Travel-Friendly, Business-Ready With M.M. LaFleur

Susan Blakey of une femme d'un certain age wears M.M. LaFleur separates in black with a taupe jacket.

Regular readers of this blog know that I’m always on the lookout for travel-friendly clothing. I firmly believe that with a few well-chosen pieces, you don’t need to maintain a separate wardrobe just for travel.

Many thanks to M.M. LaFleur for their partnership on this post. All ideas and opinions are my own.

Wearing: Woolf Jardigan (c/o) | Eileen Top (c/o) | Mabel Necklace (c/o) | Oshima Pant

Plus options: Jardigan | Top (similar) | Pants (similar)

While I primarily travel for pleasure these days, during my corporate career I traveled regularly on business. (The first time I read about M.M.LaFleur, I wished they’d been around then!) Some of you may still travel on business, or just need a coordinated, no-nonsense office wardrobe. So I wanted to try M.M. LaFleur for myself and report back.

What makes these pieces travel-friendly? They’re made from lightweight wrinkle-resistant knit fabrics, many of which are machine washable. They’re simple and layer-able, and are easy to re-mix. This is no-fuss dressing at its best!

Susan Blakey of une femme d'un certain age wears M.M. LaFleur Woolf Jardigan, Eileen top and Mabel necklace

Above, I’m wearing the Woolf Jardigan (gifted, size M). This piece is a nice marriage of softness and structure. It has removable shoulder pads. It’s also offered in Plus sizes! The necklace (gifted) is made of lightweight buffalo horn links. It’s a good-looking piece that could easily transition to off-duty outfits.

Susan B. of une femme d'un certain age wears M.M. LaFleur Eileen top and Mabel necklace.

I really like the neck and shoulder line on this Eileen top (gifted). It’s flattering and covers bra straps. It’s also machine washable. I’m wearing Size M.

Susan Blakey of une femme d'un certain age wears M.M. LaFleur separates in black with a taupe jacket.

These Oshima pants have a side zip for a sleek appearance, and slight flare at the bottom. And this is cool: the fabric is lint-resistant! I’m wearing a size 6. (I was in between sizes, so decided to go up for ease.)

One of the nice features on the M.M. LaFleur website is the mention of which pieces will be “Petite-friendly” or “Tall-friendly” to take some of the guesswork out of ordering. Or if you live near one of their locations, you can set up a free hour-long styling appointment to help find which pieces best suit your style and needs.

Is your wardrobe or office more casual? M.M. LaFleur has you covered there too, with their M.M. Casual line.

And here’s a special offer for my readers:

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More fuss-free style from M.M. LaFleur…

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  1. I love MM LaFleur! These are my favorite items to wear to work, especially the Jardigans and sumptuous sweater open cardigans. I’m slowly building a wardrobe from here. The best part is the Bento Box, the stylists are great. In fact I just brought some pieces on a vacation to France.

  2. How would you compare MM LaFleur to Eileen Fisher as far as price, quality, selection, etc.?

    1. Most of the pieces I’ve looked at are priced similarly or slightly less than EF. The pieces are mostly more fitted/tailored than EF. They do have a good range of styles offered in Plus sizes.

  3. I love the top and necklace and the style of the jacket is good. However, I cannot imagine that the colour of the jacket is in your “good colour book”. I know the black top isn’t either but the necklace lifts it enough. The necklace isn’t enough to lift the grey as well. In my opinion of course. You know me. Punch me back if you want to.

    1. Hi Greeje, the jacket is actually one of my neutrals. I selected and styled these pieces and shot the photos a few weeks before my color consultation. Now when I wear the jacket, I’ll know to add a colorful scarf on top. 😉

  4. Simple, attractive outfit. A black bootie might give a sleeker, longer line to the look. I’m fairly tall but my legs are somewhat short; I try to make them look longer with a shoes that blend in as opposed to standing out. However, with long, full leg pants, anything goes!

  5. The necklace is going to look great with your new colors. And I hope to see more of your new colors in future posts.

  6. I don’t love it. I don’t feel that this outfit expresses your personality at all…seems kind of dull, and you’re anything but! (Love the boots, though!)

  7. I prefer pieces that are crisp, sharp and tailored (ie Armani comes to mind) that have a contemporary edge. Having said that, I think that your slacks should be one size smaller, the rest of the outfit looks fine. No need to have it over accessorized with a scarf, etc… Perhaps your eye glasses could be other than black!! Same with a bag!! The slick boots look fine, however, to elongate the figure, I would stick to simple black, again, with some punch to them (ie United Nude).

  8. Oh dear … I agree with Mary Alice. You’re much more fun and funky than this look! In addition to the drab color, the jacket length is less than flattering. And is it just me, or are the pants too short?

