I love a red lip…

Susan B. wears a glam makeup look with red lipstick. Yes, you can wear red lipstick over 60!

There’s just something about red lipstick that evokes a certain kind of bold, confident glamour. When we were in Italy recently, I noticed many gorgeous, stylish women of all ages rocking a red lip.*

Yes, you can wear red lipstick over 50, 60, 70… In fact, it’s only been in the last few years that I’ve been able to feel confident wearing it. And figuring out which shades of red suited me was a big part of that. (FTR, it’s the orangey, tomato reds that really work with my coloring.) The color I’m wearing here is called “Fall Crush,” and I love it! (It’s brighter IRL than it looks on the website.)

I had such fun yesterday on a live Zoom (“Dial up the Glam”) with Brian of Brian + MW. He’s a good friend and professional makeup artist who has worked with both celebrities and everyday folks to teach makeup techniques. I learn something new every time I work with him!

Brian will be posting the video on his YouTube channel in the next day or so.

Also wearing (products were gifted):

If you prefer a cooler red, try Roma Night. It’s a gorgeous color!

More tips for wearing red lipstick (at any age)

  • Be sure your lips are exfoliated and conditioned.
  • A lip liner can help prevent your color from “bleeding” beyond the lip line.
  • For precise application, use a lip brush.
  • For more pigmented formulas, I like to apply by pressing the color onto my lips, then press lips together to blend.
  • To get more of a softer “stain” look, press the color onto your lips with a fingertip, then blot.

Other favorites from Brian + MW:

Lipstick: Passego Puro | Re-Creation Lip Treatment |
Illuminate & Contour Eye Treatment | Firming Neck & Throat Creme

Earrings HERE, sweater HERE.

All of Brian’s products are cruelty-free and paraben-free. This is not a sponsored post, and I received no compensation aside from the makeup used.

*Masks were required indoors in Italy, but not outdoors or when eating/drinking.

Do you have a favorite shade of red lipstick?

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  1. I love a red lippy. I think as we age everything in our face tends to fade and a bright lip just brings life back. For me, I have to stay away from reds with blue undertones but the orange and pink undertones work well. I just wish we didn’t have to wear masks. I have to blot off my lipstick before putting the mask on.

    1. Hi Judith, I’ve used it for a couple of years now and it’s one of my go-to skincare products. It really firms and improves the texture of the skin on my neck, and has also eliminated some of the “blotchiness” I used to get there.

  2. You look GREAT in your close up!
    Do you use the Re-Creation Lip Treatment? I am curious about if it helps w vertical lines above the lip? I was unable to open reviews on his site. Also wondering if it gives you that “tingly” feeling that some plumpers do – I don’t like that feeling.

    1. Hi Teri, thanks! Yes, I’ve used it for a few years now and LOVE it. I do think it reduces/minimizes the vertical lines, and no, it does not tingle.

      1. Teri, I also started using the Re-Creation Lip Treatment faithfully during Covid last year, when my lips got really irritated from wearing a mask all the time. Used twice daily, I definitely think it helps with the vertical lines and overall leaves my lips in much better condition – I’m in Wisconsin so winter is brutal on skin and lips here! And no tingling for me, either.

  3. Very flattering shade of red you are wearing Susan. I like Bobby Brown, ‘roseberry’ which looks quite red on me. I had avoided brighter lipsticks due to ‘bleeding’, but I recently had I lip fillers and some filler injected into those wretched ‘smoker’ lines – no more ‘bleeding’.

  4. Your red lips look nice and the green sweater is a great color on you. Let’s talk about the pearl earrings. Love them. Can you share a brand or a store?

  5. Besame (@besamecosmetics) has the best red lipsticks in a range of shades. It’s sort of their specialty, although I like all of their products.

  6. Your red lip looks terrific. I’ve had a favorite red for years—Clinique’s All Heart in Long Last Soft Shine. It was reformulated, and the color is no longer the same. Why do cosmetics companies do this? New and improved is not always better.

    1. Thanks, Ann! I hate it when they do that, though I understand sometimes it’s about switching to safer or more available ingredients.

  7. That is the only thing that I dislike about wearing masks….and no-one wants a smeary mask. Having a pale complexion, I feel I need that red lipstick to look my best. At home, I always have my lipstick on.

  8. Loving the Fall Crush Lipstick on you Susan it’s a wonderful compliment to your beautiful sweater. We had a fun time as always. One thing I loved what you shared during the event was that almost all women through out Italy having breakfast, lunch or dinner all had lipstick on. The mask came off at the restaurant and the lipstick went on! Brilliant!!! We continue our style during these masked times.

    Your brows are always on point and I’m loving your choice of Astro Fizz Silky Smooth Eye Shadow as the soft liner on the bottom lash line. Very complimentary to the lipstick, sweater and Bronze Lights and Cream on the Top eye shadows on the lid, inner corner of the eye and under the arch in the brows.

    Great look!!

  9. I have recently been looking for a bright lip color and found a MAC color- “Ladybug” and it works very well for me.
    Happy to see that you are looking for brighter as well. You look great in the post today.

  10. You look beautiful- luminous and healthy! I’m going to experiment with reds, now that I learnthat 70 is not too old. I’ve been sticking with neutrals (Bobbie Browns Pink Nude) or us it Nude Pink? Well very very pale. Thank you for inspiring all of us!

  11. For non-masky moisture, I like FACE Stockholm cranberry veil. It’s sheer so you almost can’t go wrong. Then with the masks I like Stila Stay all day in Rubino. It’s a brick red. For more of a true red, Beso. This is evidently the one AOC uses which inspired me to try the Rubino — I don’t like true red but I’ll do brick any day of the week. And the Stay all day really does last and isn’t too drying. I wouldn’t say it’s moisturizing but not too drying.

  12. I’ve worn red lipstick my whole life, starting at age 16. I probably have 8 tubes of different shades and formulas! It is my go to when I need to feel a bit more peppy. You are absolutely correct–the key is getting the right undertone for your skin. You’ve nailed it with this one here, Susan. You look wonderful! Wear it often!

  13. Hi! So glad for this post. I’ve always been a make-up aficionado, but with aging skin I’m struggling. I’m 52, I have good skin but ‘dem fine lines are getting me.

    I do not have defined or rosy lips, so lipstick has always been important to my routine. I drink a LOT during the day, water soda, coffee…so it tends to wear off within an hour or two. I am resigning myself to using primer now, but what do you suggest for keeping it looking fresh? Do I accept that I’ll have to go to a mirror three times a day and just “do it all over” ? Any ideas you have would be great!