I’m growing out my gray hair…here’s how it’s going

How it started…

Almost six months ago I decided to stop coloring my hair to see what was happening with my natural color.

Growing out my gray hair, about 8 weeks in....
Growing out gray hair: be prepared that the color may not be evenly gray.

How it’s going…

After 5 months of growing out my gray hair, there's just about an inch of colored hair left...
Susan B is growing out her gray hair. Here it is as the 5-month mark.

sweater | necklace (similar)

After a haircut yesterday, there’s now only about an inch (or less) left on the ends that’s still colored. What’s becoming apparent is that my hair is a mix of silver on the temples and sides, and a more taupe-y salt and pepper on the top and back.

The growout process has been much less…awkward than I anticipated. The blending highlights we added at the start of the process softened the line of demarcation, as did the layered cut I’ve maintained over the last few months.

I’m actually liking it a lot! I’ll probably ask Brian to take off the rest of the colored ends with my next haircut in a few weeks. I haven’t changed any of my hair care products yet. I’m still using the Pureology Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner 3x per week, and the Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment on the days I shampoo. In between shampoos when I need a little lift/texture, I use a spritz of the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.

Have you gone “au naturel” with your hair color? Did you find you needed to change products or processes?

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  1. i grew mine out too but didnt get the result i expected. i am naturally very dark and was only about fifty percent grey so it just looked messy unfortunately. back to colouring for me for a few more years. your colour looks great

    1. Odd, I’m like you; hair almost black, green eyes, deep lips, skin a bit sallow and most think I look lovely salt and pepper.

  2. I have just turned 70 and my hair has been turning white for some years now. I’m not covering the white, but do have very light colored highlights put in to even out the color of my hair. Without the highlights, I have large chunky white stripes next to much darker hair. I prefer a more blended look. I use Oribe’s silver shampoo and conditioner most of the time.

    1. sadly, no. I’ve been leaving flyers with veterinary offices and hospitals in the area where she went missing, but no news yet.

      1. . I must’ve missed a post! I did t know about Gigi! . I must have missed a post! . Could you direct me? Meanwhile, my heart goes out to you and your little loved one.

  3. I chose not to color my hair as I always liked the natural color . I remember my mother coloring her hair at the first sight of gray; what a hassle!!!
    I began to notice the gentle changes and have embraced them, but I must admit my hair is healthy.
    I have had many hairdressers, say that they have clients who pay scads money to achieve this color..
    I do understand that I am one of the lucky ones, and my mother and others who choose a different path do do for their own reasons. No path is for everyone; being who you want to be is your path.

  4. When I began to go gray, back in my forties, I decided not to color it. My father had lovely streaks of gray in his hair at my age, and it eventually became silvery, and I suspected that I would be the same, and that turned out to be true. My hair was very straight, the roots were always visible,
    and my hair grows very fast, so I knew if i colord it, i would need to touch up the roots very frequently to avoid the skunk stripe. I found it very interesting over those years of transition that total strangers felt that they could talk to me about the choice, and I was often questioned, or challenged, by people who wanted to know why I didn’t color it, as well as those who wanted my encouragement to follow my example. I look at pictures , and I have no regrets.. By the time I was 60, I was the same silver gray that my father was

    I live in a city with “good” water, and I have never had trouble with yellowing. I have issues with eczema on my scalp and am unable to use most commercial shampoos. because I need hair products that are fragrance free and those are rare. I wash my hair everyday with Kiss My Face olive oil soap which is very gentle and has no additives. My hairdresser has no issues with this and tells me my hair is in good condition. i use a conditioner from Bumble and Bumble. In its fully gray state, my hair is very slightly wavy, and to take advantage of that, I use a fiberous gel from Loreal Professional’s Techniart line that I initally purchased in England when I inadvertantly forgot to bring my usual product. I air dry my hair, and then use a very small amount to scrunch up the top and make the most of every bit of the slight wave that I have acquired in my old age.

  5. Went white three years ago and love it! Wonder why I waited so long. Use Aveda’s Blue Malva shampoo for shine and to keep out any yellow.

  6. It will be the best thing you’ve ever done. Wish I had done it sooner. Looking back at photos of me with dyed red hair I say”what was I thinking?” It grew in a fabulous shade of silver.

  7. I have gone gray, having made the decision about a year ago. My hair is a darker steel gray with white streaks at the temples. I am curious if you find your colors are changing with your hair color?

