Loeffler Randall crocodile embossed handbags in camel and pine green. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Animal Instincts

Croc-embossed bags are both on-trend and timeless. Done well, they add subtle texture and a luxe vibe to any outfit. They can dress up or down, and be the focal point of an outfit or a supporting player. As with any other animal print piece, I think the most versatile and timeless styles are those that keep design details simple and let the croc-effect finish take center stage. I prefer solid, neutral colors to brighter ones (but after seeing “Le Divorce” a few years ago can understand the appeal of a perfect lipstick red bag).

You can find good-looking crocodile embossed handbags at a wide range of price points. I’ve been seeing some really nice ones this season, and wanted to share a few with you.

Above: this tote (shown in Camel and Forest Green) could go from day to evening with ease. I love that simple shape and the marbled ring handles!

Brahmin croc-embossed Mini Priscilla tote in Tart. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

The first brand I always think of when it comes to croc embossed bags is Brahmin. They offer lots of styles, and great value for the price. These bags (especially the Melbourne texture) wear like iron. I have two of the smaller Duxbury’s, one in black and one in Pecan. I like the look of this Mini Priscilla above especially in the Tart (wine) color. It’s a nice way to add structure to a casual outfit.

Green crocodile embossed bag with gold detail and crossbody strap. Details at une femme d'un certain age.I saw this bag in person yesterday and it’s a stunner! I like that (detachable) webbed crossbody strap which would make it comfortable to wear over a longer period. The green could work as a neutral, but also as your color accent. It’s also available in black and chocolate brown.

Trademark brown crocodile embossed bucket bag. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

This little bucket bag is SO cute, and perfect for an evening out or those days you don’t need to carry much with you.

Staud crocodile embossed Bisset bag. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Another fun bucket bag option, this one with a shiny finish, drawstring closure and optional cross-body strap.

Saddle bag in brown croc-embossed leather from A.P.C. Details at une femme d'un certain age.A saddle bag is a timeless style. This one from French favorite A.P.C. has a smooth finish and adjustable strap.

AQUA crocodile embossed leather satchel. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Looking for something more budget-friendly? This cute box satchel is well under $100, and available in three colors.

There are some nice non-leather options too…

Nylon tote with croc print exterior. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

The print on this nylon tote looks like the real deal until you get up close. This is a bigger bag, but would be perfect as a commuter or travel tote.

Vegan leather crocodile embossed bag from Banana Republic. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

How about a vegan leather crossbody bag that’s big enough to hold your daytime essentials?

Red croc-embossed faux leather bag with chain strap detail. More at une femme d'un certain age.Here’s a little faux leather bag with a chain strap detail. I know I said “neutrals,” but it’s so cute in red!

Are you a fan of crocodile-look bags?

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  1. I love a Brahmin bag and have several. one is the Duxbury in the wine and I always get compliments on it. The color goes with everything.

  2. Is this all real crocodile? If so, I am very disappointed, and as a proponent of products that are not cruel to animals, I cannot support this.

      1. Leather is still the skin of an animal who didn’t want to die Thank you Sue for the vegan options, they’re lovely!

    1. A handbag made from genuine crocodile would cost you dearly. We’re talking $7,000 or so at a starting point and they only go way up from there!

    2. In Australia, there is a call for salt water crocodiles to be culled in Queensland where quite a few people (including children) have been killed by croc attacks.

  3. The green colour is gorgeous, I agree keeping it neutral is versatile but oh that red too and I love everything A.P.C does…wahhh so much to love here!

  4. I am a fake croc fan as well! The bags you have featured are just gorgeous, Susan.

    A question: I will be attending an evening outdoor wedding in November (that time of year is chilly in Missouri) and need some help with an outfit that isn’t too casual but is warm (we are dining under the stars as well). Suggestions?

  5. Oh Susan! I love the Croc bags – all of them! Yes, I am a fan of Croc bags and own several, that you just made me think about again. I will be taking them out of the closet for a review. Thanks for the great update and new looks.

  6. the faux croc is fun. my eye is also drawn to the red heels in the photo. can you identify those and give the source?

  7. You got me hooked on Brahmin, thank you darn it!! I bought a Duxbury and will break it out next week in a plum color. I have one right now in a fuschia color (from ebay) that is killer for spring/summer. This week, I am eyeing up the new scarlet color that was featured in the Pricilla bag in Harpers, I believe. But, these are investment pieces that say “style not trend”. They put up with my wear and tear for sure.

  8. Hi Susan,
    Love the bags but especially love those cropped denim jeans in the first picture. Any idea if and where they’re available? Bad news today for shoppers in Rhode Island. Our Nordstrom is closing forcing 187 people out of jobs and the one store available with multiple brands upscale brands gone! Sad on my levels.

      1. Will be trekking back to Boston for Neimans and Saks. While I appreciate the convenience of online shopping when you’re “vertically challenged” trying clothes on is the best option.

  9. I Real croc is a fragile skin. (Yep, Mom carried it; I don’t.) The tougher genuine leathers (cattle, goat) are much harder-wearing. I don’t carry them anymore, too heavy. But when “vegan leather” or “pleather” gets worn, it cannot be restored.

    My Matt and Nat embossed “vegan leather” tote didn’t even last a year before the piping scuffed to the woven-fibre undercoating. It looked like cr-p and had cost several hundred dollars.