If you love sleek minimalism, you might like these…

While 90’s-inspired minimalist clothing styles have been a micro-trend for a few seasons now, they seem to be gaining traction. Or perhaps it’s just the Baader-Meinhoff (Frequency Bias) effect, as we’ve been streaming a lot of Scandinavian series lately… 😉

Minimalist clothing styles & accessories Fall 2022

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Either way, I’m here for it! I’ve always loved clean, sleek minimalist styles. They’re a refreshing visual palate-cleanse after all of the big and blowsy, look-at-me, ruffles-on-top-of-ruffles styles that have dominated lately.

A simple, minimalist outfit also makes a good “blank canvas” for adding a personal touch with accessories. And being petite, I find that simple, softly structured styles often work best for me without overwhelming my frame.

Here are a few styles with a minimalist vibe that caught my eye this week…

Many of these are currently marked down, too!

Halogen open front ruched sleeve blazer, black.

Minimalist style doesn’t have to be bland or generic. Look for subtle details like the front shaping and ruched sleeves on this jacket (Plus here).

Veronica Beard ruched sleeve blazer, off-white.

“Minimalist” doesn’t have to mean black, either. Here’s another ruched sleeve blazer with clean lines in off-white.

Eileen Fisher v-neck silk crepe top, bone.

A couple of years ago I purchased a crew-neck version of this silk top. It’s been a good investment. I reach for it often as a layering piece and I’m considering this v-neck style (sizes XXS-3X) for variety.

Vince high waist cigarette pants coastal (dark navy).

A front seam on these stretchy cigarette pants adds some structure. They’re available in black and “coastal” (navy) sizes 00-16. (Plus here.)

Vince Lex pointed toe asymmetrical flat, tan color.

I had to go hunt down those cool pointed-toe flats shown with the pants above. Here they are, and are available in multiple colors. You know I did…😉 Will report back.

NYDJ faux leather a-line skirt, black.

Texture is another way to add interest to minimalist pieces. Here’s a faux leather a-line skirt with stitching detail. This could go to the office or out to dinner, or add a denim jacket for a more casual look.

Eileen Fisher stretch midi skirt in dark brown.

This longer knit pencil skirt in “Dark Brownstone” is a nice alternative to black (think this particular brown works best for you Autumns). It’s also available in Plus.

Vince Benita mules in Cypress (olive green).

Here’s another minimalist-doesn’t-have-to-mean-black example. I’m seriously tempted by these wedge mules, which are perfect for transitional season wear. This olive color is another good one for Autumns, but they’re also available in tan and black.

Marc Fisher Yarita chelsea booties black leather.

These good-looking ankle boots are sleek, comfortable and under $100! (Through 7/31.)

Fellow Stagg electric kettle black.

Ok, I know it’s not clothing, but I’m absolutely crushing on the look of this electric kettle. It’s designed for pour-over coffee use, (hence the narrow spout for pouring control) but could just as easily be used to heat water for tea or other hot beverages. Also available in Cream.

How do you feel about minimalist clothing styles? Are you a fan or do you prefer more detail and pattern?

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  1. I love the minimalist look, especially as I mature and appreciate better quality. I ordered the Vince cigarette pants from the #NSale in my normal size and I couldn’t get them past my thighs I was so excited for them to work. Instead I got the Vince Crop Stretch Cotton Chinos (in my regular size) and they are beautiful! I am very excited to see what you think of the Vince shoes when they arrive. Yay!!!! I love shoes ❤️

  2. For years I have admired the sleek minimalist neutral style but it’s just not Me. Sadly, it feels boring and plain to me. My wardrobe pieces that fit that particular aesthetic just sit for a rainy day because IRL I prefer more color and detail. I so admire it on others though!!

  3. I like the clean lines of minimalist type clothing. Unfortunately most of it is black/white/gray with occasional navy. I’m an autumn and is tough finding styles I will wear in colors that fit my palette and personality. Would love that black jacket if it was olive green or a warm medium brown. I’ll pass on the pointy toe shoes in any color.

  4. I love the v neck top – always looking for a blank canvas for suits/work. I’m a summer – would you recommend the bone color?

