Giveaway: Everyday Chic Beauty Box

Regular readers of this blog may know that I’m a big fan of “le No Makeup Look.” That doesn’t mean eschewing makeup altogether; it just means using it selectively to enhance our features for a natural look.

We decided to call this Beauty Box “Everyday Chic,” because these are some of the products you can use and wear daily. I’m a Lipstick 💄 Girl, so of course there’s a lipstick. 😉

Take a look at the video, and then read more about the products below. As with the skincare, all products are paraben-free and cruelty-free.

Products for “le No Makeup Look”

Re-Creation Lip Treatment. This is a product I swear by and have been using for a couple of years. I used to be plagued with dry, rough, flaky lips, no matter how much lip balm I applied. Within a few days of using this lip treatment I saw remarkable improvement. My lips were much smoother and that flakiness was gone. I use it 2 or 3 times a day, and wouldn’t be without it! As Brian says in the video, apply a few minutes before your lip color, and let it soak in.

Dahlia Cheeky Glow Creme Blush. What I love about this blush is that it looks natural and stays on. A little goes a long way. This color is more peachy, but according to Brian works with many different skin tones. If you prefer something cooler, the “Blooming” color is a nice option.

Neapolitan Longwear Gel Lipliner. This lip liner is amazing. It works with almost any color lipstick I wear, and really stays on. Keeps your lipstick from “migrating” too!

Sheer Moisture Lipstick in “Roj.” Brian introduced this line of lipsticks in the Spring, and gave me some to try. I’ve been using them ever since. The formula is fantastic: sheer and moisturizing, but long-wearing. This is the color I wear most often. As I mentioned in the video it looks great without liner for everyday, or with liner for a more finished look. All of the colors in this line are subtle and very wearable!

Eyebrow Pencil in Natural Taupe. This is another favorite of mine for a natural, everyday look.

The Everyday Chic Beauty Box Giveaway!

Brian + MW Everyday Chic Beauty Box giveaway. My favorite products for Le No Makeup Look! Details at une femme d'un certain age.

For this Beauty Box giveaway, Brian is including the Lip Treatment, Creme Blush, Lip Liner and Lipstick.

How To Enter The Giveaway

Entries will be open until 11:59pm on Sunday 11/24. A winner will be drawn at random, and will be announced once confirmed.

  • Leave a comment in the “Leave a Reply” field at the bottom of this blog post: what color lipstick do you wear most? (If it’s your first time commenting, your comment will be held for moderation, so don’t worry if it takes a few minutes to display on the post.)
  • Using the widget below, enter your name and a valid email where we can contact you if you are selected as the winner.
  • You can get additional entries by referring a friend, visiting my Facebook page, and the Makeover Workshop Facebook page. (Just follow the steps in the widget.)
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Bonne chance! Congratulations to Sherry S. who was the winner of the Skin Firming & Radiance Beauty Box!

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  1. I have almost no upper lip and my lips have a lot of natural color, so I struggle with lipstick and lip liner. I try to use a liner to make my upper lip bigger, but I’m always afraid I’ll look like a clown.
    I do like wearing lipstick because I believe it brightens my face. Even when I don’t wear any makeup, I try to put on some lipstick although I often default to wearing just lip balm.

  2. I love lipstick and am always on the search for my “perfect” color…..however I usually come home with a new sample only to discover that it’s exactly the same shade as what’s already in my makeup bag :~). The lip treatment sounds wonderful!

  3. All my lipsticks seem to have the word ‘rose’ in the name. I guess it’s the shade that looks most like my own natural shade but better, like you said in the video!

  4. There was a time clinique’s black honey was my favorite color. Now I prefer cooler, more rose tones in a lipstick. The lip treatment sounds ideal for the cold climate in central New York!

  5. I, too, am a lip balm junky….So ready to try re-creation lip treatment! I like a cool red lipstick with the rest of my makeup muted.

  6. I would like to buy the “Beauty Box” if I don’t win!
    I also, don’t wear makeup- and have very dry lips.
    The description of these products sound perfect for me. Thank you-

  7. Since my lips have thinned as I’ve aged, I tend to wear more warm nude shades. The color in this give a way looks delightful!

