Paris Prep – Packing Redux

We’re actually about 2/3 packed for our trip! I started packing over the weekend in anticipation of a very busy week and an extremely early departure Saturday morning.

Last time, I brought way too much of everything: clothing, shoes and accessories. I ended up mostly wearing the same six items throughout the week, and some of the bulky items I’d packed “just in case” were just so much deadwood. This time I’ve edited somewhat, chosen mostly clothes that will be impervious to wrinkles (eliminating the need to pack a travel steamer), stuck with fabrics that are relatively lightweight/not bulky, and chosen a mostly black and grey color scheme (adding scarves for color). The weather report for Paris for next week seems to change day to day, so layers will be key.

Without further ado, here’s what I’m hoping will get me through 5 days in Paris and 4 days in New York:

  • 2 silk tanks for layering (one black, one graphite)
  • 1 white tee shirt for layering
  • 1 grey 3/4 sleeve cotton tee
  • 1 black silk long sleeve tee
  • 1 black silk scoop neck tunic
  • 1 black cashmere v-neck
  • 1 shorter black lightweight wool cardigan
  • 1 longer grey hooded wool cardigan
  • 1 pair black wool Banana Republic trousers
  • 1 pair charcoal jeans
  • 1 pair black jeans
  • 1 Chico’s Traveller’s Jacket, black
  • 1 Chico’s Traveller’s knee-length skirt, black (don’t laugh, these dress up easily, can be washed in the sink, and this jacket/skirt combo is one of the most flattering ensembles I own)
  • 2 longer necklaces to dress up the Chico’s
  • Ecco mary janes
  • Ferragamo plain black pumps
  • 3 favorite Hermès scarves
  • 1 oblong warmer scarf
  • small vintage Chanel bag for dressy evening
  • casual cross-body messenger bag
  • packable long microfiber raincoat

Wearing/carrying for travel days:

  • black jeans
  • black tee shirt
  • black silk v-neck sweater
  • green pashmina
  • black “1803” loafers
  • black Miu Miu convertible bag (can be worn crossbody or carried for a dressier look)
  • black leather walking coat

Okay, so that seems like a lot, but most of it rolls up and doesn’t take up a lot of space. I have to save room in the suitcase for souvenirs, after all.

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  1. metscan – absolutely! The 1803 loafers were what I ended up wearing almost exclusively there last year, and the Ecco’s are also fabulous walking shoes, with a bit of flair.

  2. I’m not laughing, that sounds brilliant. Are you not discreetly not including the negligeés because that’s um, the romantic part of the trip?

  3. Lisa P – glad it was helpful! In looking at the list, I realize I could potentially “edit” a bit more, but I have the room and would prefer to avoid doing sink laundry as much as possible.

    duchesse – well a woman has to have a little mystery, non?

  4. Looks like a very chic and practical list. I always think half the joy in a trip is the wardrobe planning. It’s like one huge, immensely entertaining jigsaw puzzle.

    The big thing for us living in New Zealand is that if we travel practically anywhere other than Australia we also need to plan for a season change. Which is both great fun (getting to wear summer clothes in the middle of winter! joyous!) and frustrating, there being nothing in our shops appropriate at that time.

    I love hearing other people’s wardrobe planning for trips, so thank you for posting yours! It’s like a trip really focuses the mind and makes us go through that whole editing/balancing process that we are exhorted to do by the style bibles but can be so hard normally.

  5. Does your list include comfortable shoes for walking? Walking around really kills your feet if you don´t have a pair of shoes-preferably shoes that are a bit too large.

  6. Really great basic pieces for your perfect Paris trip. I am sort of surprised that you are packing so few scarves. But, I imagine there is a method to your minimalism. You are buying scarves while you are there!

  7. It looks like a brilliant and well-edited list. And not so skimpy that you are dependent on the sink-laundry every night, or fighting the spouse for who gets dibs on the laundry line, which of course allows more time for other things.

    Have a great trip.

  8. Oui, pour un palmier Ladurée! et si vous ètes dans le 10ième, passez chez Du pain et des Idées, les chaussons à la pomme fraîche vous fondent dans la bouche.
    Très bon et beau voyage deja pseu, raportez nous plein de photos.


  9. looks like a brilliant, stylish, and practical suitcase-full for a wonderful 10 days — enjoy!
    And we’ll look forward to seeing what you unpack from that leftover space.

  10. I am going to live vicariously through your trip to Paris, since I don’t fly. But… when I get over this, all my blogging friends can tell me where to stay, where to eat, and what to do!

    I love lists, and thanks for posting this. I hope you have a the trip of a lifetime.

  11. style spy – I will happily eat any pastry, just for you!

    rhiannon – thanks! We may be visiting your part of the world sometime next year, so I’ll get to experience that opposite-seasonal planning/packing.

  12. mardel – thanks! Another tip I’ve used to reduce the need for laundry is to pack a small spray bottle of Febreeze. If clothes aren’t dirty but just stinky from smoke or food smells, a few spritzes does the trick!

    Orane – j’espere visiter Laduree! Je veut raporter beaccoup des photos aussi, ça depends de Wi-fi à l’hotel.

  13. materfamilias – merci! At least the exchange rate has come down a bit, so I might be able to do a little shopping after all…

    julianne – I do hope you’ll be able to visit the places you’d like to see someday. Mon mari is a nervous flyer also, and avails himself of some prescription meds to take the edge off.

  14. If you do come down to the Southern Hemisphere, make sure you come in our summer! November-April are the best months. All too often I’ve had Northern Hemisphere friends or family come over in your summer break, our winter, and it’s not so great. Unless you’re coming for skiing, of course.

    And if you ever make it to Wellington, and want local flavour, let me know 🙂

  15. Oh my , I could never travel with that much! How will you have room to bring things HOME??

    Have a lovely trip and can’t wait to hear about the trip! Enjoy the Marais this time! And check out the novel, “Murder in the Marais”–saw it at Barnes and Noble…

  16. Karen – Actually I do have some room left in the suitcase and also packed an empty duffel bag that we can use on the trip home for overflow!

    While I hope to do a good bit of shopping while I’m there, I can’t count on being able to find clothing that fits and that I could wear for the trip. If I do, great, but if not I’m covered.