Two easy looks with a little tweed jacket

Susan B. wears an IRO tweed jacket, green v-neck top, boyfriend jeans, and blue oxfords.

I did some shopping in my closet over the weekend, and decided to style some outfits around this knit ivory tweed jacket that I’ve had for a couple of years. Except for the second pair of pants, these are all pieces I’ve shared in prior outfits.

earrings | jacket | necklace | top (similar) | bracelet (similar) | jeans | shoes (similar)

I’m wearing a size 36 in the jacket, XS in the top, 27 in the jeans.

Here are similar styles in Plus: jacket | top | jeans

I like to balance masculine and feminine elements in an outfit. Here I added cuffed boyfriend jeans and oxfords to offset the more feminine top and jacket. I’m absolutely jonesing for a haircut, 😆 have one scheduled tomorrow!

Susan B wears an ivory tweed jacket, Kule stripe tee, brown coated jeans, leopard print loafers.

I really like this look, and it feels quite in sync with my style.

earrings | jacket | necklace | tee | bracelet | pants | shoes (similar)

Wearing size Small in the top, 28 in the pants.

Similar in Plus: tee | jeans (black)

I tried on these coated jeans just for grins, but LM loved them AND I had a gift card so they came home with me. (I purchased from a department store but they’re not yet online on that store’s website, so I’ve linked to the same style, same price from another retailer.) I’m wearing size 28, and they seem to run TTS. The rise is a bit higher than I prefer for doing a French tuck, so I’ve left the top out here.

Coated denim can be a great option when you want something a bit dressier than blue jeans, but not as serious as trousers. More coated denim styles:

Here’s a little video I put together with both outfits…

Shopping for good, for real

My friends at Black LTD in the UK have created this stunning wool scarf with the colors of the Ukrainian flag and sunflowers (the national flower). These scarves are available for pre-order now, and ALL of the proceeds from sales (minus any government taxes) will be donated to the British Red Cross Ukraine Appeal. They are hoping to raise £20,000 for this appeal, and are covering the production costs of the scarves themselves.

Here’s their JustGiving page, which they’ve set up for transparency. (Thanks to reader Jan for the heads-up about this initiative.)

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  1. Am I missing something Susan?
    I know the coated jeans are not online yet. But what is the brand you liked? Which of the various links?
    Thank you!

  2. I am simply not understanding your choices these days. The mixing of unrelated styles and color/ pattern mixes are looking (to me) like you ran out of clothes and had to make do to stay warm or cover yourself. It’s not looking cohesive or even artsy and creative to me. It reminds me of the old feature in a popular magazine “what not to wear” What am I missing?

      1. Loving your looks! I really like that you pair things that one might not think to pair – makes your closet really work for you!

    1. That was unnecessary, and as to what you are missing, one word – civility. What response to this snarky comment were you looking for? If this blog doesn’t suit your “taste,” which must be pretty rigid given the judgment here, go elsewhere. Constructive criticism is one thing, but keep the petty insults to yourself.

    2. Hi Leanne, to expand on my response, I like to mix levels of formality and (sometimes) patterns in an outfit. I find it feels modern and helps me get the most out of my wardrobe. Not everyone will agree, of course. There are style blogs out there for just about every taste.

    3. My goodness, Leanne, this is the second message you’ve posted that seems unnecessarily critical of Susan’s choices.
      Like others who enjoy this blog, and Susan’s generous response to you, perhaps you might be more interested in other blogs that suit your tastes.
      It’s such a downer to read such overt criticism, and I do hope you understand that going forward.
      Let’s keep things up beat…and constructive. There are enough negative issues out there for us to digest ( Ukrainian disaster)
      Do have a happy and harmonious day , as it is now officially Spring!

  3. Hi Susan, I’m making a spur of the moment trip to Paris on April 1 ( no joking), carryon only, am a bit stuck for good walking shoes and may need to buy a pair there. I remember you did some shoe shopping there with good results, where did you shop? Merci!

    1. This wonderful opportunity is why it’s important to always have a great pair of walking shoes in your closet, even if you only wear them for travel. Mine is a pair of black lace-up oxfords. Dowdy? For sure. But I can walk all day without thinking about my feet. Take the most comfortable shoes you already own. You don’t want to waste too much of your Paris time in shoe stores (and then breaking in brand new shoes if you are lucky enough to find a pair you like in your size.) If you have to shop, I hope you have already found your feet’s personal go-to brand. Everyone’s is different. Mephisto doesn’t work for me, but Dansko always fits just right.
      And take black jeans – they can go everywhere.
      April in Paris! Bon Voyage!

  4. >>I’m wearing a size 36 in the jacket, XS in the top, 27 in the jeans.

