Wherein une femme answers the rherotical question…

“Can one ever have enough leopard print?”

Picture from Style.com.

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  1. In what Bizarro World does a designer put the huge pattern on the bottom half of his model?? I like leopard print myself; all I ask for is a little symmetry–and as a pear-shaped person, I welcome the trend toward Beyonce-bootied females, but this emphasizes the model’s butt without flattering it. Yeesh, can they cut a normal woman a break, for once?!(Exit, muttering to self)

  2. In my opinion: Yes! I´m sorry to admit that this leopard print is not to my liking at all. It is too exotic. There is another reason too. I do associate this print with our big brother Russia. Russian women just love this print and whenever I see it worn on a woman, I automatically think of Russia. I need not go further.

  3. metscan – how interesting that you have that association. I can understand your reaction/aversion.

    Sher – if it were jammies, I’d at least expect the prints to match!

    Duchesse – I have yet to travel in a universe where one would not be snickered at for wearing this.

  4. Belle – oh you know it! And the wearer will have over-collagened lips (trout pout) with lots of goopy gloss!

    materfamilias – not for me either!

    Katriona – it certainly is an odd choice, isn’t it?

  5. Miss Janey – I saw a quote today to the effect that sometimes you have to recognize what is too much before you can recognize what is enough. I think this is a wonderful illustration of that.

    Sal – yikes, indeed!

    WendyB – now that’s saying something!