  8. Susan, my natural hair color and texture is much like yours. Before the pandemic, every time I had highlights / lowlights put in my “dishwater color” hair, I noticed how much silver grey I had. So , during the pandemic, I decided it was time to stop the color. I’ve never in my life been so happy as now. The grey looks great, even though I, too, still have much darker hair at the back. I use a couple of shampoos and conditioners, and once a week, use a “purple” shampoo and conditioner. I do NOT miss the color process at all! (And love having that extra time in my schedule and money in my wallet!)

  9. I love it! Especially the silver highlights. I let mine go grey during the pandemic.

  10. The silver is lovely and it flatters your face colouring. My journey started more than 10 years ago (I was in my 50’s) and I’ve never looked back. Like me, you may find that sort of ashy blonde mix with the silver/grey gives your hair more depth of colour. I’ve even let my hair grow out into a long shag style. Not having had long(ish) hair since I was in my 20’s, it’s been a change, but a good one since I often receive compliments on both style and colour.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. I am a big fan of Oribe products and highly recommend their Silverati Illuminating Pomade for spectacular shine. It will make your silver highlights sparkle. It has made me really embrace my graying hair.

      1. I use it too! It does a great job of toning without the lavender hue the purple shampoos sometimes leave behind. But it is expensive!

  12. After I, like you, let my hair be naturally grey my hairdresser suggested I use a professional shampoo that is anti-yellow while brightening the whites. It made a subtle but lovely difference in my hair color and look and I think your hair would benefit. I call it my blueberry shampoo.

    Mirna Professional Color Care NO Yellow Shampoo. Delicate pH acid formula, also contains Vitamin F, Provitamin B5 Panthenol, SIlk and Pearl Extracts. Enriched with Blueberry extract. 500ml / 16.9oz Available on Amazon.

  13. Like many women, I stopped coloring my hair during the pandemic. I will not return to coloring it. I receive so many more compliments now on my hair color. I did not change my hair products (I had brown/auburn hair) but my hair is somehow shinier now, probably because it is healthier! And I do not miss those long coloring sessions.

    You look beautiful and radiant. In fact, I have yet to see a woman who stopped coloring her hair who does not look better.

  14. You look great. Like many others, I quit coloring mine during the pandemic. It took me about 18 months since my hair is to my shoulders. It was a struggle, but I am so glad I did it. I did find that it did impact the colors of clothing I wore. Colors that worked before were not as flattering. Do you find this to be true?

    1. Thanks, Barbara. Regarding color changes, yes and no. I’ve been gravitating toward brighter colors lately, but they’re still within my Spring palette.

  15. I was struck by how beautiful you look in the blue/purple sweater in the opening photos. Love!

    I’ve never dyed my hair; at 65, it’s a mix of dark brown and gray. IMO, there are so many clues to age — esp skin color and tone, posture and musculature, our hands, etc. And I love my grays.

    I’m curious if 1) you’ll change your eyebrows and 2) you’ll change everything else! Will your colors need to evolve to reflect your hair color?

  16. Love your salt & pepper hair, especially with the golden yellow top!! Your face glows and looks so healthy. I think you’ll find that your new hair color creates an exciting factor in planning the colors that you wear. ❤️

  17. My hairdresser encouraged me to stop coloring 5 years ago and now, at 70, people still ask me if my hair is my natural color. I have similar coloring to yours and my hair is more white in the front with streaks of blonde/brown in the back. I use a purple shampoo & conditioner; right now I’m liking the HB products. I find if I use any product with yellow in it the white strands take on a different hue. After years of a pixie cut I’ve let it grow to a chin length which works well because I play a lot of golf and I can pull it back into a small ponytail. I only wash it two times a week but I shower every night to get the dirt/dust out and then add a dollop of conditioner to help with tangles. I let it dry naturally and will use one of those roller dryers to straighten out any waves.

  18. This is a slow process but looks like you are almost at the stage where you could cut the color out although it would be short.

    When you are no longer coloring your hair, you will feel better. If you think about…all those chemicals on your scalp seeping into wherever probably monthly is not a good idea. Many of us did color our hair that often. Even when I used organic color…my scalp would often itch for a few days after color was applied. This cannot be a good thing.

    Almost there…..good job.