    1. The bone might be a little warm for a Summer. I find the bone color tends to vary slightly from season to season. I haven’t seen this one in person yet, but will update once I have.

  5. I love the minimalist style… especially for basics. The good quality is out of my price range. Who makes these styles where they are less expensive ?

    1. I love minimalist, especially in winter as I am far too lazy to try and style outfits/colours. Summer, however, is a different story.

  6. This is 100% my style: solid swamp-color neutrals, zero embellishments. (I’d even skip the earrings altogether, or go for tiny geometric studs.) Vince is one of my go-to brands; in fact, just yesterday I’d been eyeing those olive wedge mules.

    In my experience, Vince pants and skirts run a little large; I generally find myself sizing down.

  7. This is my style, especially for work. Curious where it fits in the style genres you were trained in. I tend to think of it as Natural,Classic. I invested i. 2 styles of pants & 2 tops & the jacket in the Eileen Fisher brownstone at the N Sale. When I find my foundational colors, I stock up!

    1. I think the style personalities that might gravitate toward minimalist looks would be Dramatic, Natural, some Classics, Gamine, some Romantics. A lot of the differences between those would be in the fabrics and silhouettes. (For example, a Dramatic might go for more structured & angular shapes, a Natural might lean toward more relaxed and asymmetric styles.)

  8. I also like a minimalist style, because of the sleekness, simplicity, and versatility—I have many pieces similar to the ones you show in this post. For me, accessories—necklace, scarf—change the look and keep it interesting. I like Vince for those features as well as for the quality (I’m with Katie on this). Most of the time I would choose that style, but depending on the occasion, I also like some special or fun pieces, like sleek pants or jeans with a print top.

  9. I prefer the minimalist style silhouettes. I don’t mind a little color, nor do I mind patterns, depending on how simple they are. But I do not like overly fussy clothing, with ruffles, embroidery or sequins. I prefer the focus to be on how I look, rather than the clothes I am wearing. Not that I don’t want my clothing to look carefully selected and good quality. But as I have smaller features, a lot of fussiness tends to overwhelm me.

  10. Funny. Paging through the Anniv Sale shoes last week, I saw all the Vince pointy-toed offerings and ran straight to ebay and Amazon to stock up on previous years’ square-toe and rounded-toe loafers. Love Vince shoes! Hate pointy toes!

  11. I love minimalist dressing and always with a twist- whether that’s a great scarf (I knit) or some interesting jewellery, etc. I was in Eileen Fisher the other day – this new late August capsule is great (for me) – could happily have bought so many of the pieces.


    (And not all are black – there’s an interesting browny-colour they call “rye”.

    And tried and loved this tank, too https://www.eileenfisher.com/organic-cotton-slubby-rib-knit-crew-neck-tank/F2NRB-U4239.html?loc=US

  12. That faux leather skirt looks nice but would like to get your take on faux leather Susan (and your readers’ too).
    I had a faux leather blouson style jacket in the 90s but couldn’t wear it , so hot and sticky, the same with a pair of pants. I said I’d never wear that material again. However, the composition of the material may have changed. Maybe it’s a lot better now.

  13. I love minimalism and “no” it does not mean lack of color. It refers to clean lines without all the added embellishments. The interest comes from the materials used and the styling of materials. There is a wonderful book about minimalism in fashion titled “Less is More” that gives a good overview of the history of the style from the early twentieth century to the early twenty-first century.

  14. This is the Victoria Beckham style which I adore. I would love to have the money to wear her clothes. And that is strange because my style is so different from hers. Then why do I like it so much? It is so chic, so rich, so polished.

    I love the electric kettle too.

  15. I think bohemian style is really for me. I tried minimalist for years, but it just didn’t make me happy. And, it doesn’t really fit our casual lifestyle. I’m not into ruffles, but have enjoyed some of the post pandemic styles that have been available. I don’t mind a tiered skirt as it goes well with my body type and is easy to wear. I’m avoiding black as much as possible now–save for a few cashmere items for winter. I still have a good deal of minimalist pieces in my closet, but find that I just don’t reach for them unless I need them for an event that calls for dressing up a bit.