Saturday Miscellany: Elevated Basics & More

Examples of tees with elbow-length sleeves. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

I’m thrilled to see more tees with slim, elbow-length sleeves showing up in this season’s collections. I find this style of tee not only more flattering, but more refined and easy to layer.

Elbow-Sleeve Tees

Eileen Fisher black silk elbow-sleeve tee with rounded v-neck. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

I’ve been a big fan of Eileen Fisher silk jersey for many years. Yes, it’s pricey, but it holds up well, has an elegant appearance, dresses up or down, and is fantastic for travel. For the last few seasons, the EF silk jersey pieces have been mostly limited to tanks and sleeveless tops. So I was really happy to spot this tee with elbow-length sleeves in the current collection. It’s a keeper! The cut and neckline are flattering and the fabric is light but not sheer. (It looks better in person than in the image above, just for the record.) I’d love to see this style offered in more colors (and more size ranges). Runs true-to-size.

Halogen knit top with v-neck and elbow-length sleeves. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

This knit top in a pretty cobalt blue is budget-friendly and offered in both Misses and Plus sizes. It’s a nice casual-but-dressier-than-a-standard-tee-shirt option. A cutout in the back adds an interesting detail.

Vince striped linen tee with elbow sleeves. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

For warmer days, here’s a subtly-striped linen tee.

Lands' End cotton v-neck elbow-sleeve tee in aqua. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

This cotton v-neck tee in Plus is also budget-friendly, and offered in several colors.

Talbots navy tee with ballet neck and elbow sleeves. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

This navy tee has serious Wardrobe Workhorse potential. It’s offered in Misses, Petites, Plus, and Plus Petite sizes.

More elbow-sleeve tees…

Speaking Of Elbows…

Trader Joe's lavender salt scrub. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

I don’t know about you, but my knees and elbows tend to get a little rough. I’ve been looking for a body scrub with moisturizing oil that isn’t too pricey, and love this one! You can pick up at your local Trader Joe’s, or order here.

Pour Les Hommes

Elemis skin soothe shave gel for men. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

When le Monsieur and I first began living together, I was horrified to learn that he used bar soap (Irish Spring!) to shave. I finally convinced him to try a proper shave gel after he began complaining of dry, irritated skin. Once he did, he never looked back. He’s tried a few over the years, but this is the one he likes best and even re-orders himself. 😉 (If there’s someone on your Fathers’ Day list who’s difficult to buy for, this might be something to consider.)

Other News…

Jeune homme graduated from his school this week. It was a bittersweet moment for us, as he loves the school and it has been nothing short of miraculous for him. It’s a specialized school for kids with developmental disabilities and learning disorders, and we saw him make real progress during his years there. The teachers and staff are all exceptional. Unfortunately because he turns 22 in August, he’s “aged out” of the school system.

He’s on a waiting list for an Adult Day Program, and we’re hoping it will just be a matter of weeks. For the next few weeks, he’ll be attending a private Summer Day Camp for people with disabilities. Hopefully we can maintain some kind of routine until he’s able to get into the regular day program. There are so few of these programs for people at his level, and many have waiting lists years long. We’d started making phone calls and trying to set up appointments to start the process last summer, and even then, it’s still a work in progress.

What style of tee do you wear most often?

Bon weekend!

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  1. Elbow length tee shirts do have a more soigné vibe then the shorter sleeve version also have occasionally found a slightly longer sleeve style that can work all year long.
    I hear you about adult programs for adults with developmental challenges. People tell me that programs for younger children are easily available and are government sponsored but as soon as said child turns 21 funding is no longer available and programs are hard to find. It’s as if the government assumes these folks are ‘cured’ when they reach adulthood. Often families do not have resources to keep their beloved child at home even if day programs are available. Sadly we have seen older ( much older than your son) people with developmental issues ‘dumped’ in ER because older parents have become unable to manage their care due to age, illness or frailty (of parent).
    You are doing well managing your son’s care and being a loving support to him. Wish all kids were so fortunate.

    1. I find that most elbow-length sleeves get stuck in jacket sleeves and I cannot reach them to pull them down. My arms get chilly so I usually wear an overblouse or light jacket and sleeveless or long-sleeved tops work best.

    2. Two students with cognitive disabilities have been refused a fourth year of high school where I live, due to lack of funding for school supports. Government funding ends at 18, and these students will be 18 years old when the school year starts. The age for completion of high school is being raised to 21, but it is unclear if the necessary money will follow. As it stands now, the school boards will be left to fund those extra supports from the money they use for the other students, which will cut into their quality of education. Not ideal. It sounds like this is a problem in many places.