  19. I started going gray in my early 20s and colored it religiously. By my early 40s, I was getting noticeable gray roots in less than 2 weeks. Which was frustrating. So in my late 40s I took the plunge: got a very short pixie (my hair was less than an inch long) and got on with the gray. After all those decades of coloring the gray, I expected my hair to basically be silver. But it wasn’t. It was salt and pepper–and, I thought, pretty ugly. I stayed with it, though. I had a big chunk of white on and above one temple, so I bleached my hair around that to make it bigger and seem more intentional. Kept it silver by using purple-toned shampoos. Eventually, I stopped doing that. Now, in my mid-50s, my hair is primarily white (in the sunshine, it looks entirely white, but there is still some dark hair, too). I don’t use special products for it (it doesn’t seem to yellow) but I have noticed that my white/gray hair is noticeably less curly than my original hair was. So that has been an adjustment. (And it’s thinner, too. Sigh.) Anyway, I do love your natural color! As others have said, it complements your complexion beautifully, which is not always the case. Can’t wait to see it after your next cut.

  20. I used to be a blond but have darken with age and my natural color is light brown/ashy dark blond. I am 68 and primarily have gray at my temples with Covid I stopped coloring. I decided to not get any base color but I do get highlights and low lights because I felt it evened out the color. I was felling like a 1950 two tone car. Besides disliking that two tone look I generally felt darker and didn’t like that. I am have with this compromise and only get the color every 4-6 months.

  21. Susan I think your hair looks great. It looks very soft and flattering. I had to stop dyeing my hair at 55 because I inherited the family premature silver! I use the Oribe silverati and the Purology moisturizing line both. My hair is thick and coarse so I don’t have volume problems but I do have lots of cowlicks so I have to keep my hair very short.
    Annie helped me with colors (I had gotten into a rut of black white and gray) and because my hair is silver but my complexion warm (yellow based or peach) I need to wear vibrant autumn colors. Her help was a revelation for me!

  22. I actually love my auburn hair and can’t see myself ever not coloring it! I’m a natural redhead and so it suits my skin tone and eye color. I also feel that gray hair would make me look 10 years older…which I don’t need lol. But everybody has to do what feels right for them!

    1. Annie, if you do ever decide to stop coloring your hair, you may find that your white hair looks great. Because every redhead I know has turned out to have a beautiful creamy white color that is very flattering.

  23. Stopped coloring altogether 5 years ago, and my wavy hair has not become coarse or turned yellowish. The big change is that my salt and pepper hair has changed the colors that look good on me, beige and cream colors are tricky now. And the bright primary colors (royal blue, purple and red) that were once winners are not so much now.

    1. I understand. Colors changed for me too. Have been slowly weeding through my closet getting rid of beiges, creams, browns and olives. They all make me look ill

  24. The grow out is easier when your hair is shorter and not colored much darker. I really hadn’t noticed it in your photos – which is good!

    I have longer hair and it’s fun to be able to style it without needing to think about whether my roots will show.

    I’m a sucker for Instagram reels where they do hair braiding.

  25. Fun going grey! I am finished with my ‘going grey’ transition after 18 months, and my short thick hair has interesting platinum areas at the front, which first showed up months ago. Loved it.

    As others have experienced, the back is now pretty dark pepper…no salt!…but now my hair is so easy to deal with. After reading notes from others, I think it’s time now for me try some different spray texturizers, so I can play around with adding body and height at the crown after a wash every 4-5 days. Heavy hair, so needs lifting and texture ,otherwise I look a bit like a pudding face as my jawline has softened.
    Might investigate shampoos that keep white strands that way . I always knew when my Mum shampooed her hair, because her ears were tinged slightly lavender blue ! She had absolutely lovely white / grey wavy hair…but was so fine. I have my Dad’s thick Scots hair which has its challenges.

    Love that I have only trims now, every 5 weeks . Costs have gone way down, and my stylist does a great job for $44 CAD. Seeing Lydia next week after my recent 3 week trip in Europe and UK . She might have some suggestions.

    Been using a shining oil sparingly…L’anza keratin healing oil … just a dab rubbed on palms with L’Oréal Remix. A good combo after a shampoo. It seems to allow me to manipulate my thick straight cut and add some gloss.

  26. I use Pravana perfect blonde shampoo once every two weeks and leave on for five minutes followed by a deep mask conditioning treatment by Briogeo. I recently read an article about grey hair care and it said use purple shampoo to counteract yellow and blue shampoo to counteract orange. As a newly trained color expert you probably already know that! Your hair looks great. I’m getting ready to apply Shinefinity by Wella in clear as 6 week hair glaze, it doesn’t change your hair hair color just adds extra shine.

  27. I started going gray in my 30s, I remember one of my stylists say “people pay for the highlights you have.” It looked a little flat as it got grayer so I added some high and low lights but I quit that almost 10 years ago. I recently had someone ask me who did my color as it was such a great shade with the ombre blending. Pure Mother Nature.

