Paris travel wardrobe for late autumn

As I mentioned last week, I’ll be heading to Paris for a week early in December, and I am thrilled! I’ll be traveling with only carry-on luggage (and hope to do some gift shopping while I’m there), so need choose well and pack light. While I’ll select my final wardrobe pieces closer to departure, this pre-planning helps provide a framework and reduces last-minute scrambles.

Core Wardrobe

core pieces, carry-on travel wardrobe for Europe

December can be the coldest and wettest month of the year in Paris, though I’ve been told snow is unlikely early in the month. As always, I’ll be relying on lightweight layers, with lots of cashmere in the mix. It’s been my experience that interiors can sometimes feel overheated, so being able to remove a layer or two is crucial. (That’s one reason I avoid turtlenecks.) In addition, I usually wear a “base layer,” either a silk camisole, or a fitted long-sleeve top (silk or thermal) depending on temperatures and what else I’m wearing.

Top row: sweater | jacket (similar)* | tunic
Middle row: tee | cashmere teecardigan
Bottom row: knit pants (similar) | jeans | trousers

I’ll probably add another couple of pieces, tbd closer to departure. I’m not planning to pack a dress at this point; a silk blouse under a jacket with black pants should be more than formal enough if needed.

*Because it will need to fit underneath my outerwear, I’ll opt for a softly structured or knit jacket.

Outerwear, Shoes and Accessories

Paris travel wardrobe shoes, outerwear and accessories

I’ve had several people recommend the Uniqlo packable puffer coats and jackets, so I’m going to give this one a try. In navy.

Jewelry: earrings | earrings (similar) | watch (similar) | bracelet | necklace
Scarves: paisley | hearts
Bags: day | evening (similar)
Boots: knee | ankle

I’ll probably also include a third scarf in a solid color, tbd. I’ll pack a pair of black weatherproof ankle boots for sure, and haven’t yet decided what my second footwear choice will be. I’m considering knee boots. And though not shown, I’ll bring a cashmere knit cap and cashmere-lined gloves. I always pack a folding umbrella no matter what time of year.


Cohesiveness is key here; I was easily able to create several outfits using just this 9-piece core. (These should all fit underneath the puffer coat too.)

Paris travel wardrobe for late autumn/early winter
creating outfits with 9-piece Paris travel wardrobe
Paris travel wardrobe late autumn outfit mix

Do you have any late autumn or early winter travel planned? What pieces do you always pack for that time of year?

A note about the collages: images used here are collected from retailer’s websites. Some of my personal wardrobe pieces either are no longer available or are not shown in a format that works for these collages. I try to include pieces that are similar in style, theme and color to what I own and would be packing. I’ve also lightened some images to better show detail.

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