex patches (they are like those smoker patches) as I have a malabsorbtion issue due to rosacea. I think this is an older woman thing for some unknown reason….grumble, grumble….BUT, on the plus side everyone who tried it had excellent things to say about the effect.

  10. I get B12 shots every two months, due to health issues. Scheduled for the rest of my life.
    My anemia is under control and I feel ok.
    No ” highs ” though after the shot.
    However, I would NOT recommend taking B12 vitamin shots without a reason, without a doctor´s prescription.

  11. I believe that the latest research shows that sub-lingual B-12 tabs (dissolved under tongue or chewed) are as effective as the shots…

  12. Hello,

    I found out that when I was tired, my medical test results showed low level of ferritin [iron stores]…. this may happen even though hemoglobin levels are ok….now that i am more energetic after getting my ferritin levels back up…. I am also going to go back to B-Complex vitamins which include the B12…every bit helps when a senior!


  13. Is that a Burberry scarf? I have one. Too bad it rarely gets worn.
    I’ve not had B12 shots but my mom has to have them. I’m a non-meat eater so I take B12 supplements.
    What did I think of the Rick Owens show? I thought it was brilliant! 🙂

  14. I’m sure the B12 fix will give you a boost, with a Dr in the house I get a regular shot, and it perks me up very quickly. Hoping you feel great again soon! I love the casual ensemble, especially the colour shceme!

  15. Seriously suggest you get a blood test. This will tell you if you are low in any vitamins or if you have some other reason for the fatigue. It might sound drastic but it is better than a late diagnosis of something like leukaemia, which my daughter unexpectedly had and was diagnosed from an unrelated blood test. Don’t self-medicate, get expert diagnosis.

  16. I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (also called ME) and tried big vitamin B shots as well as heaps of other things at different times. The vitamins didn’t do a thing. The only thing that gave me a temporary energy boost was spirilina tablets, but I don’t say that’ll work for everyone…