  28. I, too, quit coloring my brunette hair during the pandemic. Since I wear my hair short, it was fully transitioned in about six months. My hair is mostly white in the front with some darker tones mixed in the back. Surprisingly, my hair is less coarse now than when colored! I don’t miss worrying about exposed roots or the itchy scalp after my coloring appointments very 3.5 weeks. I’m a “winter,” so my colors haven’t changed with my silver hair. I’m pretty fair, so I find I do need contrast near my face with my tops, glasses, and/or lipstick. I will never go back to coloring my hair; in retrospect, my dark hair looked very artificial!

  29. I have been white for some time but I still am not sure I like it. I’m 71 but still have to get used to it.
    I really like your hair but it does help when you do wear your right colors. The mustard sweater looks great.

    Hope you find your dog!! They are family.

  30. My hair has been silvery white since my early 40’s. Recently I bought the Oribe Silverati shampoo and conditioner plus a thickening styling spray. Expensive, but only need to lather once and it does make my hair sparkle. My hair started thinning a few years ago and is now very fine. I decided to be very gentle with it and wash about twice a week. Minimal heat styling. Mostly air dry and style with a dryer brush. Shoulder length bob, easy to care for. If it ever gets too thin, I’m going to explore wigs! Onward!

  31. I, as many others have mentioned, also stopped coloring my hair during the pandemic. It is now salt & pepper gray. It did change my hair texture and I had to use volumizing shampoo and don’t really need much conditioner now. I tried JVN (Jonathan Van Ness) shampoo and conditioner and love what they do for my hair. I also received a sample of his hair oil for shine but am afraid to use it because I don’t want my hair to look greasy. Cheers to you for going gray!

  32. I have been growing out my gray for a few years. I have a short haircut on top and a little longer in back. I found several years ago that hair dye made my scalp itch and burn. I am 77 now. Susan, I am wondering if growing out the gray will change the colors that you wear in clothing??? It seems that all I wear now is black and black/white prints (or navy/navy prints). I was a “Spring” before my I stopped coloring my hair) I don’t know what I am now>

  33. That mix of silver and grey sounds like a combo somebody would pay a lot for, so lucky you! It’s interesting that so many women find their hair in the back stays darker longer, I wonder why that is.

  34. It looks great!

    I stopped colouring my hair in 2020 and am so pleased with the decision. I tried a purple shampoo, but it gave me a rash. Like one of the posters above, I have sensitive skin and have to be careful what I use (Live Clean unscented shampoo and Neutrogena). But they are still working well with the new grey!

  35. I embraced going natural a few years ago. Wish I hadn’t waited so long to let my silver hair shine! It’s very freeing. Whenever, there is a special occasion coming up (recent family wedding) I have my hair dresser put a clear gloss on my hair for extra shine. It also gives my chin length bob extra body.

  36. While it would certainly be cheaper to go gray, I can’t see gray hair jiving with my autumn coloring, warm skin and golden brown eyes.
    Still coloring at this point….
    Any other autumns struggling with this ??
    What to do, what to do…….

    1. My mother was an autumn — she went gray — and her gray was a different gray than my (winter) gray. I think nature provides hair and skin and eyes that are in sync.

  37. I’ve never dyed my hair but was plucking out the grays for quite a while. I’ve let them grow in but my hair is neither here or there right now. It still reads completely dark in some light, kind of mousy in other light.

    I’m so sorry about your dog! I didn’t realize till just now.

  38. I’m sorry about your Dog ,hope you find it fast . I went gray 5 years ago ,mostly I’m OK with it .just ones in a while I get bored and have blond Highlights put in .i do miss my red Hair .

  39. Like many others, I let my hair go gray during the pandemic…..not by choice…… Unfortunately it did not work out well for me. I am back to highlighting although I am now a darker and nicer blonde than before…..alls well that ends well….and I’m very happy! Glad it’s working out for you!

  40. I let my hair go silver a few years ago. We were on a long cruise and I did not want to trust a new hairdresser with colouring my hair. Painful process at the time, but once grown out, I have never looked back. I do find that I am better with more mid toned colours by my face. The pale pastels need a scarf. I am a summer, of course.

    I do hope your dog shows up. I know first hand what a worry it is when your dog is missing.

  41. Looks great! I went natural three years ago and the color at that time was very similar to yours. Three years later there’s a lot more silver. One of the many things I love about having gone natural is the gradual shift in color as time goes by. Plus it just feels so darned badass to be my authentic self.

