What I wore in London: adding new pieces

One of the best things about updating my wardrobe to my Spring color palette is that everything goes together. So when I shop within that seasonal color palette, I can be confident that the new items will work with what I already own. And building a color-coordinated wardrobe has also made it easier to pack efficiently!

Susan B. wears a Madewell knit chore jacket, Siyu printed shirt, brown corduroy jeans & boots. How to build a color-coordinated wardrobe and shop efficiently.

shirt (similar) | necklace | jacket | bracelets | pants (similar) | boots (similar)

Last week I popped into Claudia Sebire to see the new spring arrivals and this shirt (brand SIYU) practically jumped off the rack and onto my back! The geometric print is in all my best (and favorite) colors, and it’s a knit so will travel well. I’ve popped the collar here but it can also be worn down. I had it hemmed while I was here and couldn’t wait to wear it.

Today we finish up training on the Style Personality Profiles, and then I head home. Since we haven’t been doing color draping this week, I’ve been wearing more color myself…

Susan B. wears a green and aqua scarf, mint green sweater, gold jewelry, Eileen Fisher lantern pants.

scarf (similar) | sweater | short necklace | long necklace (similar) |
bracelets | pants (similar) | boots

The curved hem on this Me + Em sweater is the kind of small detail that I’m always looking for. It’s spendy, yes, but is something I’ll keep and wear often. I’m wearing the XS. It’s a very good quality cashmere, and lightweight enough to be comfortable during the cooler months (Nov – May) in our climate.

These are the Eileen Fisher lantern pants that I packed. I really love this silhouette. I’m wearing the XS and had them hemmed just about an inch.

Susan B. wears a mint green Me+Em sweater, green and aqua scarf, and gold jewelry.

One more outfit from what I packed…

Susan B. wears a Madewell chore jacket, Emma J. Shipley coral scarf, dark brown corduroy pants & boots.

scarf | jacket | tee (similar) | bracelets | ring | pants | boots

Here I’ve added color with the scarf and bracelets. These corduroy slim jeans have been great to travel with, and will probably be included in my next travel wardrobe. I’ve worn them much more often than my jeans, which should tell you something! 😂

Having a color-coordinated (and style-consistent) wardrobe has made it SO much easier to pack and create outfit variety with a capsule. Now that I have a more comprehensive understanding of color and style personalities, I’m excited about sharing what I’ve learned with you!

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  1. Love these outfits on you. I’ve admired these pants on you for several weeks. Is the color of your corduroys the deep currant color or the brown?

  2. You look great . Hope you’ve enjoyed your time in London despite our awful weather.
    Have a safe journey home and look forward to hearing about all you’ve learnt .

  3. Love the combinations. I am glad that the blue jeans have been somewhat replaced. I am not a big fan of jeans when traveling. They just don’t look polished enough for the way I like to present myself to the world.

    1. They weigh a lot too! When I researched what to pack for my first trip to the UK about a decade ago, the suggestion to eliminate jeans was probably the best one I read. I did fine without them (and I live in them at home)!

  4. So colorful and uplifting. Your style seems perfect for the way you look and your personality. Looking forward to hearing what you have learned. Safe trip home.

  5. I want to invest in an Em + Me sweater – it’s gorgeous and I am sure it’d be a true work-horse in my wardrobe. I love EF lantern pants – I confess that I have many in different weights. I wear them constantly. I dress them up, or down depending on the event. I am a Montessori teacher and I wore my black wool a pair yesterday with my black Dr. Marten boots with pink ribbon laces, so fun and easy to move in the classroom! Hmmmmm, now to choose the best color of the Em + Me sweater? I usually choose black, brown or cream for higher price items so they’ll go with more outfits, but I love the citron color, and the red, and the orange….tough decision.

  6. Love the looks on you these days! Also important that you are sharing the tailoring bits-an option that many overlook when trying on clothes. Somehow, we expect things to fit perfectly off the rack, which is almost never the case!

  7. I can’t believe your two weeks are over. I am excited to hear all about your lessons. You looks so fresh and lovely in the light sweater and scarf, just gorgeous. Have a safe trip home and take some time to absorb all that you have learned.

  8. I’m sure you had fun and learned a lot. My only question from up here in Northern California is when are you ready to book appointments???!,!
    Also, the link to the jacket (Madewell?) doesn’t work. I like it and wonder what it’s named?
    Safe travels,

    1. Ah, the Madewell jacket seems to be sold out on their site. There are a few left at Nordstrom: https://bit.ly/34vzJoz

      I’ll let everyone know how and when I’ll be offering individualized services. Still have a few things to figure out…

  9. Could you show us how to tie the scarves like you have in these two pictures (particularly the salmon colored scarf)? They look short, neat and tidy.

  10. This has been a wonderful, vicarious experience, following along with you. Can’t wait to read about your style personality training!

  11. These are all fantastic looks on you, Susan! That Madewell chore sweater is a beauty, and those corduroy pants certainly have been a workhorse this trip. You are absolutely RADIANT in the green cashmere with that scarf and the bracelets . Funny, I’ve gotten so used to seeing you in colors other than black that the lantern pants read as super dark – but perhaps it’s my monitor. That SIYU blouse is a beauty – out of my price range, but I appreciate the buttons! I’m glad you’ve had this experience, and look forward to hearing more about what you’ve learned and watching as you develop your own consultancy. Also, how has it been two weeks ALREADY?!

  12. Lovely looks! I see you’re wearing necklaces over the lime cashmere sweater – does that cause pilling at all? I’m always nervous about accessorizing my cashmere for that reason.