    I found this the (unintended but perfect) explanation for why I can never find clothing that fits! LOL! 😉

  5. Cute outfits and good color combos. Do you miss wearing your black items? I saw that you’re transitioning to gray. Did that about 2 years ago after 30+ years of coloring. Love my natural silver/white hair. No regrets. You’ll love your gray too!! Where can I find your videos? On YOUTUBE?

  6. Hi, Susan. I’ve been tempted by this jacket for a while now. Is it a cool white (for “winters”)? Or is it a warm white appropriate for those of us who are more autumn inclined?

    1. Hi Karen, the color I have is “Ecru” which is a soft white that’s slightly warm. Some autumns could wear this as well.

  7. I would love to see your green and aqua scarf from last week with the first look! I think that look needs a little something extra to pull the three main elements together. (I agree that Leanne’s comment was overly, and very, harsh and hope that this comment comes across as constructive and in the spirit it is intended to be.)

    1. Hi Cola, no worries, I always welcome constructive feedback. 🙂 I’ll try it with a scarf next time.

  8. My vote is for the white and red striped top. The neckline goes better than the V of the aqua top. The coloring of the striped top also seems more harmonious. The aqua color doesn’t relate at all to the white jacket. It’s not light enough to go with the white or deep enough to be an interesting contrast. Maybe a navy tee with little white polka dots. (Too nautical?) (Too cliché?) (That’s why I don’t have my own blog.)

    1. Yes, I’m probably being a bit “loose” in my terminology. To me, bouclé is a subset of tweed, though they’re often defined as separate types of fabric.

  9. Oh no! The rise is too high on the coated jeans for you!?!? So guessing they are not petite. I really struggle with the high rise bottoms these days. Some of the models are total string beans with no hip and THEY look awful. At 5’1” myself I hate to have my waist band under my boobs or feel like I am wearing a long line girdle of yore! Hard pass for me ( tucked or untucked) but the legs look great! I really like the aqua ensemble but do agree with a previous comment that a colourful scarf, even just a little silk square, would bring it up a notch or two. The shoes and top look great and have that ‘intentional’ put together look we all strive for..but try a scarf too!! I like the jacket but the colour is not for me still a nice alternative to a cardigan or blazer.

    1. The waistband on these sits over my navel, but because I’m so short-waisted, that’s higher than I prefer for tucking.

  10. Susan thank you for your responses to my comments. It seems that this format should allow for comments positive and negative about the content. Many ladies are scolding me for harshness or my honesty about what I’m saying, about what I’m seeing. True there are many blogs out there and we have to find our groove with them. I have followed you for years and watched your transitioning to this look. Just because I’m not in tune with how you are dressing/ promoting now doesn’t mean I don’t value your determination to change and express yourself. I very much do! Like having a discussion with a good friend that allows for honesty and disagreement and still admiration I
    hope you can take my comments in that light. Since I’m not addressing your readers when I comment I can’t understand their need to comment on my comments!
    With sincere appreciation for you and your hard work,

    1. As a reader, I appreciate your honest input Leann. It seems Susan can handle a little heat – I’m not sure why other readers get so defensive.

    2. Hi Leanne, thanks for that. Just to clarify, I’m fine with feedback (positive or negative) as long as it’s constructive and respectful. I’m a very direct person myself, and I’ve learned that when we’re communicating online without benefit of facial expressions and tone of voice, “direct” can sometimes come across as “harsh.” While that may not have been your intention, I think that’s why some reacted as they did.

      Just for anyone else who’s following this conversation, I draw the line at comments that are disparaging, insulting, or just nasty. Those will be deleted. I may be “putting it out there,” but that doesn’t mean I have to be anyone’s punching bag. 😉

  11. Since I am a Spinner and Weaver I have to make a correction or you will have people looking for Tweed jackets when what you have shown is Boucle. If you want Tweed go look at the Harris Tweed website to see the difference so you know what you are looking for.
    That scarf to support Ukraine is absolutely FABULOUS and a great way to support for a people and country in need!

  12. I agree w Leanne. These are not my favorite looks for the reasons she stated. Since Susan has been back from London, it feels like she is searching for a new look. I’m more than happy to watch her experiment, but I like her pre-London looks better so far.

  13. I am so happy to have spotted this white jacket in Susan’s blog! Susan was very kind to give me sizing advice, and I got this white jacket in size 34. Interesting bit of info – size 34 got delivered from Shopbop **without** shoulder pads, which overjoyed me, because I think shoulder pads would be a turn off for me. Anyways, I love this little jacket, it looks so refreshing and really elevates an outfit. Thank you for your informative and fun blog, Susan!