  42. I’m like Barb above, I let my short hair go silver during the pandemic and it was done in 6 months. I am a winter and I loved my brunette hair but was tired of coloring it every two weeks. The only change is that I need to have contrast near my face, black and white is especially good. And cobalt blue is now one of my best colors, along with navy blue. My husband loves gray hair on women, God bless him.

  43. You look beautiful and it will only get better! Getting rid of the dye was the best thing I ever did – the color I have now is much more flattering than anything from a a bottle. In the end you will wonder why you waited so long. I didn’t know your little dog was missing – hope you find her. So hard to lose a pet.

  44. I tried this 6 years ago, it came in some dull shade of Mouse. I hated how drained I looked. So I went back to my pretty highlights. Do you think, now at age 73!, I should try it again. My mother had mouse hair until she was in her late 80s- ugly hair is a big deal.!!!

    1. Same here. I’m 77 and still don’t have enough white/grey hair. My natural color was ash brown, now dark mouse, and I’ve colored my hair a light auburn color for years. It looks very natural and fits with my skin and eye color. So, at the rate my hair is turning grey, I’ll probably be coloring my hair for the rest of my life.

  45. You hair looks great! I wish I had stopped coloring during the pandemic– it’s hard with brown hair! I’m lucky it does grow fast so one day when the roots are bugging, me on a whim I’ll go the the salon and come home with a pixie cut!

  46. have naturally red hair that I have colored to maintain for the last 20 years. I have let it slowly go to its 64 year old natural color. This week I have been tempted to have it glazed again as I feel old looking in the mirror. But it could just be a function of looking after my seven month old grandson this week?

  47. Growing my hair color out during the pandemic was good timing. Now, I love my short, spikey, pixie silver hair. I use the special shampoo for silver hair. Because I have a very pale complexion, I do keep my eyebrows dark with eyebrow gel and I do wear a red tone lipstick. One change I noticed regarding colors, anything beige or cream near my face does not work. Bright white works, though.

  48. I decided to go gray about years ago. My hair grows quite fast and my natural color then was dark. I could not keep it colored. So I went for it. Once I did, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it, especially now that it’s rather long. It’s a rare week that I don’t get multiple compliments on it. And it is so easy to maintain! Several of my friends have now done the same.

  49. I am an autumn (they tell me) with hazel/green eyes. My hair was dark brown. I let it go during the pandemic (as many of us did, apparently) and I’m not going back. It’s mostly white now. I like the contrast between my eyes and the white. I do a light brown brow, and always blush on the cheeks (peachy color) because I have quickly discovered I need more make up now than when my hair was dark. The key is to use a light hand.

  50. I love your gray. Looks great.

    Speaking of color, next week I’m having some lowlights put into my very white front of head hair, to match the darker hair of my back of head:)

  51. I’d been coloring my hair for years and paid big bucks for golden blonde highlights in my fifties and sixties. Going gray was not my choice; that’s how my hair grew back after chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer (another “gift” from 2020). After a lot of scrutinizing my hair regrowth in the mirror, I decided I could go with the new silver look, especially after many compliments from friends plus some from people I didn’t even know. My hair now has some wave to it, seems thicker and is so much easier to style with a pixie cut. Sometimes I still feel like I look somewhat older when comparing myself to photos from two to three years ago, but I’m sticking with the new look. The gray is silver and shiny, and I rather like it although I still think my husband secretly wishes I would go back to being a blonde. I’m not sure I love myself in such a short pixie cut, so I will let it grow a bit to see what I think.

  52. I never have colored my hair. It just doesn’t seem healthy to put on those chemicals on my scalp. I am lucky with the way I greyed, as my stylist has told me many time, and that has made my decision easier. Good for you going grey! With the money you save you can travel even more ;p

  53. The challenge for me was going from high-contrast complexion and hair to low-contrast. The strong colors of clothing that I used to wear overwhelm me. Now I choose slightly warm colors in a medium to light tone. Too light fades me out. Too warm doesn’t work.

    1. Muted colors started working for my “spring” coloring all of a sudden when my coppery red hair went gray. They looked terrible on me before, but I loved bright, clear colors so it didn’t matter. I still have some natural blonde highlights.

  54. That looks great Susan.

    I’m 63 and have absolutely zero grey. My mom went grey early but my dad didn’t go grey until he was 75-80 and he’s still mostly salt and pepper at 90. I must take after him. I have never colored my hair either – I thought when I went grey, I’d go lighter – maybe even blondish- from my natural brown hair but it hasn’t happened yet. I have summer coloring so muted pinks blues and greys are my jam.

