It’s you-know-what weather 😉…and I’m here for it

Almost nothing makes getting dressed easier than a colorful sweater. Jeans and a sweater is my starting point for most casual outfits, then I add some fun accessories to personalize the look.

Susan B. wears a mint green mockneck sweater, cuffed boyfriend jeans, bronze derbies.

Casual outfit with a colorful sweater & jeans

This is the soft rollneck sweater I featured in Friday’s post. Mine’s the “Hthr Blade” color, which is in between the Apple and Mint greens in my Spring palette. I’m wearing size Small. I find the sweater quite comfortable and the neckline just high enough. (I will note that if you are particularly sensitive to wool, you may not find it as soft as I do. There is 30% wool in the fabric blend.)

I’ve received so many questions about these shoes since posting them on my Instagram feed a few days ago!

They’re from Office of Angela Scott, and I’ve been wearing them several times a week. They were unbelievably comfortable right out of the box (though I did have to rough up the soles a little bit on gravel for better traction). I think they are just so stinkin’ cute! They’re beautifully made and spendy, but are currently marked down. They run true-to-size, took my usual 7½.

Here are a few styles with a similar look that are more budget-friendly:

A schedule note…

Posting may be light for the next few days. We have friends in town, and I’m prepping for our big Red Leopard Color Event 🐆 this weekend! I’m so excited to be working with Manina and will post a recap afterward. The event is completely booked, but if you’d be interested in a personal color analysis with me, you can schedule HERE.

I hope to be back to a regular posting schedule by mid-week next week.

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  1. Hi Susan—Could you please comment and compare this sweater to the stand up collar sweater from Anthropologie that you featured recently. Thank you

    1. Hi Rose, the Anthropologie sweater is a lighter weight and 100% cashmere. The neckline on the Anthro sweater is a bit softer, wider, and a little lower. The cut is shorter and more relaxed than this one. This J.Crew sweater has a more traditional fit.

  2. Oooooh, those shoes! I’ve been intrigued by The Office of Angela Scott for a while now. Great to hear your report – thank you!

  3. Hello – I love your outfit and I am a HUGE sucker for wingtips! Question about the jeans you’re wearing – how do they run? I’ve been looking at them and the reviews a mixed about fit, size down? TTS? Thanks!

    1. Hi Katie, thanks! I did go down a size in these jeans and would suggest if you want a slimmer fit. They do stretch out just a little with wear too.

  4. Susan,
    This sweater appears to be exactly what I’ve been looking for. They are not in-store in my area, so I’ll need to order. I’m stumped on what color to try. I am an Autumn, and I thought you were too? But you mention your “Spring Palette “. Almost every outfit you post, I love, and I’m drawn to the colors as well. Thoughts about what color(s) to try?

    1. Hi Cathy, I am a Spring, though a Golden Spring, which means some of my best colors are similar to some Autumn ones. (Some warmer browns & yellows, esp) For Autumns, the two colors I’m sure about would be Heather Mushroom & Bridgeport Brown. I haven’t seen the Holiday Red, but as long as it doesn’t have a blueish undertone, could also work.

  5. I do love those shoes. I remember having some similar to those that I wore in high school with my school uniform. The sweater color looks great on you.

  6. I really enjoy your style, Susan. You and I couldn’t be more different in coloring and body type, but that doesn’t mean I can’t learn from your posts or enjoy your outfits. I usually just lurk, but today I felt like commenting. Hope you’re having a great week.

  7. I am with you Susan. I am all about nice sweaters! My everyday look is also a sweater and jeans or nice slacks. I even knit a few.

  8. I’m so glad to see that someone else has discovered Angela Scott shoes. I’ve wondered why they weren’t being reviewed on the blogs I read. The cork insoles really do make them comfortable, and even the 2.5″ brogues are remarkably comfortable (this from someone who no longer wears anything over 2″ and prefers 1.5″). I hope you check out and review more styles, assuming you think they fit your style.

  9. This is a great look on you Susan. That color is joy-sparking, and those shoes are DIVINE! I have such a soft spot for wingtips and that scroll pattern on the toe is delightfully whimsical. Mazel Tov on being completely booked – I’m sure your work with Marina will be fantastic! I imagine it’s both exhilarating and a little anxiety-provoking – as things usually are when we spread our wings!

  10. Love you blog Susan! I have been a fan for quite a few years but have not commented until now. I love your posts indicating the colors for various items for the different seasons. It is very helpful. Can you suggest a color close to camel for soft summer.

  11. Love the shoes – and in my climate, socks are a must. Recommendations from anyone for socks not so bulky but warm?

  12. I own two pairs of Angela Scotts and I must say that even though they are very expensive, they are meant to last forever. SO the cost per wear is going to end up being quite low!