  8. I’m stuck in a rut with pinks for my lips, but I am looking another color, an everyday color to wear that isn’t pink that I can wear when at home, on the errands, visiting friends or out to dinner.

  9. First of all, you both look so cute onscreen! And that turquoise top looks great on you! I love the “no makeup” look as well. I’m a true autumn, so I wear warm, not too intense shades of lipstick, and I’m thinking that the Roj lipstick and Neapolitan liner you chose would be a good one for me.

  10. I’m a minimalist, blush and lipstick, but as I’m aging I realize I need a little more help to pul off the no makeup look☺️

  11. As a winter, I seem to do best with rose to cool red lip colours. When I look or feel tired, often lipstick helps!

  12. One is from Make Up Forever: Rouge – Artist Natural. (Boy, is it hard to read those tiny words at the bottom of the tube! 🙂 )

  13. Rarely wear lipstick although I would like to. My lips are thin and I can’t seem to find the right shade. I also am a spring.

  14. I’m still on the hunt for a good moisturizing lipstick. Usually I find they are too drying so I end up wearing tinted lip balms in a rose or berry shade to give some color to my face. I’d certainly like to try Brian’s lip moisturizer.

  15. My skincare priority for face and lips is hydration and protection. I never go out with out some kind of protective foundation and lipstick with spf. These products being given away look beautiful and high quality. Thanks for the opportunity to try!

  16. Excited to have a chance at trying Brian + Makeover Workshop’s products! Especially the lip treatment as we head into winter.

  17. Love your posts! Great style, accessories and beauty products. MW Everyday Chic lunes and looks like it’s in my future. Thanks for sharing.

  18. The lip treatment sounds wonderful. Always have dry lips in the winter which becomes a problem when u love to wear lipstick. I prefer cooler tones but love all the products mentioned

  19. I love these colors – I have a neutral lip color I wear most days called “Adorbs” and red when I want to feel fancy. Love this combo tho and the lip treatment sounds grand! Love your blog! Really helped me with packing a carry on for a 2 week trip to Greece!

  20. My current fave is Nars Caramel lip gloss. It’s a beautiful color that straddles the line between pink and peach. The only flaw is that it’s a paint apply. I’d love to find the shade in a lipstick– I much prefer a bullet.

  21. I like a stepped-up natural look, so my lipsticks are pretty neutral. What a nice box of makeup essentials! I like to feel I have made a daily effort with my products and on the days I don’t, I don’t feel as polished (in a natural kind of way).

  22. The colors in your beauty box are ones I feel. OST comfortable in. I will definitely purchase the balm for my flaky lips.

  23. Yes to the no makeup look. I somehow found Maybelline Touchable Taupe which is a heightened version of my own coloring. Of course it’s being discontinued so I have amassed a trove of it.
    These products look very nice.

  24. Thanks for the give away opportunity! I usually wear a shade between berry and nude. It is hard to find a good all-around color, isn’t it?

  25. My lips but better color. A soft berry color is usually best. I have a lot of orphans hanging around my makeup drawer that all seem too warm.

  26. SKincare priorities are anti aging and sunscreen.

    I love lipstick! It’s the one thing I feel I must put on before I leave the house. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  27. The colors are beautiful. It’s been fun to watch your color transformation. I’m a big fan of find your best colors (which for most of us, is not BLACK). I’m a hybrid between autumn and spring and love rosy coral lips and cheeks.

  28. My lip color is a berry color; in the summer I go a bit pinky. As I age I wear less makeup but I struggle with foundation.

  29. I’ve used Clinique “All Heart” since it was introduced years ago. I’m so disappointed that the formulation has changed, and the lovely light rosy red looks different. This change “broke my heart,” so I’m looking for a new favorite.

  30. Always searching for the best my lips but better shade. I usually wear very neutral berry or wine colors. Thanks for the opportunity!

  31. I never leave the house without wearing some type of lip product. I have several shades of pink that I wear in the warmer months and deeper berry shades in winter. The one I wear most often as a day to day neutral is Holistic Science Rose Flower tinted lip balm. And it smells heavenly!

