Fab find: a stylish and sweetly-priced blazer

Susan B. wears a brown Open Edit jacket, navy striped tee, jean and brown ankle boots.

Let’s kick off February with a sweet little blazer. I’m always on the lookout for lightweight casual jackets. They’re my go-to piece for making simple, casual outfits look finished.

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This one’s a keeper AND it’s under $100! I wanted to share it ASAP as it seems to be selling quickly.

This relaxed blazer from Nordstrom is available in more colors, sizes XX-Small to X-Large. I’m wearing the X-Small.

More relaxed blazers & jackets…

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  1. Susan, no offense intended but from my perspective this blazer is a terrible fit. It looks like you’re a child playing dress up. Everything about it seems oversized and overwhelming. I know it doesn’t come in petite (as is the case with most Nordstom jackets, sweaters, tops, etc.) and would be more expensive than it’s worth (any blazer that’s under $100 is virtually in the category of disposable clothing) to it altered by a have a tailor. However, I was blessed (cursed) with a grandmother who was a professional tailor so had clothes custom fitted/altered from the time I was 5 years old. I can just hear granny tsk, tsking over this fit.

      1. I know where you are coming from, Christine, as I also was blessed with a grandmother who tailored my clothes to fit. The jacket does appear to be oversized, which “look” seldom wears well on we petites.

    1. Hi Christine, the fit is meant to be relaxed and a bit longer. But I get that not every style appeals to everyone; some readers have said they don’t like my shorter, more fitted jackets either. 😉

  2. Ouch to the previous reply. They obviously don’t understand “relaxed” fit. This jacket looks great on you. Fresh and not stuffy as jackets can be sometimes. A great alternative if we don’t want to be all tailored up!

    1. Seriously! I hadn’t actually looked at the product page before replying to her comment, but clearly she hasn’t seen how the Nordstrom models are wearing it!

  3. Am I weird to be drawn to the bright green color? My coloring is similar to yours, Susan; I wonder if I could pull that off?

    1. Hi Mary Alice, it does look fun, doesn’t it? Sometimes it’s hard to determine just how bright/saturated colors really are from the online images. If I see it up close, I’ll report back.

      1. Well, I went and had a look and I’ll take a pass! But it’s always worth trying something on, you may be pleasantly surprised 🙂

  4. I just wanted to say how very much I enjoy your blog and check in every day for years. Rarely comment. Everything about our style is vastly different but I just love checking in. About the only thing similar to each of us is our taste in shows/movies (you put me on to Downton Abbey years ago), out love of Europe and of course dogs. Other than that, there’s nothing else but you are always such a pleasant read.

  5. Fab jacket and well styled. I love the striped T-shirt as well. It is bolder than the ones I am used to. I am on the look-out for such a stripe.
    Your golden necklace breaks it up well.
    All in all I give it an A+.

  6. Hi Susan,
    I went to the Nordstrom website to look at the blazer more carefully. I like the color and the soft material but am not a fan of the shape or the combination. To me, it reminds me of an 80s blazer but without the shoulder pads. I don’t claim to be a stylist but it seems that the clothes underneath the blazer need a more extreme shape – either fuller pants or really slim pants. (I guess a dress might work.) I guess belting the blazer might work since the material is soft. Maybe turn up the color and add a brooch at the collar? Definitely, the blazer needs to be the star of the show! If I see any other inspiration online, I will pass it along. Thank you for this post – your posts always inform and inspire me!

    1. Sorry – I meant to write “Maybe turn up the collar/label and add a brooch at the top to close it similar to a mandarin collar”

  7. Interesting array of opinions. I always enjoy reading the different perspectives. I liked the look immediately. It is a relaxed blazer that fits you as that type of blazer should. I think the look is charming. Really cute with the striped tee. I think you should get another color.

  8. May I ask, please, what size you’re wearing in the striped tee-shirt? I always know, if it fits you, it will fit me! Thanks in advance and I love your fashion choices!