Free-Range Friday: Paris Guidebook, Windows and More

Cover of "Paris in Stride", a new guidebook of walking tours in Paris. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

A Paris Guidebook

It seems the more we visit Paris, the more we realize we haven’t seen. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to plan a travel itinerary. We love to explore on foot, so when I saw a mention for this new guidebook, “Paris in Stride,” I placed an order immediately. Just received my copy a couple of days ago, and am enjoying it so far. Organized by neighborhood, it presents a mix of well-known landmarks and more obscure attractions with cafes, bars, restaurants, parks and shopping venues.

And the illustrations are quite charming too…

Artwork from "Paris in Stride".

I think this book has something for travelers ranging those who are visiting for the first time and want to see the Main Attractions, to those who are more experienced and scorn the more “touristy” spots. I’m taking notes for cafes and a few points of interest for our visit in early June.

Image source.

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch…

Workers installing a large picture window. Details at une femme d'un certain age.

Work on the house has mostly moved outdoors. Yesterday, windows were installed in the two front rooms, replacing the original windows from when the house was built in 1941. It will be nice to have windows that actually open. Next up, stucco and paint.

I’m really looking forward to being done with this renovation, and being able to relinquish my second job as Project Manager. 😉

Happy Passover, Happy Easter

Ready for Passover. We haz Matzohs.

Family is flung far and wide this year, so it’s the first year in many there won’t be a big Seder gathering. We’ll have Jeune Homme with us, and plan to enjoy a quiet weekend at home. (JH was recently diagnosed with a wheat allergy, so we’ll probably stick to potatoes.) If you’ve been invited to a Seder and aren’t sure what to bring, may I recommend an easy Apple Matzoh Kugel?

Whether you’re celebrating Passover, Easter or any other Spring holiday, I hope you have a lovely one. Bon weekend!

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  1. I’ve got that same book coming to my mailbox very soon — in large part for the delightful illustrations, but I’m also looking forward to discovering new favourite spots.
    Looks as if you’re rounding the corner to Done, with your renovation — and besides the beautifully transformed space, you will love the tranquility left in the workers’ wake. . .

  2. Susan – if you’re going to Paris in early June you may want to attend Dîner en Blanc! Pack a picnic, wear white and dine with the masses for the 30th anniversary!

    1. Could be, but I really don’t like to be told what to wear and have plenty of friends in Paris to picnic with. I pretty much never wear white – I’ve been owned by a series of chats noirs.

      Paris has many lovely picnic sites, but some have been restricted – be careful.

      1. Agree about not wanting to be required to wear white (sounds like school Speech Days, or bowling clubs or First Communions, or Asian funerals – though it’s not required to attend a funeral, it’s customary). I do wear white sometimes, but somehow, even if it’s not, a white dinner has a kind of racist connotation that make me feel uncomfortable. Also, I don’t understand what you mean by saying some picnic sites have been restricted. Is this for security reasons, or what?

        Have bought many Paris guide books in the past but probably no more as we spend over a month there every year and we know the places we want to go really well – or google ones we don’t know and get information off the net – so much wonderful info available that way. Also bloggers’ suggestions in their posts can be so helpful, eg favourite restaurants, cafes. Best wishes, Pamela

  3. Do you know the blog “Messy Nessy Chic”? It focuses mainly on Paris, the quirky and lesser known corners. The new book is “ Don’t Be A Tourist in Paris” and I recommend it highly. I too will be there in early June for my umpteenth trip and will be exploring some new corners thanks to the inspiration of this guidebook.

  4. Although going to Paris is probably not going to happen, I love to go :flaneuring” in any city or town when visiting.
    Hmmm, maybe time to start saving my pennies…

  5. Thank you for the book idea…we’ll be in France for 2 months this Summer and definitely will be in Paris too. We’ve been lots of times before but always value new ideas of what to see and do. Dee

  6. Thank you for the guidebook tip, Susan. Your new French doors look great. And have a memorable, intimate Seder tonight and a great weekend.

  7. The guidebook sounds great! We also like to see a place on foot as much as possible.

    I also wanted you to know that I published a blog post featuring some of my favourite fashion bloggers for “women of a certain age” today and you are one of them! I included a link to your blog, of course. I hope you’ll stop by and take a look; maybe even leave a comment. You can find it here…

    Elaine @ Following Augustine

  8. Wow, I’m doing windows now too. (House built in 1926) Messy but will be worth it, been talking about it for 20 years!

    Love your blog

  9. What a fun guide! I’ve never been to Paris and really need to go. Hope you’re enjoying the holiday.

  10. I’m treating my 15 yr old granddaughter to her first visit to Paris in June. I just sent her a copy of “Paris in Stride” so she can start to think and dream like a flâneuse. I’d welcome ideas for “off the beaten path” adventures.
    I’ve scheduled a cooking class with the lovely Benedicte (The Parisian Kitchen), brunch in Montmartre with Sandrine (Little Berries & Co) and several dinners in Parisian homes.

  11. Having a husband, son, grandson, MIL, BIL who all have celiac disease we are very practiced at having a gf Passover. It’s a bit late now, but for next year, there are gf matza available. Two different brands even. There are lots of gf kosher for Passover gf products available. Streits makes a gf matzah ball mix. Quinoa is ok for Passover and we Ashkenazi Jews can have ride and beans now. Much easier to have a gf Passover than when everyone was diagnosed.
    Have a fabulous trip to Paris.

  12. Yes, I was in the loop as a pre-order for this title. It’s definitely worth a look. Loved the illustrations! In Paris next month: looking forward to checking out new sights & cafes ( and some old favourites as well!)