  32. I’ve never tried (or even heard of) a GEL lip liner. I always use a liner and have been disappointed with the ones I’ve tried in the past. This sounds like a winner!

  33. How about “Baked Earth”? — I really like a sheer muted russet color, somewhere between brown and red.

  34. I love Red Apple Lipstick! I like a lot of their colors, but Petal to the Metal is my favorite. My lips, but better.

  35. My lipstick of choice for fall/winter is a dark burgundy. For spring/summer, plum. When my fav high end discontinued, I adopted Revlon Colorstay. It can be applied sheer or fuller coverage and stays on forever. Would love to try new colors/brands. Inertia seems to have set in

  36. I am finding that, since I’m now a “cool,” I like wearing a softer red…Look Fabulous Forever has some great colors for the older woman who is a “cool.” I’m also wearing more soft plums…but still love wearing something in the peach family

  37. Thanks Susan and Brian for offering such a lovely prize.
    Would love to win & I’m in the US for 2 weeks!
    I always wear lipstick, usually a neutral pink shade with some brown undertones.

  38. I wear a brownish coral lipstick but am trying to find a nude which does not make me look washed out. I would love to try the gifts in the giveaway box. I love,your blog!

  39. I always lean towards peachy tones in my lipsticks and blushes. I am using cream blush now that I’m more mature (65) and I love how natural it looks. Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. How wonderful, another opportunity to win these wonderful products.
    I am about out of the lip treatment, really like this product.
    The lipstick duo looks like the perfect everyday color I always seek.
    Anxious to try the cheek color.
    Thank you & Happy Thanksgiving

  41. Because I am a “winter,” I look best in blue red and bright pink lipsticks. I enjoy wearing berry shades in the fall and winter.

    Thank you for this opportunity. As we are of a similar age and stature, I enjoy your blog very much!

  42. I am a fall in color tones and mostly wear lipstick in warm reds and peachy tones. This giveaway looks perfect for me and the eyebrow pencil sounds perfect too.

  43. I have always liked Clinique’s black honey lip gloss, but since learning I am an Autumn, I have been using lipstick with more coral/rust tones. I like a liquid blush from Origins called Pinch my cheeks. Love your blog! Thanks for this giveaway.

  44. I am a faithful reader of your blog and love your fashion and make up posts. I love lip colour and wear a cool toned rose or plummy lip colour on a daily basis. I also have a lovely cool sheer red lipstick (Chantecaille) for the days you want some red in your life!

  45. I always end up with a dark berry color but now it feels too harsh as I’ve gotten older. I’d like to find a softer color. Great giveaway! The Re-Creation sounds wonderful!

  46. I absolutely love Jane Iredale’s Rose colour lipstick. Also Clinique does a nice Strawberry in its chubby stick. I have fair skin with pink & blue undertones.

    Love this giveaway . I have heard you mention this line in your blogs & your more basic everyday look. I like a more natural look also. I have sensitive skin & allergies so eye makeup can be an issue for me.

  47. I have a Stila medium pink shade that’s a semi-matte, but I couldn’t tell you the name of it without looking on the package.

  48. Mostly coppery or brownish plums with a golden undertone or shimmer. Sometimes a softer peach or nude. Estee Lauder had a color called “Tiger Eye” that was the best ever for me, but sadly they stopped making it.

  49. I try all sorts, but always look best and most alive with a soft berry shade — think Clinique black honey. Thanks for this opportunity. What a pretty set!

  50. I usually wear a tinted balm with spf, because I always feel like lipstick is too “grown up” for me. But I also realized the other day that I’m firmly in my 30s, and if there was ever a time to start experimenting with grown up looks, it’s now! I’ve got a deep red that looks very good with my skin tone, now I just need to step up my outfit game to accommodate the extra makeup effort I’ve been putting in

  51. Hi Susan, I love lipstick, and have tried for far too many years to get the right color for me – not too light, not too dark, just……flattering. I have very similar coloring to you, and because those lip colors look so beautiful on you, I can only hope that I might be lucky enough to win these colors to try.

  52. I tend to like a rosy nude color – an enhancement of my natural lip. But I will try more bold colors from time to time!

  53. Have a few favorites, but my latest is NARS “Hot Voodoo” , a warm bronze. This gift set looks like it has colors I also wear.