  2. I really like that arm length and the shape of many of those tees, but it is too bad that quite a few come in only one colour. If the colour doesn’t suit people, they are out of luck.

    1. I agree! I hope I’m more discriminating about my purchases now and won’t buy a color that is not flattering to me or work with my wardrobe. I wish manufacturers would offer more colors. T shirts are an item I may want to buy several of if there are enough color choices. Lands End does usually offer several colors in their t’s.

      1. Rondi, I also find Land’s End has some great colors and I check them out first and, as a result, have a few in the same color but different styles. I have a warm undertone and don’t buy anything that isn’t a flattering color on me. Been there, done that, wasted a lot of time and money.

        My favorite style is a 3/4 length sleeve with a boat neck. Try to find one of them in a color that works for me. Love the striped tees but they usually have pure white in one of the stripes. I need a creamy white. Love a lot of these tees, Susan. Thanks for doing our research!

  3. Very good luck in your search for an adult day programme for your son. Friends of mine here in the UK had a similar problem but fortunately they were eventually successful.

    By the bye, I too love elbow length sleeves on my tees.

  4. Thank you for this article about longer sleeve lengths for Ts. I like it, but some seem to draw more attention to my elbows. Hoping for much warmer weather when I will choose to go sleeveless. Wish you positive progress for your son’s needs.

  5. I have the EF silk jersey shirt that you feature–and I love it. It was a real workhorse on a recent trip. I paired it with EF silk slouchy pants and a Madewell soft wool/vicose scarf. It was my favorite outfit for elegant casual dinners.

  6. I am a big fan of the Lands End supima cotton t shirts you included in your post. They have a relaxed fit so they do not hug the wrong places. They do come in several colors and are budget friendly. Lands End has great sales. The only problem is they do sell out of a lot of colors and then you’re stuck with little color choice again.

    1. I love those relaxed fit Lands End t-shirts, too. When they are on sale, I can get them for $15 or so and they are very well made and the fabric has a lovely silky hand. They wear forever, but you’re right about the color selection narrowing quickly. I have vowed to buy early next season, when the selection is best and to buy more than one of any color that thrills me.

  7. I like slightly longer short sleeves, as I have substantial upper arms from years of swimming and a bit more coverage than a cap sleeve or short sleeve provides is more flattering for me. Unfortunately, the slim fit that’s in style now is an issue – I simply can’t get my arms into many tops (and sweaters and especially tailored jackets). I’ve had good luck with J. Jill tops and sometimes with just buying long-sleeved tops and shortening the sleeves to the elbow myself.

    1. Chico’s has some nice tees with longer, nearly elbow-length sleeves this season. They come in a wide range of colors (along with a stripe and at least one pattern) and are very lightweight. You might give them a try. It’s called the Cotton-Blend Slub V-Neck Tee (it’s cotton and modal). They retail for $35.50, but I picked up the Vetiver one (kind of a grey-olive) for $20 during a flash sale. They have other elbow-length styles as well, but I haven’t tried them yet.

      I still ear the three v-neck, elbow-length tees I bought from J.Jill a few years ago. I used to shop J.Jill all the time, but they’re constantly discontinuing my favorite styles and replacing them with much less flattering ones. I just don’t get it. Their quality has steadily gone downhill over the last decade+.

  8. As far as tops go, nothing beats a chic white shirt or a fine quality white tea shirt with a fun necklace! Everything else comes short!
    Wishing you great luck in finding the best suitable place for your son!!!

  9. Eddie Bauer Favorite Tee. It’s the best. 100% cotton, skimming fit, long enough to tuck, sensible vee and hallelujah, it is cut and sewn straight. I bought 6 on sale for $12.50 each. I prefer short sleeves or true long sleeves as I find anything else bunches up under cardigans and jackets.

  10. A little off-topic but since we’re talking about elevated basics, I recently purchased the oversized slouchy boyfriend button down shirt in white from Madewell. It’s cotton and Tencel and very soft. I’m 5’6” and 136# and bought a small at $72. I roll up/push up the sleeves. The button placement on the front is good. If you unbutton the second button a slightly longer necklace shows nicely and isn’t too va-va-boom.
    I’m trying the EF top but at the elbow sleeves don’t look great on me. Maybe I have short arms. I’m usually happier with 3/4.
    Good like finding a spot for your son. That must be so hard.

  11. I often wear 3/4 or long sleeve cotton tees from Appleseeds or Coldwater Creek. I especially love the 3/4 bell sleeve ones from Chadwicks. Nothing easier than a colored tee with a great necklace or scarf. Elbow sleeves just show off a bit too much of my aging arms.