What I love this week: navy beauties & more

Today I’m sharing some lovely & fun navy accessories and a few odds and ends I thought you might like.

It’s hard to believe we’re almost three weeks into 2023! I feel like I entered January with a renewed sense of energy and focus, and have been busy completing a lot of small to medium-sized projects. It feels so good to get things checked off the list!

How to give your winter wardrobe a boost

We’ve had several days of rain this month, and even more cloudy ones. When it’s dreary out, I find that wearing color always gives me a lift. I like to keep my clothing simple this time of year, so scarves can be a great way to add color and pattern. Black UK just introduced some new designs in their silk-cashmere scarf collection, and these are some of my favorites.

This stunning abstract print scarf is part of a new collaboration with artist Kirsty Erskine-Hill. (I think this colorway would work for some Winters and Blue Springs. But do take a look at all three in this collection; they’re vibrant and dynamic!)

Toile prints are always a favorite! This lovely blue and white colorway is a slam-dunk for Winters, and could work for some Summers too.

I have my eye on this one though, a gorgeous paisley print on a navy background. Those warm, vibrant shades would probably work for most Autumns and some Springs.

These silk-cashmere blend scarves are warm but lightweight, and are fabulous for travel! Many more styles and colors HERE. Shipping to the US is free on orders over $175.

AND, they have kindly offered my readers a 10% discount on new arrivals! Use code SUSAN10

For a switch up from black loafers, try navy

Lug-sole loafers are still very much on trend, and a great option for cushioning and stability on wet surfaces. Navy is a nice change-up from black, and these are SO comfortable! They have a lot of padding in the sole. And they’re currently marked down, well under $100. They’re also available in Black, and a Cream color that’s great for Springs and Autumns. Run true-to-size.

Navy & new

French Kande just launched a new collection this week, “Saint Germain” (my favorite part of Paris!). This blue Apatite necklace caught my fancy….

Something yummy

Trader Joe's Vegan Creamy Dill Dressing

I usually make my own salad dressing at home, but I tried this on a whim, and wow, is it good! It’s much lower in fat than traditional dressings, but really delicious. (I like to toss with a mix of organic arugula and TJ’s “Cruciferous Crunch.”) If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, check this out. It’s in the refrigerated produce section.

A favorite returns!

Images from Seaside Hotel Season 9. Story resumes at the conclusion of WWII

“Seaside Hotel” is a Danish series about…yes, a seaside hotel. The series starts in the late 1920’s, and follows the staff and patrons of this summer resort through the years. Season 8 concluded near the beginning of WWII, after the Germans had occupied Denmark. Season 9 picks up at the end of the war, as the “regulars” gather again, some very much changed over the last 4 years.

The characters are quirky and (mostly) likable, the costumes are lovely, and if you love period dramas, you’ll enjoy this one. It’s sweet and funny and I’m envious of how they can drink coffee all day long! 😆

We have a subscription to the PBS Masterpiece channel through amazon Prime, and have been watching it there. I don’t know if any local PBS stations are running it as well. (But we’ve found the PBS Masterpiece subscription well worth the fee.)

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  1. I enjoyed and agree with your comments regarding The Seaside Hotel. I watched the first three seasons on PBS by subscribing to Passport, which is available to any one who makes a donation of at least $60 a year to PBS. I hope the remaining seasons are still available. Thank you for mentioning that it is available through the Masterpiece channel via Prime.

  2. My first trip overseas was to family in England & Paris and I wore navy patent leather loafers – loved those shoes! I was fifteen. This May I’ll celebrate my 70th birthday on my first cruise (to Alaska, so excited).
    Navy patent: plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

  3. The navy items are beautiful and I ALWAYS appreciate your viewing recommendations. (Wasn’t Slow Horses a great watch?)

  4. I *love* “Seaside Hotel” and I’m glad you featured it. My local PBS station requires just $5 a month for PBS Passport to access Masterpiece and other programs, and I agree with you that it’s well worth it. “Seaside Hotel” is just one of many excellent shows on PBS Passport.

  5. Hi Susan: I gave up trying to find Autumn’s navy so I just get what the US offers…..in the meantime I did get a Black cashmere and silk scarf (on sale) in the Terra Cotta color. The Navy one looks interesting. Loafers also interest me but I seem to have a problem with heels that ‘slip’ when I walk. I’ve been looking at the Mephisto suede loafers but that’s all….just looking and considering. I should probably go to Nordstrom’s in Corte Madera to try on loafers but ultimately I’m too lazy! 😉 I also love your Navy Cinq a Sept blazer, but again, the price is a bit high for me. Thanks for all your wonderful fashion tips and discoveries that you’ve made!

  6. I love the scarves but I will hold back on them myself. I still have no idea how to wear a scarf in a way that I don’t think I look as if I have a cold or that I look frumpy. You are marvelous with scarves. It is such an easy way of jazzing up an outfit but I just cannot do it.
    PS Perhaps I should try lug sole loafers. As you say, they are very on trend and seem so comfortable.

  7. We only stream, now. The PBS stream is our favorite along with MHz that we also subscribe to via Amazon Prime. We just started Seaside Hotel, so looks like we have lots to look forward to.

    1. I love the French Kande jewelry you wear but it’s just too speedy for me. Are there less expensive brands you can recommend? Thanks!

      1. I get it. The thing about French Kande though is that it’s just so unique. (And made to order in the US.) You might try searching Etsy or similar for “stone bead necklace” or “medallion necklace.”

        1. Susan, I couldn’t express my horror at the last killing spree in the L.A. suburbs, in what is the most joyous time of the year for your Chinese and Southeast Asian communities. Just horror and deep sadness…

  8. If you like Masterpiece be sure to watch “Annika”…a detective who is also a single mother of a teen, set in Scotland, with a wonderful actress (name escapes me but well known on British shows.

    1. Joan , you were trying to remember Nicola Walker …excellent British actress… loved ‘Annika’ and hope for season 2. She was also in ‘Last Tango in Halifax’ set in Yorkshire, a few years ago. ‘Unforgotten’ s was an amazing series as well . Seeing it all over again… funny how much you forget from the initial viewing.

      1. Oh my husband and I both loved “Unforgotten.” We were so gob-smacked at the concluding episode, and found “Annika” to be a good (but not perfect) follow-up. Nicola Walker is a good actor, I think…

  9. I agree about the TJ’s dressing. As a more-or-less vegan, I was looking for a salad dressing that has a creamy feel to it without the dairy. This really livens up a basic salad.
    (Also love the scarves!)

  10. l love that show. I would have loved to visit Skagen (check out Skagen watches — warning: they have to go back to the manufacturer for a battery change where I live, as no one will do it for fear of breaking the crystal) when I visited Denmark, but now I have a reason to return!

    1. Very odd! I have 4 Skagen watches, oldest is perhaps 20 years or so and have never run into a problem with changing batteries (in eastern Canada).

  11. I love my navy patent loafers! Mine are from naturalizer. I think I can finally put my waterproof boots away for a while after several weeks of wearing them daily here in the Bay Area.

    I’m sorely tempted by the blue bead necklace. I flirt with other colors, but blue is my first love.

  12. Hi Susan. I like those navy lug sole loafers but I usually avoid synthetic material because they don’t seem as comfortable as leather.
    I’ve been looking for a pair of pewter or gunmetal loafers that are leather. Any ideas?