  9. Hmmmm, Hmm, hm! Well, your no longer travelling for business, you retired a few years ago. Your life changing transition to a non corporate, curated self expressive identity is not seen in this lifeless, boxy, color lacking style. Why post this & give the impression of going backwards in your transformation just because you took the picture before Red Leopard? Black is universally acknowledged as not a good color on everyone. Why keep presenting it on your body contradicting all the money you just spent to finally find your best foot forward in color and style? I love your blog and have been an admirer since 2010. I quietly cheer you on as you have searched for your style post retirement. Red Leopard nailed it for you. Take their guidance and post pictures that reflect your acceptance and embracing of their input in your life. I for one am waiting to see the reality of your transformation, not just your objective research. Btw, do you remember the “soft as buttah” sky blue cropped leather jacket you purchased a few years ago? Where is it? It seems that is a piece you could pull forward into your gamine style and Spring palette.

    1. Hi Lauren, thanks. I will be posting more outfits using what I learned at Red Leopard. However I still have readers who are working in office settings and have asked about business attire. This partnership with MM LaFleur to share some of their pieces seemed like a good opportunity to address the needs of those readers.

  10. This outfit and many of their clothes are dull. Maybe white on top under the jacket would perk up your outfit. Maybe it is a good brand for people who lack the initiative to put outfits together. I appreciate the travel friendly fabric but can’t imagine being devoted to shopping this clothing line. And EF is pretty hit and miss for me. I have a couple pieces that are terrific and very unique. And a jacket I thrifted and love. But Eileen can get dull too. Your makeover colors are way better for you.

  11. Hello! I appreciate the post as I am still working and probably will for a few more years. Also, my work has a no denim, closed toed shoe policy, so I do need conservative and creative ideas. When you have to get up and get dressed in business attire every day, some of those black, comfortable good looking pants are very helpful. Intrigued by the no lint! Thank you.

  12. If that look is what was expected of me at corporate headquarters I would strongly consider retiring! Aw Sue, you’re so cute and sassy this is not you at all..I get that you want to be inclusive with your readers, the retired and the working but this is so blah. Worse, it looks, frumpy NOT a word I think of with you in mind:) As someone pointed out the pants look too big and too short for the boot. I have to say I do like the little shell top on you! the neckline and sleeve is very attractive with the necklace. I guess if people travel a lot for work its easy peasy to toss into a bag or wear on a plane. It can be dressed up or down as needed so it’s good of its kind. It’s Basic. Not a look I’d wear daily though.
    I think the ‘corporate’ look for women is changing. I see the professional women I work with and those in private sector positions are really moving away from this ‘uniform’ look. I remember female Department Heads of old wearing their little Chanel ‘suits’ while our current Chief strides in wearing tall leather boots or a cute sundress with a little jacket! Even the term Department Head is dead..she is our Clinical Leader.
    That old ‘Dress to Impress’ look is moving on and rightly so….although I do draw the line at wearing jeans to a job interview. Don’t care who the prospective employer is!

  13. I see the outfit but I don’t see you. I wish the companies that offer travel lines would add some color. After all, we are starting to expect more color choice from other designers. Black is just too easy for them to offer.

  14. Too bad this turned into a sort of negative post for this brand! I love getting staples from here, the quality is excellent. I’m a young-ish reader for this blog perhaps, a professor and clinical professional, and for work, teaching, or dinner out, these pieces are excellent and well fitting options. I have some grey and blue pants that fit beautifully, cool patterned shirts, gorgeous green and cream cozy sweaters, perfectly tailored white and black blouses, the best winter scarf, and super smart jardigans. I guess they don’t look as good to some when you wear it all together and styled casually or with so much black…but if there are any non-retired or working women/moms on here (perhaps I’m an outlier?) you might want to check it out! I have purchased a lot of stuff the past couple of years based on this great blog, especially on sale, though I have dark hair and my own colors may soon not be as good of a match now, will see! I love the red shirt on a newer post though, might need that… 🙂

  15. Wow! What a lot of negative comments. I guess I’m the odd one out this time because I think this is a classy and classic look that is well suited to many business settings which is what Susan made it clear she was going for here. Fun, funky, and colourful may work in some settings, but not all.

  16. You look great. I don’t follow your blog BUT I think MM lafleur offers some great options for work or play. I came across your blog when searching for a turn around business trip outfit. MM for the win. jardigan and top in black, navy blue, pants and black boots. you really have to know the lines, fit and fabrics. The knit is just perfect for every day. keep playing. I’m a Bobo farmers market, big hoop gal on the weekends but sometimes we need simplicity for work!