  54. The lipstick colors I wear the most are more of a berry color. I have a cool skin tone so these colors work best for me.
    Susan I’m like you the less makeup is the best.

  55. Because I have rosacea and my face can get quite pink, I tend to wear brownish-pinkish lipsticks. I love the color that you are wearing today!

    1. I am approaching 70 and my skin is getting drier by the day, especially my lip area. Help!
      I wear berry and corals in Clinique lipsticks and would love to try something new. Thanks for the opportunity!

  56. I’m a minimalist when it comes to make up, so this Beauty Box sounds perfect to me. My usual lipstick colour is called Demure and is very subtle. For something a bit more dramatic, I blend two colours… Smoky Rose and Copper Frost.

  57. I had been wearing some Burt’s Bees lip shimmers because they felt like lip balm, but have recently discovered Chantecaille. I bought Ceylon & love the way it feels. Would love to try a richer shade.

    Love watching your style evolution!

  58. I usually wear a dark pink. I have to be careful because many lipsticks turn orange on me, and that’s not a good look. Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. Love lipstick and bought the Charlotte Tilbury you recommended some time back. As I age, the lip migration issue has kept me away from my beloved reds. Currently using a spice pencil and a lip tint, but need to figure out something new to adjust to the aging lips!

  60. I love Vapour’s natural lipsticks, my fave color is Tawny.

    That said, I really would like to reset my look and stick with one brand to make things easier. Looking forward to checking out Makeover Workshop!

  61. I think I’m a summer, and my best lipstick colors are cool pinks and berry pinks. My hair is light silver and my eyes are blue, so I really need lipstick to add color to my face. Thank you for making this excellent video!

  62. This looks like a very useful giveaway! Thanks for sponsoring it. My everyday “go-to” lipstick is a sheer berry color.

  63. I like a warm nude or soft coral for summer, and for this winter I am wearing a bright orange-red. It gives me a boost on dreary days.

  64. I wear rose to plum colored lipsticks. One I wear goes well with everything I wear even red. Thanks for all your tips!

  65. My default lip color is a nude plum color for a natural look. I have tried some other colors like red or a darker hue, but I feel more like me with the plum color.

  66. I wear a mix of different colors from black, pink, red, coral, blue.. I really don’t have a go-to color.. Just whatever I’m in the mood for! I’m a lipstick guru!

  67. Love the Brown/neutral color lipsticks and I always use a dark brown lip liner.
    Never leave home without the lipstick!

  68. I alternate between a rosy neutral pinks and red. Many red lip colors look pink on me, But NARS jungle red or Burberry regiment red look red.

  69. I wear minimal makeup but I do love lipstick every day! I wear lighter pinks in summer and deeper rosy colors the rest of the year.

  70. I too am a big fan of lipsticks! I wear more pinks and roses in the winter and tend to pick peachy tones for the long Arizona summers-but always moisturizing formulas with a little sheen-no mattes for this girl!

  71. I have great, full lips but they’re not very pigmented. I wear all kinds of different colors but usually default to mauves and roses.

  72. I’m in need of inspiration so thank you for this posting! I, too, am a fan of the no-makeup-look — but, alas, I still need makeup! I tend to buy and wear (day in and day out) one lipstick shade — always a (slightly enhanced!) natural shade. For the last couple years, I’ve worn a lipstick by Coola but that particular shade has been discontinued. Before that, I was wearing NARS Rikugien.

  73. I’ve purchased some of Brian’s products based on your blog recommendations. Would love to try the Re-Creation Lip Treatment. I prefer colors very close to natural lip color.

  74. I usually wear a rose color with a hint of brown, similar to the one shown in the photo above! Would love to win this!

  75. My makeup regime has to be simple, but I like to look “turned out.” When I wear lipstick, it’s neutral and understated. I use make to emphasize my eyes.

  76. Lava Berry by Mary Kay is my new favorite color after they retired Raisinberry. Use the nude lip pencil first for long-lasting color.

  77. Usually fairly natural colors in comparison to bold ones. I really want to try the treatment out since my lips dry out every winter. It’s not typical for me but the makeup color is beautiful.