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Une femme is still recovering from a crazybusy weekend, so would like to share some suggestions for your reading enjoyment today.

I’ve just finished reading Linda Grant’s the thoughtful dresser. Those who read her blog of the same name will recognize some familiar themes and passages, but the way she’s tied everything together by telling the story of Catherine Hill, an Auschwitz survivor who went on to become the fashion doyenne of Montreal Toronto really elevates the subject of clothing and style to another level. Two thumbs up!

In my Glamorous Life™ in an alternate universe, this is what I’m wearing.

If you love (capital F)ashion, and are not reading Style Spy, you’re missing out. There’s no one who parses the world of designer fashion with such humor, incisiveness, and an incredible eye. Today she makes a bold (but completely on-target) suggestion about a new direction for Halston. Go. Read. Laugh.

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  1. oh Pseu! So pleased that you, too, have a Glamourous Life in an Alternate Universe…I am surprised I haven’t bumped into you, of course I would have been wearing my size 0 vintage clothing collection with Perfect Hair and Make-Up, so you may not have recognized me. By the way, my live-in housekeeper and cook have some relatives who do wonderful work, if your are having any trouble staffing the mansion and/or penthouse over there…Just let me know…your Delusional Friend…Maravonda

  2. Duchesse, you beat me to the correction!

    I’ve Ms Hill had lived out her fashionable life here in Montréal, there is no way she would have eschewed black, or identified it with war and genocide.