Neat and Relaxed Style: Lightweight Drawstring Cargo Jeans Outfit

It’s hard to feel confident if we’re not comfortable in our clothes. And by that, I mean both physically and emotionally comfortable. I’ve been leaning into more relaxed styles this season, but I still want/need to feel neat and pulled together. Today’s outfit features a lightweight pair of drawstring cargo “jeans.”

Polished casual outfit: Susan B. wears a rag & bone striped cardigan, tortoise-look station necklace, silk shell, Eileen Fisher drawstring cargo jeans, raffia bag, and gold strappy sandals.

In Monday’s post, I showed these drawstring cargo jeans in the Regular length, and wore them cuffed. The pair I’m wearing today is the Petite length. They’re still long enough to cuff, but I wanted to show you the full length fit here. (Availability in Petites still seems to be spotty, but the Regular length is still available in all sizes.)

👉 Style tip: the stripes and pushed up sleeves on the cardigan add visual structure to the look, to balance the more relaxed pieces. Showing skin with the “barely there” sandals also adds structure.

More striped cardigans

Susan B. wears a rag & bone striped cardigan, tortoise-look station necklace, silk shell, Eileen Fisher drawstring cargo jeans, and gold strappy sandals.

The organic cotton twill fabric is very lightweight and doesn’t cling, so is a nice denim alternative for summer. The side cargo pockets lie flat against the leg and don’t add bulk. While drawstring jeans and pants are on-trend this season, you could easily remove the drawstring on this style if you don’t like it, as the waist is elastic. Or just tuck the strings (untied) inside the waistband if you want to wear your top untucked.

Relaxed attitude: a casual outfit with drawstring jeans, striped sweater, raffia bag and gold strappy flat sandals.

Hope you have a lovely, relaxed, and stylish weekend! But before you go….

A gentle reminder…

The internet can be a wonderful place to connect with diverse people from all over the world. (Some of my best friends are people I met online, usually through our blogs.) It can be a tool to find a like-minded community and support.

BUT it’s also rife with scammers. Earlier this week I received a DM on Instagram notifying me that someone was using my images to scam for money. This isn’t the first time it’s happened, but thanks to AI, the level of deception has ratcheted up several notches. The scammer had created various images of identification (phony drivers’ licenses, employee badges, etc.) using several different photos of me from a few years back. AND, they’d created a “deep fake” video (also using a years’ old image) with *my voice* somehow cloned and manipulated according to a script. It was really unnerving how much it sounded like me.

There’s nothing I can do about it, unfortunately; many people have their images stolen and used without permission, and they rarely become aware of it. The social media companies won’t do anything about it. And (also unfortunately), there’s little that law enforcement can or will do, as these criminals and con artists often cover their tracks very well, and operate outside of the country.

What you can do

So my caution is this: assume that anyone who contacts you directly online, even if you think it’s someone you know (or know of ), is not who they say they are. Double check everyone. Please, don’t send money to someone you’ve never met *in person.* Some of these scammers spend months establishing online relationships before they start asking for money or other “favors.” You can use Google Image Reverse Search to find image sources. Some sites that have access to public records like may also be helpful.

In general (especially in an election year) it’s a good idea to be skeptical about ANY videos you see posted online. Please don’t share unless you’ve confirmed the source and veracity. Thanks to easily accessible AI tools, unscrupulous people can create videos of Candidate X saying they practice cannibalism. With a good Chianti. Be skeptical, be careful out there.

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  1. Thanks for the update on scamming styles – warnings with specific info like this are very useful !

  2. I buy and sell clothing on ebay and am therefore on that site often. I noticed photos of one of your fellow fashion bloggers, taken from her blog — an ebay seller/criminal was posing as her and “selling the contents of my closet.” The sad thing was, some items were selling! I did try to let her know, but never heard back and the auctions continued.

  3. Thank you for the PSA on online scammers and fake or edited videos. Please don’t click on anything without complete assurance of the source. A family member lost their life savings after being played along for months. They didn’t expect a thing. The police, FBI and other services said the claim was too small to pursue. Be careful and skeptical!

  4. I love the EF pants you’re wearing. Those are so cute! Can you help me? I’ve been looking for a raffia or crocheted cross-body bucket bag. I ordered the Jenni Kayne one but it didn’t offer any pockets and it was unlined. I ordered the Quince bag and it is lined with pockets, but the strap was too short. Have you seen anything? I might be searching for a unicorn, LOL. Thanks for the PSA about scammers. I had someone posing as an influencer contact me, saying I’d won a prize (for something I didn’t know anything about) and they’d send it to me if I paid the shipping. I knew it was fake and I let the influencer know too. She was grateful, but it wasn’t the first she’s heard of it.

  5. Thanks for the PSA, Susan.
    It’s astonishing and deeply disheartening to know the lengths to which scammers will go.
    Re: the pushed up sleeves tip — it may be self-delusion, but I think that pushing up my sleeves also helps to draw the eye upwards, making my bottom half (shorter than I’d like) appear a little longer!

  6. I love this comfortable, relaxed-but-together look on you. And thanks for the comments regarding how the “sleeve push” & skin add structure. I never realized that that’s what was happening! great explanation.

  7. Social media is a Pandora’s box. Sadly scammers are rife. But two days ago I ran into my high school sweetheart on Instagram whom I haven’t seen in over fifty years. And it’s definitely him. How fun is that?

    But the online pickpockets!!!!

    BTW cute pants!

  8. I was recently the victim of identity theft. Not only did they rack up thousands of dollars on my credit card, but they actually got into my airline rewards account and cancelled my flight to Europe later this summer, and then attempted to file a claim with travel insurance. Luckily I caught it right away. If you ever have any type of illegal activity on a credit card, IMMEDIATELY go change all your passwords.

  9. Thank you! for a reminder about cybersecurity. I got fooled this spring by a Talbot’s knock-off ad online. The knock-off ad was really, really good. I only realized the scam when I got an email to confirm the order that was not from the actual Talbot’s email address. I contacted Talbot’s to share what had happened and was advised they were pursuing legal action against this particular group. It is easy to forget how much information we have trailing behind us online even without a scammy interaction; your advice is very good on this topic.

  10. Good reminder about online, social media. It reminded me that I wanted to ask you about Annie Castano. I followed her on Instagram and now her site is gone. In searching, what comes up isn’t Annie or at least I don’t think so. I was afraid her site had been hijacked. Is her instagram page still there?

    I’m still loving those jeans, might be time to pull that trigger!

  11. Love your blog. It’s so depressing to hear that scammers have done this to you. Is there nothing they won’t scam anymore? And little to no consequences for them. Have a great weekend.

  12. What a fabulous casual-chic look! Love the cardi(stripes!) and the necklace–great online store, thanks for the intro!
    And many thanks for reminding us all of the now increasing media cons around us. It was awful before, but now it has reached a dangerous level, especially concerning the upcoming elections.
    Egads, all the sales now!! Any pointers on who to look at for some classic additions to our wardrobes? Would love to hear your guidance, Susan!

  13. Hi Susan: I am truly enjoying your posts this Spring and am learning lots. As a fellow petite at 60+ who has recently undergone a major (positive) life change I am actively looking to update my sartorial style. For years I have limited myself to only true petite size clothing and the limited choices that entails. I have noticed that you often deviate into ‘regular’ size brands and they seem to fit you well. I was wondering if you would be willing to do a post about ‘regular’ size clothing lines that you feel work well for your petite frame.