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Style blogger Susan B. wears a casual denim look with a rust blazer. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

I have to confess that one of my biggest frustrations as a style blogger is when I find something I love and then it sells out before I’ve had a chance to photograph and share it. Such is the case with this jacket in the “Mahogany” color, unless you wear a Tall size, and then my friend, you are in luck.

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This is one of my favorite jacket styles in recent memory. It’s still available in most sizes in black and navy. (I succumbed to temptation and have navy on order.) Even though we full-busted women are often advised to avoid a double-breasted jacket, I find the collarless design flattering and easy to wear. And I love the softness and drape of the fabric.


Detail: style blogger Susan B. wears a French Kande necklace, J.Crew jacket and Loewe bag. Info at une femme d'un certain age.

The necklace is from the French Kande fall collection. I customized this piece by choosing a different medallion, which is a nice option they offer on many of their styles. I’ve been wearing this gold “wheat” ring from Aurelie Bidermann almost daily since I purchased in Paris. The fleur-de-lis pinky ring I’m wearing here is vintage. Originally from Beladora, I’ve had it for years.

Detail: style blogger Susan B. wears leopard print mules from Cole Haan. Info at une femme d'un certain age.

These mules are really comfortable, and I’ve been wearing them often.

Style blogger Susan B. wears a J.Crew double-breasted jacket, French Kande necklace and Loewe bag. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Are there styles you’ve been told you “shouldn’t” wear, but that you’re able to make work for you regardless?

Photos by Tannaz Photography.

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  1. I like the longer hair! That growing out stage is tough but a little length can be softening and flattering. Lookin’ good.

  2. Thank you so much for your blog – as a 61 year old with a desire to stay energized in all areas of my life – including how I look – i so appreciate your honest, practical advice – and your love wiht France which I also share!! I’m also 5’10”, so I grabbed a tall blazer in navy! I need a suit for court (I’m a pro bono lawyer) so I grabbed the matching pants as well. Keep writing so I can keep learning!

  3. For my petite height, I should stay away from wide leg pants. But, high waisted wide leg pants work very well for me and I am slightly short waisted. Even high wasted culottes work. What I stay away from are boyfriend jackets and pants (maybe a high wasted version would work). They tend to overwhelm my frame and make me look stumpy.

  4. I have full hips so I stay away from wide leg pants. I just look really large in them! I stay away from bright colored and patterned pants. I do not want to draw attention to my belly! I do wear peasant style blouses once in awhile, although they are not the most flattering on me. I bought one this year in white linen with embroidery in vertical lines down the front. Choosing that feature did somewhat take away from the fullness of the blouse. I LOVE THAT JACKET YOU ARE WEARING, but I don’t have a huge need for jackets here in Florida. When we travelled to Ireland this June I took softly constructed jackets to jam in the suitcase rather than a constructed jacket like the one you are wearing. It seems easier to take softer fabrics when rolling them in a suitcase! We had a great time in Ireland by the wayf!

  5. Susan—another great outfit, is that the same Vince Camuto top you had on with the cami outfit recently? Is it sleeveless? It looks white in your pictures but the website says ivory. Is is more on the white side which would be good with my coloring? Looks like Nordstrom may have them back in the petite sizes.

    1. Hi Rose, thanks! Yes, the top is more a soft white than a true Ivory, IMO. I’m wearing the Petite Small. It’s sleeveless. It may be a little sheer for some, but underneath a jacket and with a nude bra I’m comfortable with it. Another option I recently discovered that has lining is this one: Offered in Regular, Petites and Plus. Also more on the soft white than ivory side.

  6. Wow – love EVERYTHING about this outfit, and COVET the wheat ring! I always enjoy seeing your posts in my in-box.

  7. How do you like the top you are wearing? I’m thinking about getting one, I am full-busted also, and I’m always on the lookout for a “tank” type top that doesn’t give the uniboob look. This seems like it might be a good one. How does the size run? No help on Bloomie’s website for sizing. Thanks. I DO love that blazer, but I’m 5’3”…

    1. Hi Elizabeth, I’ve found this style of top to be a real game-changer in my wardrobe, and will be doing a post soon. In the Petites at least it runs true to size. (I’m wearing the Petite Small.)

  8. Your new photos are great do you have a new photographer? The outfit looks wonderful on you and love the color of your jacket.

  9. I have to say, you always look nice, but this outfit is gorgeous on you, that first photo of you in mid stride is beautiful.

  10. Every rule deserves to be broken! Too many style rules are arbitrary, so I say toss them out! Experiment! Try things on.

    Women with a triangle shape can wear wide pants, for example. The key is to select a pair with a high waist and just the (flowy) fabric, the right width and length. Wide pants need fitted tops. Then find the perfect style of shoe to balance the look (i.e. chunkier heels). Flaunt the narrow waist!

    Inverted triangle shapes can suit unstructured jackets. Again, it’s about balance in the length, cut, fabrication (lighter weight of fabric, plain, not printed) and even sleeve length. Three-quarter sleeves add visual width on top, so long sleeves may be better for inverted truangles. (Avoiding) Lapels and even buttons also play a role. Bottoms matter in head-to-toe appearance, too. Horizontal lines created by color changes add width below the waist, which may be what an inverted triangle figure needs to balance an unstructured jacket.

    Rules are a general guideline, but there’s no way to know what works for your specific circumstances until you : Try. It. On!

  11. I love the action shot! I would like to look like that. (In my mental image of myself, I do. But photo proof is to the contrary..)

  12. In response to your question concerning what we have been told not to wear. I have read more then one article written by, assumably, younger fashion experts about what “older” women should or shouldn’t wear. Most of these articles produce eye rolling from me! I have read everything from we should only wear pastels to we don’t smile enough! LOL Your blog shows us all the beautiful and flattering options available for us. Thank you!

  13. I really have enjoyed your blog! I’m short, old (72), and still very active. I hate thinking I’ve been delegated to exist in gray, black, and navy for the rest of my life! I like wearing lively, but not garish clothing, and have enjoyed all your ideas.Thanks!

  14. I have had this jacket on order for over a month and J Crew keeps pushing out the shipping date. Nevertheless, I’m hopeful it will work. J. Crew’s arms tend to be skinny so if I really like a jacket I will order a size up and then have the jacket tailored down. This double breasted jacket, IMHO, looks better unbuttoned.

  15. The sleeveless blouse has also become a workhorse for my wardrobe. It will camouflage a stomach because it has a soft edge bottom layer but it’s not so voluminous you feel swamped. Vince Camuto makes it in many colors for regular and petite sizes; I’m short but full busted so I’m fine with the regular length. Thanks for the tip about a similiar style in short sleeves at Nordstrom– still hoping for a long sleeve version. I’ve also been told to NEVER ever place a double breasted jacket on my short waisted body but, hey, maybe now I’ll try this collarless sleek one. Please tell us if you feel you are best in cool or warm colors because this rust jacket has me stumped.

  16. At first glance I thought it unusual that you had featured some one else modelling! When I looked closer I could see it was you. I think it’s the hair, it’s so flattering. One more rule broken….petite women need to have short hair! No they don’t!!

  17. Great outfit but is that really a $2,100+ handbag????? I would love to be able to afford it because it is gorgeous! Would you please feature some handbags that are not sooooo costly? I can afford the blazer but not the handbag. Love your blog but some of your items are beyond my budget. The blog does give me some ideas that I have been able to “copy.”