  55. Nope, nope, no. Not for me. I would love not to colour my hair but I won’t do it, I won’t go grey. Ask me again when I am 80. My mum kept it up until she was 92 .

  56. Your hair looks great. I’ve never been into hair coloring that much since I’m a very low maintenance type. In the past, I sporadically used a semi-permanent color like henna. I’m almost sixty and my hair still looks very dark, particularly in photos. I have patches of silver white at the temples and sprinkles of gray throughout. At this rate, I don’t think I’ll be fully gray until my 70s. I don’t worry about graying, but the grays sprinkled throughout tend to be unruly, even in my naturally curly hair, which has become less curly with age (more wavy now). I miss my curls…sigh.

  57. In our locale hair salons were closed for the first several months of the pandemic so I couldn’t get my hair coloured. And as I wasn’t going anywhere anyways, I thought it was the perfect time to naturally go grey. Also my husband had gone grey. My kids all encouraged me to go grey. As it happens the front part of my hair has gone grey but from the back I still have a lot of brown hair. The area around my part is silvery grey and almost looks like intentional highlights. My hair dresser suggested L’Oreal professional series Silver Magnesium Neutralizing Shampo for grey hair. I use it once a week and it makes the grey silvery rather than yellow. As my hair is a warm grey colour, the shampoo keeps my grey from looking drab, which warm grey hair often can.

  58. Went without haircut and color from February 2020 to October 2020. It didn’t look bad, but I decided to stay with the color routine of covering up the dark roots and kept the longer pandemic length. Like other posters, the silver hair looks like highlights. I’ve been coloring my hair in some form or another since high school (remember Sun-in or Lemon Go Lightly?) after my born blonde hair went dark. I used to add highlights to covering up the dark roots but gave that up 10+ years ago because of the expense and upkeep.

  59. Your hair looks lovely. I think you’ll be very happy with it. When my hair started going grey in my 40s, I decided not to colour it and at 69, it’s still in transition! I’m wondering if it will ever be entirely grey. I like to say that it’s not just salt and pepper, it’s the entire spice rack! Even hairdressers complement me on it.

  60. This is a POPULAR subject! Stopped coloring mine about 20 years ago. Once my natural color was grown in, never looked back. The texture and health of my hair was worth it alone, BUT turned out to be a beautiful combination of shades. Get compliments all the time, including a man who sidled up to me in Home Depot and said, “I love your hair”.

  61. I only had to change two things: I use purple shampoo semi-regularly, and the stylist applies a clear gloss when I go for a cut. The first keeps the yellow away, and the second gives the hair shine and manageability.

  62. No I haven’t, I wanted to see how you did or if you would turn back. 🙂 Your hair is thicker looking to me than mine, I have quite a wave but not as much hair. Still scared. Your looks beautiful!

  63. I never colored my hair. Too much experience standing on the subway and looking down on the tops of heads with a gray circle on top of the dyed hair. LOL The women never knew how exposed their true color was. LOL While I would prefer I still had beautiful auburn hair, I am fine with what I have now…although I wish it was completely gray. Glad you are embracing yourself!

  64. Thanks to chemo therapy, I was bald for 6 months and when my hair started to grow back a few months ago it came in white. It is now about 1 1/2″ long and although still pure white at the front and top, the back has some steel grey areas. It also is rather curly (another change for me). It is quite the transition from below the chin length, bob style, mid brunette colour that I had for years. But, I do like the colour and with the curls is looks like an intentional style, and not just post chemo hair. And I get compliments from strangers on my hair almost every day! I’m a Winter and do prefer bright colours and the contrast of black & white still looks good on me. I do find a need a brighter lipstick and blush now.

  65. I love your new look, I could see you with a short bob. I stopped colouring my hair 4 years ago when I turned 70. I noticed younger friends I worked with since they were teenagers, now in their 50s, had gone grey so thought I’d try it, if I didn’t like it I could always go back to colouring (which was not holding well in the last few years), my hair is a short pixie cut so it only took a few months, it is now ‘ pepper and salt’ and everyone says it suits me better than my dark hair, one friend I had not seen for months asked me ‘who coloured your hair, it’s looks great’

  66. I quit highlighting my hair in 1985 when I got pregnant with our son. I’m 68 and my started turning gray this past year, due to stress, I believe. I have no plans to color it. My hair is light brown and the gray still blends in. What I hate is the change in texture. My brown hair is straight but the gray hair is frizzy!